A little of this, a little of that.

favorite things maggie whitley

Helloooooo, sweet friends! I thought I would pop in and share a little of this, and a little of that — as though we were sitting down together and catching up. I don’t have a lot to share on one particular topic, but I do have a little to share on many random topics ;)

First up, let’s talk about how life-giving it is when your husband says this: “Hey babe, I’ll clean up dinner and put the kids to bed. Grab your book (I’m reading Still Alice) and go to the coffee shop, order a cup of tea, and enjoy the quiet.” I’ll tell you what, I quickly put on my pink skinny jeans and walked out the door with my book, yeow! This happened two nights ago and I came home so happy and smiley and re-energized. So much so that yesterday I did nearly 4 miles in the morning with the kids and pup in tow.

Speaking of running, I’ve been sharing a little about the minutes/mile progress I’ve been making since first starting this new workout regimen about 2 weeks ago. It is amazing to me to see what a little bit of practice and encouragement tracking my routes can do. When I started I wavered around 21 minutes, but I’m starting to steady myself around 16 minutes. Seeing my progress has me so impressed with my self (I use a Fitbit Zip and MapMyRun to track my route on my iPhone). Like, seriously, I am impressed with how I’ve begun to enjoy running!

How about a 180° topic change? ;) If you love brownies you’re gonna want to try this homemade brownie recipe. They’re SO EASY to make and are so, so delish. Plus, I love that I always have the ingredients stocked in the pantry.

Let’s do another 180°: an Instagram friend had an extra pair of Fabletics leggings and sent them to me. And, I’m not sure what’s hidden inside the material, but there’s some sort of miracle lift thing going on… and I kinda like it, ha! The slightly higher rise also includes a wider waistband, I’m sure that’s where all the “pull it back” action is happening. All things considered, these are a great pair of exercise leggings (especially if you’ve had a few babies). I give them a pretty polished thumbs up.

Speaking of babies, Natalie is the star of this little video clip.

A few other things I’m loving: this pink lip gloss, this graphic tee, this color of polish, and seeing bright green leaves in early March grow outside our living room window. Zack and I grew up in the Midwest, so while this was not our normal for 27 years, I definitely am appreciating them for our “right now”.

Also “right now”, one of my favorite things to eat for lunch is chicken salad. Yesterday I added bleu cheese crumbles and I was instantly wondering why didn’t I do this before? So amazing. The pungency of the cheese mixed with the sweetness of the raisins was an unexpected twist. For this particular chicken salad recipe I used almonds, diced onion, diced celery, mayo, chicken, salt & pepper, raisins, and bleu cheese crumbles. #winner

And that’s a wrap. I hope you’re doing well. Tell me about your first week of March in the comments! xoxo

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On wanting more patience.

maxwell natalie maggie whitley

I took these photos weeks ago. We were so “in the moment” here; me snuggled up with Natalie (she’s about 8 weeks old here) and Zack chasing after the always-exploring Maxwell. When I look at these photos I whisper thanks to God that His plan is always better than my plan.

natalie maggie whitley

natalie maggie whitley

The babies and I had such an amazing day yesterday. To be honest, my only goal was to have more patience for the entire day. Does that sound silly? It felt a little silly at first, but I know it’s something I struggle with as Max gains more independence and bravery. He is so eager to do things himself, and he’s so smart, that sometimes I expect more of him. Yesterday was a good first day of becoming more mindful of this, I decided.

maxwell maggie whitley

When I step back and let us all just “be” I find our days to be more beautiful. Have you ever experienced that? And really, I see that in these photos. They’re so candid, so very “in the moment” for our little family.

maxwell zack maggie whitley

I want to have more days of simplicity through having more patience — where I learn from my mistakes, and instead of feeling guilty over them I move forward with a changed heart. And so I did just that yesterday, and the day was so good. Have I mentioned that yet? :)

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On happiness and “these days”.

baby wearing Natalie maggie whitley

Happiness. Let’s talk about it.

What does happiness look like to you? Do you feel it often enough? Do you have peace in your life, in your home, with your self? I am deep into the book The Fringe Hours, which I mentioned last week, and it’s affirming a lot of happiness for me. I hope you don’t mind me sharing about the book some more :)

For almost two years now, since Maxwell was born, Zack has been encouraging me to take more time for myself. To plan things. To leave the unnecessary chores for later. To make plans with my girls (sans babies). But it has been so, so hard for me to follow through with these things, all of which Jessica addresses in her book. Can you relate?

baby wearing Natalie maggie whitley

I have ideas and goals and hobbies, but too often they are forgotten because something else is “more important”. And so I do that falsely “more important” thing only to have it steal my time and leave me too tired to do what I really want to do with my life.

Last week I started exercising. And stop all thoughts that I’ve joined a gym and wake up super early to workout! (#yeahright) Once Zack leaves for work, the babes, dog and I walk our neighborhood for an hour. I can easily walk multiple miles without actually going that far from home, simply because I walk both sides of the street before moving on to the next block. Back and forth we go, with the sun on our faces or backs and the cool morning air whipping around. It’s so amazing! I had forgotten how good it feels to exercise.

maxwell natalie maggie whitley

I’m pushing myself to get back in shape, so I created a fail-proof workout plan by not over-complicating it. Here’s what I mean: we’re gone for at least an hour and I push the babes in our double stroller. I walk fast, encourage myself to run a few of the blocks, and make sure I’m wearing the right clothes and shoes. Some days I listen to a podcast, other days I focus on the sounds in our neighborhood. That’s it!

Jessica is a dear, real-life friend — and yes she sent me a copy of her book — but because it’s blessing me so much I’m choosing to share it with you. I’ve been processing what I’ve been reading (it’s only been four days) but I can already feel a shift in my perspective. And it is so good — amazing, even. I think it’s hard enough to be a woman with all the expectations society imposes, so learning more about how to get my work done and chase after my passions is so refreshing. With this new perspective I’m hardly multi-tasking (my dream!), yet I’m cooking a lot of meals, playing with my kids, baking, reading, getting more sleep at night, engaging deeper with Zack and friends, exercising, and sewing. I told you this book has been goooooood for my happiness :)

That about sums up what I’ve been up to lately. We’re still tackling away at our debt, I’m working on another meal-planning post, and I got a little haircut over the weekend. We also moved Natalie into the nursery a week ago and it’s been a gloriously easy transition, which I’m so thankful for. What have you been up to these days?

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The Gussy Sews shop has been restocked!

gussy sews maggie whitley

I’m here with exciting news — the Gussy Sews shop has been restocked! Everything listed is ready-to-ship and will mail within a few business days. We have a few medium zips, a few square zips, one wallet, one headband and one crocheted infinity cowl. What you see listed is what’s available. When we sell out, that’s it until the next update. I’m so excited for this update :) Happy Friday, friends!

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