{yellow balloons + recap of 1st wedding anny (06.07.09)}

I’m not sure what it is about balloons…

But lately they are making me so happy!

Balloons are so carefree & fun…

They are so happy and full of celebratory-ness.

And here at Gussy has a lot to say {and sew}, we sure like to celebrate! :]


The week has gone by fast.

{What did I expect with Monday off?}

And now it’s Thursday… our 2nd anniversary is Monday (June 7). And, we have no clue what we are doing to celebrate! We wanted to go to a B&B. But then I quit my day-job. And Tuesday night we *finally* made a decision & bought a MacBook for my biz. Our life has changed oh-so much these last few weeks. All positive things, of course! Maybe we’ll just go back to Lake Calhoun both days this weekend and find a cheap place for breakfast? Would that work, you think?

PS. there is a HUGE box here from my parents and it’s sooooooooooo hard to not open it! :]


Last year we were celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary, and that brings back a lot of emotions. Zack and I were at month #5 (of 7) of unemployment when we celebrated.

Since we didn’t have ANY spending money we went to my parents cottage for the weekend. It was so sweet of them to offer a weekend alone at the cottage. Ironically, Friday evening, when we were leaving for our trip, Zack came home from work and said, I lost my job. Again.

He was working at a landscaping company after losing his “career” job in January. Sigh… But we took those lemons and turned them into lemonade. Since Zack didn’t have to be back to work on Monday we stayed an extra day at the cottage.

How perfect, right? God always knows exactly what we need. And even though the weekend was mostly rainy, we had a blast. We watched a half dozen of movies, ate lots of popcorn, slept-in every morning, had campfires each night, played lots of Monopoly {the same set my mom used as a kid!}. It was perfect.

So now I feel like I’m really looking forward to having an inexpensive weekend. It’s crazy to look at our life a whole year later — all the things we’ve gone through, the bonding Zack and I have done, yes, the heartache over missing our families, but also in the celebration that we have a God that will always take care of us.

{wipes tears.}

Happy {almost} year #2 babes!



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{I am a girl :: The Girl with Glasses theme song}

I think I may have found the most darling video ever:

What do you think? So cute, right?!

PS. The winner of the Ellia C. Naturals giveaway is Erin. Her positive comment was, I got to spend the morning with my husband before he left for work!

PSS. I’m working on a new product… something to accessorize your outfit {a hint!}. I also have a fun giveaway, something to read & make {hmm, another hint} :]

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{riding bikes}


I mean, hello :]

How was your weekend? I hope it was lovely and filled with people you love. This was another “first” for me and Zack — spending Memorial Day away from family. We made it through by planning lots of fun things over the weekend.

I think our favorite day was yesterday. We slept in and drove to Lake Calhoun where we rented bikes! Yeow! We both l-o-v-e-d it!!! The weather was absolutely gorgeous — the sky was blue, it was warm {+ no humidity!}, there was a little breeze. Plus, we are totally in-love with each other. See, I could go on and on…

While we were looking for a spot to park I took a few pics with my phone. I can see the Minneapolis sky-line, can you?

We were going to rent a tandem but they are still being “tuned” for the season. Darn, we’ll have to come back. Instead we rented two cruisers! Mid-way through our 3.2 mile bike-ride we stopped for some hot dogs. Yum, yum!

{That’s right, my hot dog has a pickle, a few slices of tomato, and some yellow peppers on it. I gave Z the latter two. Hah!}

The lake was filled with thousands of people. Ahhh! We loved it so much! It seemed like everyone that stayed around town for the weekend was here at Lake Calhoun. Everyone and their cute little dog :]

I know we’ll be back another weekend. There is so many fun things to do: walk the trail, swim, have a cook-out, rent a canoe or paddle boat. RENT A TANDEM! We’re totally doing that soon :]

PS. Look at this pic:

We saw this little door in a tree on the way back to our car. Isn’t it so cute? The door is screwed to a hinge on the tree, and there is a note inside along with a red baseball cap. I can’t help but wonder about the kids that play with this and all the fun they have… I love it! :]

Tell me something sweet about your weekend! I’d love to know…

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