{my favorite things, part 1}

we all have our favorite things, don’t we?

and since my birthday is in, ummmmm, 4 days it’s time to share some of my favorite things :] hooray! i always find myself going back to the same favorite items every few years… can’t seem to let them go. i suppose it’s just in me to like these kinds of things. huff & puff, i hate that i know myself so well. ;]

{tee he he.}

i’ve got 3 fun posts scheduled for today, all with a couple of my favorite things.

just for fun: they are all items you’ve seen before here on my blog or i’ve talked about them before here. AND, there is something on Monday that includes them all as well. yeow!

ready for some eye candy?

favorite item #1:

my fabric flower earrings. my mustard fabric flower earrings. muah, i love these babies lots. they are the first accessory i put on every day and the last to come off. they are so sassy & so simple. i just love when something can be sassy and simple, all at the same time. that’s a favorite of mine :] hah!

PS. these earrings are also available in ivory, bright pink, pale yellow, black, light pink, lavender & bright blue. might as well save yourself some time and order them all now.


favorite item #2:

a ruffled Gussy headband. oh look, another item that is sassy & simple. i made the ruffle from a heather bailey print and i love the color combination oh-so much. it totally says SUMMER! to me, which is perfect because it IS summer :]

i’ve always loved my hair this length the most. {it’s my favorite.} and i remember always wearing a cute bobby pin or over-sized sunglasses or a headband in my hair. this one is my fav:

thanks for letting me share some of my favorites! more to come :]

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{I didn’t hear her until last night}

Tuesday evening I headed downtown to have dinner with Zack. I picked up Chipotle and we ate together while Z finished up some work. As we were getting ready to leave, I looked outside and saw two different views:

1. This view means we live in the City. It’s part of the Minneapolis skyline — so many offices here, so many people — approximately 400,000 {yeow?}
2. The second view is of the building I used to work at. It’s tan. It’s tall. It’s what brought us to Minneapolis in August 2009. I don’t work there any more, and some times it’s weird to say that.


Yesterday was a busy day all. day. long. I loved it! I had a productive morning, an informational phone meeting, a productive afternoon, an inspiring afternoon meeting, and a productive evening.

Look at all the product I have prepped {look up} — so exciting! There are Gussy ruffles everywhere in our home. Hooray!


And then, at evening time, when my first ever Gussy assistant hugged me goodbye, I felt a tinge of sadness. {She’s moving back home for a full-time job opportunity and I’m super duper excited for her.} I stared at this basket of Gussy orders 38 million times and every time I felt little butterflies. That USPS basket symbolizes so much for me:

* professional accomplishment
* new adventures ahead
* dozens of learning opportunities under my belt
* friendship + joy

Before my assistant took off we chatted about what we both learned from this and what advice she wanted to share with me. As we were chatting I kept fading out from what seemed like a dream to reality. Am I really having this conversation with an employee? Over the past few weeks I shared a little bit more about the business and every time she replied with, Maggie, you are going places.

I feel like I didn’t hear her until last night.


Do you ever feel like that?
Is someone telling you something but you don’t hear them?

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{a little [work] confession…}

A little while back I mailed out my first wholesale Gussy order. Don’t my Gussy babies look super cute?! I’m so excited for them to sell in a store in Virginia!!! And I love, love, love the display Amy set up for them. Yeowwww!

If you’re interested in a wholesale Gussy order, contact me!


The rest of this is going to be short & sweet…

Last night, during dinner, I confessed to Zack that I secretly love to put more on my plate than I can handle. I think I talked the entire length of dinner about all my ideas, projects, and upcoming meetings, etc. It’s what keeps things exciting for me I suppose.

So… with that said I have to get to work! Lots to accomplish today :]

PS. i have a few sponsorship spots open for July — let me know if you’re interested.

What projects are you working on today?

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