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Gussy Sews is an online community where you can be encouraged, encourage others, and see a glimpse into my life. It’s a window that is always open and I invite you to take a look around. It fact, there are many of you “looking around” and it’s such a compliment. THANK YOU! This blog features the people and things I love, and I’m honored that you keep coming back :]

I started blogging the summer of 2008 ~ Zack and I were newlyweds, married that June. Over time, Gussy has evolved into something spectacular — a place where I blog about my personal and professional life — and I hold it very close to my heart.

  • ruffles
  • sewing
  • inspiration
  • dream-catching
  • love

Woven throughout this blog, you’ll read snippets about my ruffled products and ME — Gussy!.

Zack and I have seen many job-related storms since our wedding. 7 months of unemployment was super crazy, and so we hope most of the storms have passed. It’s clear to us now what God was doing: He was preparing us for Gussy Sews.

{And this is where I jump up and down, squealing with excitement!!!}

Over time, my blog’s traffic began to grow. It became noticeable in September 2009, and every month since then it’s increased. It’s so exciting for me –- to think that I’m sharing my passion, encouraging others, and meeting so many great gals through the blogosphere… Amazing.

This blog’s growth has shown me that Gussy Sews a place where crafters, dream-catchers and those who LOVE to love come to unite. This blog is a place where you can learn and find inspiration. It’s become a community ♥.

From Blissdom 2011, Nashville
L to R, top to bottom: Melissa, the Inspired Room; Allison, me, the Nester, Lorie,
Miss Mustard Seed, Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy + Laurie of Tip Junkie [photo credit]

Most of the time sponsorships, features & giveaways are paid promotions. But, there may be times when I swap an ad or feature & giveaway for a product of equal value, and that is considered a trade of goods. I rarely review products ~ I’ll be honest, it’s hard to find the time. But if I ever blog about said items, I’ll be sure to share this information with you.

If you are interested in the community I’ve build on this blog, you have many options:

Please click here to view my ad page. I love to promote handmade shops and blogs, so contact me if you think this community would be a good fit. Many times I’m told the shops promoted here are the ones my readers visit when they need a gift idea.

My blog and shop have buttons linking to each other. If you are a sponsor on my blog, you have a high chance of someone seeing your shop because I receive a lot of traffic through that link.

From time-to-time you’ll find a reader-sponsored Feature or Giveaway post. Said posts are paid for by the blog/shop owner and are a form of advertising. These posts offer product that I like ~ and product I feel you will like.

At times I may have affiliate ads on my blog. If you click on these and then purchase something from their shop, I receive a small percentage of your sale. This percentage is paid to me by the affiliate. Occasionally I’ll post about said affiliate. If I do, I’ll include a small disclaimer at the end of that post.

Affiliate Links include: e-junkie, Amazon, DaySpring.

Giveaway Day is a really great way for shop owners to share their wares with the Gussy Sews community. This is such a fun time for me ~ and a really great way to promote shops I heart. Many times I’m told the shops promoted here are the ones my readers visit when they need a gift idea.

As my sewing business grows, my products change. That is natural. This is also how you know I’m the designer behind Gussy. Nothing you see is a purposeful imitation of another product.

♥ Gussy Sews products are the direct result of trial-and-error; of having a big enough passion to learn who, what, where, when and {most importantly} why behind sewing.

You are always welcome to contact me. XO


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