Dear Natalie, I hope your hair always smells like strawberries…

natalie rose maggie whitley

Zack asked me the other day if I thought about what kind of hairstyle I want Natalie to have once she gets a little bit older. She’s not quite 6 months old and already she has wild curls and great volume. Not to mention her hair smells like strawberries. I remember looking at him when he asked like, you mean she’s going to get older?

natalie rose maggie whitley

Every baby stage is my favorite baby stage. Those beginning weeks when all mama & baby do is eat, sleep and cry are such sacred weeks. They are the absolute hardest, but they pass so quickly. They are like heaven on earth for me. And now almost six months in, Natalie is showing us her personality, she’s BFFs with her feet, and we adore her crooked smile. And I can’t help but think, this baby stage is the best.

natalie rose maggie whitley

Natalie is eating baby oatmeal about 2x/day. She has been watching our hands bring food to our mouths for weeks now, and since her first tooth cut through recently I was like, well I guess it’s time? Pretty soon she’ll be feeding herself and I’ll be in the bedroom crying because she’s growing up. Ha! But of course, at that time she’ll be doing something new that I absolutely love and I’ll be quietly muttering, this stage is my favorite stage.

natalie rose maggie whitley

Zack is doing an amazing job with his post-production career and I’m so proud of him (!) and so grateful to have these years where I’m at home with our babies. When the days feel overwhelmingly difficult and I’ve tripped over a toy for the Nth time, I stop and focus on the big picture. I never go to bed regretting how I spend my daytime hours. Once in bed myself, it brings me an immeasurable amount of comfort to tuck away another batch of memories with Maxwell and Natalie.

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Girl, get up and RUN!

how to start running | maggie whitley designs

Maxwell walking maggie whitley

I’ve got a whole lot of “do the same thing every day, all day” in my life right now. And it’s OK — really, it’s OK, and here’s why…

About 7 weeks ago I made a personal commitment to work out more. I mean, we live in Los Angeles where the average daily temperature is like 75*, I can totally do this, I told myself! I’ve always taken Bauer for a daily walk with Max, but since Natalie joined our family in October it was getting harder & harder to load up my crew and head outside for some exercise. Especially if we didn’t go shortly after breakfast. Especially since it takes 30 literal minutes to walk out the door. Especially.

Rewind a few more weeks prior. I saw a photo of myself and thought, “noooooo, no no no”. I didn’t like the woman I saw in the photo because I knew it wasn’t the best version of me. For days all I could think about was how “unlike me” I looked, which meant I couldn’t stop thinking about the photo. [Read more…]

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Happy Easter!

easter 2015 family maggie whitley

We visited a new church a week ago and we enjoyed it so much that on Monday of last week I was already anticipating their Easter Sunday service. We’ve been wanting a new home church for quite some time and finally decided to visit our friends’ church, which they absolutely love, and turns out we love it too! Our Easter Sunday was low-key, and rather quiet in a sense as we remembered what Christ did to cover our sins. But it was also really joyful! Here are some photos…
[Read more…]

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Relishing in the simple moments.

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I’m learning from this mamahood thing with every passing day, and so far my two years of experience have taught me this: the easiest way for me to move through mamahood is by relishing in the simple moments. These notions are my bridge past the hard moments… or even, days.

I have vivid memories of conversations with my mom from her mamahood days. She always speaks so cheerfully about the years she spent at home with my brother and I when we were little. Even though I know she had hard days, the stories she’s shared with me have definitely been more positive and “go with the flow”. And now that I’m a mama I appreciate her wisdom and experience sooooo much.

Natalie has begun teething. (HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? She was just born.) She has one little tooth on the bottom that’s cut through and so that means a few things: lots of drool, sometimes she has trouble nursing, and it’s a BIG hit or miss how she’ll sleep at night. I typically don’t do well with little or poor sleep (remember this post?), but knowing my daytime hours have very little routine if need be makes the hard nights much (much) easier.

The other day I wore Natalie when I made dinner. Sometimes we snuggle and I nap with her after she’s done nursing. Yesterday I wore clean pajamas. In a few days I’ll likely wear dirty pajamas ;) Sometimes Nat doesn’t want to nap well. Sometimes I don’t put on any makeup. Almost every day we spend the morning hours outside so I can do my workout. These are just a few examples of how we go with the flow.

I’m letting time be of little focus and the real beauty of my entire day being the actual focus.

Simple moments make the days go by fast, and the months even faster. I don’t want to blink and realize Natalie is now too big for me to wear her. I don’t want to sit in that icky moment of regret because at the time I felt too tired or too hot or too [blank] to do [blank] with my babies.

No, I say, the time is now. We are surrounded by simple moments… always. All we have to do is slow down so they can settle in close, so they can fill our hearts with more love than we ever knew could fit. Just like she taught me.

Happy Birthday to you, mom!

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