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Our seventh wedding anniversary was yesterday and we celebrated all weekend long, hooray! We booked our favorite babysitter on Saturday and hopped around to a couple different restaurants, then spent Sunday together as a family. Something I very much appreciate about Zack is how selfless he is, which in turn makes it easier for me to be more selfless. It’s easy to get into the habit of “keeping score” of the kind/good/better things one does over another, but Zack’s always good at resetting the score (and reminding me we shouldn’t be keeping track, anyway). We are like springboards for one another, always wanting to spur the other one on.

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We spent yesterday morning at Playa Del Ray, introducing Natalie to the ocean and reuniting Maxwell with his sand box. Zack and I exhaled as the kids went down for naps and we welcomed a quiet afternoon; a rare sound most of the time ;) All day I was reminded just how rich our lives are. The evening wrapped with a walk and dinner at home, with baths drawn and bedsheets changed. And just like that, our anniversary was nearing its end.

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Time goes so fast, especially when it’s enjoyed time, and we have the past seven years as proof.

Here’s a fun recap of the anniversaries we’ve celebrated together:

SEVEN years of marriage, check! June 7th, 2008 was a happy day for us (and our families).

Since our wedding we’ve moved SIX times. The longest home we’ve lived in is two years (Minneapolis, MN) and the shortest is two months (Lansing, MI). We’ve had quick moves, long-distance moves, and even a within-the-city move that included a lot of brown paper bags. (Who needs moving boxes?)

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I worked on Gussy Sews for FIVE years before slowing down to focus on our family. Right now I am knee-deep in motherhood, which is exactly where I want to be. It’s been hard (a lot of the time) to continue pursuing creative projects, but it’s been a good exercise for me. My entrepreneurial self has evolved over the past five years, ultimately preparing me for what I’m doing today: enjoying a slow ride on handmade motherhood. Life is really good!

We’ve found adventure in FOUR cities so far: Lansing and Detroit, MI; Minneapolis, MN; and Los Angeles, CA. Each city has given our family something of great remembrance. Lansing was our first address as a married couple. Detroit was Zack’s first industry job, also the city that unemployed both of us for a total of seven months. Minneapolis is where Gussy Sews began, and Los Angeles is where both our babies were born.

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We have lived in THREE different states: Michigan, Minnesota, and California. Guess which is my favorite state? All of them :)

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We’ve welcomed TWO beautiful children into our family: Maxwell (26 months old) and Natalie (7 months old). And, we pray we’ll be blessed with a few more :)

And we have ONE spunky dog, Bauer. We adopted him in Minneapolis when he was just 12 weeks old. He’ll be 5 years next month. Oh, the memories we’ve had together so far…

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Seven years! We’re proud, we’re happy, we feel like our marriage and friendship is pretty darn special. Thanks for celebrating with us!

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Happy 30th Birthday, Zack!

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It’s is a pretty special day for Los Angeles because today we celebrate Zack’s 30th birthday!

Almost 11 years ago I saw a handsome guy walking across campus at Central Michigan University. His smile was so genuine and his personality so upbeat that we needed to go on a date, and ASAP :)

And after almost seven years of marriage, six moves, four cities, three states, two babies and one dog later, dare I say that today he’s an even better version of the man I met back in 2004? I do, for sure.

Zack is such a genuine friend (super thoughtful), an amazing husband (who asks if I want advice or just a listening ear), and great dad to our babies (hello diaper changer, Green Day lullaby-er, and super hero play-er).

Happy Birthday, my love! And just like I’ve been telling you for years now, Inspiration is all around you.

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My challenge for 2015: one new thing.

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natalie bath maggie whitley

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Instead of picking one little word to focus on for the entire year I’m doing something new by focusing on one new thing each month. I’m still figuring out mamahood (aren’t we always?) and so the best way to get back into my Maggie-ness is to tackle something new each month. I love a good challenge, and this one feels especially rewarding.

So, for January I’m choosing to work on moving forward. I’ve been spending a lot of time waiting, and it feels burdening, tiring and totally unlike me. Now that I have two babies I often find myself waiting for the next thing to happen — waiting for one of them to wake up from their nap, to be hungry, to stop whining, to burp, to leave the dog alone, and so on. And even though waiting is something that feels super unnatural, it’s something I’m constantly doing. Blah.

This month I want to move forward most specifically with my blog. I want to take more photos, challenge myself to write more, share the things that interest me — essentially, put more emphasis on living and a whole lot less on making something a long, drawn-out process. I need to stop waiting and just do it!

It’s been so good to dig down deep and put our family goals on paper. And truth be told, having a new journal has been so good for me. I hope it survives the drill ;)

I’m so glad January is here. 2015 is going to be a year of fantastic challenges and growth, and I’m pumped to be moving forward.

How about you?

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Natalie Rose: our first week at home.

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Natalie turned one week old on Friday and I am in awe over how easy the transition has been for our family. Of course it’s been a whirlwind since we came home from the hospital, but Max is doing super well with his baby sister and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the love he has for her. I can’t put my finger on it specifically — maybe it’s the family we have visiting, how we’ve been talking about “the baby” to Maxwell since he was 11 months old, that we’ve tried our best to keep to Maxwell’s schedule, but the transition has been really beautiful.

When we came home from the hospital, Zack’s parents had decorated our apartment with pink balloons and flowers. And I love that they used a halloween bucket as a vase! It was such a sweet thing to come home to.

Natalie is such a sleepy, cuddly baby. I can’t stop kissing her head as she squishes into my neck. Having her on this side of my tummy with Max by my side feels like home. She’s had a couple of baths and is nursing so well. And maybe it’s become this is our second baby, but oddly I feel less tired. That’s totally normal, right? Haha.

Maxwell calls Natalie either “nana” or “no-ni”, aaaaaaand it’s adorable. You can feel the love he has for her — it shines from his little heart, and I’m so proud of him. I know it’s not always going to be this easy, but we’re taking it day-by-day, acknowledging all of the joys along with the difficulties. I think it’s important to do that, too — recognize both sets of emotions. Because there definitely are a lot ;)

And speaking of emotions: seeing Zack with our children has been just the most amazing thing. I knew he’d be a great daddy from the very beginning. Zack is super encouraging and helpful with all the postpartum “stuff”, I feel so spoiled.

I’ve had a fever since Saturday night and it’s totally put me in bed ever since. Whoooo, it’s time for this bug to go away! I’m ready for a fresh week with my family :) By the way, all of the cute hats and headbands and outfits for baby girls — they are way too precious and fun! We are enjoying shopping for Nat ;)


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