Life around here.

natalie maggie whitley

It has been a great week! Monday greeted me with a fresh carafe of coffee brewed just for me (I think running is making my body reject non-decaf coffee; has this happened to you?), along with a custom message on my coffee cup thanks to Zack. We had a little hiccup a few days ago with Natalie not wanting to nurse, but I think I figured out the problem so we’re back on track! ;) And oddly, this little hiccup is (fingers crossed) helping her to now sleep through the night, so there’s the silver lining of that situation.

muffins maggie whitley

We are off on a camping adventure this weekend with friends! I’m so excited! I think we’re all ready for some time outdoors without any thoughts of work or TV or phone cords. Yesterday, Max helped me bake some banana muffins to take with us.

maxwell sink maggie whitley

As a reward for doing such a great job listening while we baked, I let him play with a bowl of soapy water in the kitchen sink. In all honesty, it’s his dream activity :)

natalie maggie whitley

And this girl, seriously, she melts us all. She is so generous with her smiles, she’s so happy, and so expressive with her feelings. Natalie, we adore you (and your great hair)!

maxwell maggie whitley

SQUINTY SMILES — give me all of them! Plus: elephants!, climbing stairs!, finding leaves!, and telling me everything he sees! Max is definitely our little blonde explorer.

maxwell natalie maggie whitley

“Mama, pick up Bauer, put in here.”

Ummm, no.

hand-painted lyric art maggie whitley

Next week I’ll be sharing a handpainted DIY, one of my very favorite home projects to date! Next time we move across the country, you can bet I’ll find room in our Jeep for this piece of art. I love it. Have a great weekend, friends!

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Los Angeles meet-up: August 8th

flowers maggie whitley

Hello, Los Angeles creatives, inspiration-seekers, and/or mamas! I hope you’ll join me for another LA meet-up the morning of Saturday, August 8th. (I’ve found a super delicious coffee shop/cafe/restaurant to meet at!) The conversation we had last month spurred on so many great conversations about books, home projects, and small business, and I can’t wait to dive in again.

Meeting face-to-face has been so good for me :) When we lived in Minneapolis I thrived off this personal time, and I’m so enjoying having it here in Los Angeles as well. If you’re in the west LA area I’d love for you to join us in August. Send me an email and I’ll share the details: maggie at maggiewhitley dot com.

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Caroline-made: The Hip Pouch!

caroline made hip pouch maggie whitley

The products I make are usually a solution to a “problem” I have: a bigger tote bag with multiple pockets or a zipped pouch to catch all of my favorites. But my most-recent need has been a hip pouch to hold my iPhone, earbuds, and house key while I run.

caroline made hip pouch maggie whitley

I use two apps to track my progress: Fitbit and MapMyRun, and I often listen to music or a podcast a couple of times each week. So, my phone is always on me! The days I don’t listen to anything are relaxing for me, too :) I love listening to the natural sounds of our neighborhood, plus any ramblings Max has to share with Natalie (who is below in the stroller).

caroline made hip pouch maggie whitley

Did you know I am in love with the paired fabrics (surprise, surprise)?

The base of the pouch measures 6.5″ x 4.5″ and features a bright floral linen/cotton blend. The contrasting fabric strap is custom-made in a cream & navy stripe. Total heart eyes!

caroline made hip pouch maggie whitley

I made the strap length long enough for versatility, however if you need it shortened simply finish with a bow tie, or add additional knots.

Click here to shop The Hip Pouch No. 101 and make it yours.

All products are handmade in Los Angeles in small batches. Sold-out products will not be restocked.

PS. join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photos of Caroline-made shop progress!

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Exactly how it feels when I run.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and healthy mama®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #gethealthymama

I woke up, and even before my feet hit the floor to pick up Natalie from her crib, even before I knew the day was starting out earlier than I wanted it to, I was ready for my morning run. We’ve been outlining what we want to accomplish each weekend because the two days go by so fast if we’re not bossy with our time, so naturally it was already on my mind.

healthy mama energy drink maggie whitley

My first cup of coffee was just as I hoped it to be: warm and comforting, with a touch of hazelnut. I sipped it slow and played with the kids on our woven rug. A little while later, I made breakfast for the family and then got ready for my run.

healthy mama energy drink maggie whitley

It’s been nearly five months since I became a runner, can you believe it? What’s inspired me to keep on going, to work through the pain and the wobbly legs and the daily commitment to exercise, is remembering how it feels when I run.

It’s something like this:

It’s an overflow of peace. I can run fast or I can run slow. I can turn a corner quickly and run down the adjacent street, or I can jump up the curb’s edge, or I can leap over a crack in the sidewalk. I can (and I do) run up steep hills, and then as I walk back down and reach where I began I turn around and run up the hill again. All because I can.

running maggie whitley

When I’m out running, it’s just me and the sound of my tennis shoes. The beat coming from my ear-buds encourages me to maintain my speed. My body feels light and my hands are free. Practice makes perfect, my body has tightened up and becomes more familiar. The only thing holding me back is the clock, but even so, I boss it around and decide how I’ll use my minutes.

My running workouts are almost always planned. During the week, as I’m behind a double stroller, I hand out water and re-position rattles and call after our dog, but during the weekend I am boundary-less. I am an overflow of peace, and I run to catch myself.

running maggie whitley

One of the most common reactions is something like, “HOW do you run with two babies and a dog?” And I almost always respond with, “I don’t know how I wasn’t running before February.” Sure it’s hard to get the stroller downstairs, along with the kids and Bauer, but you find a way. Some mornings are harder to get going, of course. The kids don’t always sleep well, or I am restless myself, when the new day arrives. The clock tries to threaten me with time, but I always find a way to boss it around once more.

healthy mama energy drink maggie whitley

I like to have a little something in my stomach before we leave in the morning. Usually a muffin or a banana to give me fuel, along with a cool drink to help keep me hydrated. Target carries a new line of prenatal/postnatal products called healthy mama®, which includes a caffeine-free protein energy drink. Obviously my interest was piqued since Natalie is still nursing. I tested it out over the weekend and am here to report back a positive experience. I’ve only had a few protein drinks before, but this one surprised me with its pleasant taste. Also fun, the full line of healthy mama® products at Target have such creative names (Tame the Flame!, Nip the Nausea!, Calm the Crazy! –wink), but I hear there’s a “while supplies last” deadline for purchasing.

running maggie whitley

Over the weekend I finished my 4-mile run in 57 minutes. I am proud to be chasing my goals to become a better version of myself (self-care is so important!). What goals are you chasing today, and how does that make you feel?

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