{Baby Bump — 24 week update}

outfit details: headband | sweater + white flower ring | striped dress | leggings | flip flops

Oh Bauer, you’re the cutest 25-pound security guard I could ever dream of having ;D

Yes, he’s still following me around but I have to admit, it’s super cute and it makes me feel special. Last weekend Zack picked up a stuffed animal from the cradle and pretended it was a baby. And OH MY, Bauer was sooooo curious towards Zack. He sat perfectly still except his tail was wagging so fast… It was so cute and was a teeny glimpse of how he’ll be when this baby comes. It made me happy :)

Just this week I came to the conclusion I can’t really wear non-maternity pants anymore. Of course cotton leggings don’t count… it’s mainly non-maternity jeans I can’t do. My stomach feels hard hard hard! And regular jeans are just not comfortable! And, haha… just the other day I ran into something because I didn’t realize the extra volume I’m now taking up. But it’s good, I laughed at myself. Being pregnant {and I’m sure having this baby, too} is all about being able to laugh more often at myself/life, right?? Life has gotten a bit crazier with a wee more of tired sprinkled in. I look at these photos and I see a tired mama-to-be smiling at her handsome photographer… you probably see glowing mama, though — right? We’ll go with your vision ;)

So I’m halfway through 24 weeks. This week we read the baby is the size of an ear of corn, is over 12 inches long and weighs over a pound. Something interesting I read with this weeks update: my uterus is the size of a soccer ball.

::stares into space::

Cray. Zee.

It’s been over four months since we first announced Baby Whitley and I have been loving every second of the knitting God has been doing.

I’m also loving the art we hung on the baby’s side of the room — they make the mornings are even more special: colorful reminders of our baby arriving around March 2nd :)

Hey mamas! Share with me what you remember about 24 weeks: Decorating the nursery? Thinking about baby names? Napping all the time? Preparing for maternity leave? How did you transition into mama-hood? xoxo


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{Baby Bump — 23 week update}

outfit details: orange striped top + yellow ring, c/o Francescas | gray wedges, Payless | skinny jeans, Motherhood Maternity | gray tank, Target

So much has changed since last week — except looking at these photos + comparing them to last week’s bump update I don’t think you could tell. One big change is my growing belly. Trying to find a comfy position at night has been so hard!!! And I feel like it takes me two whole minutes to get out of bed, which is a long time when you need to get up in the middle of the night ;) And I’ve been feeling the baby kick multiple times a day. Baby’s movements feel like tiny explosions, and what’s crazy is Zack can feel them too. I LOVE IT! The beginning of my second trimester I found myself taking naps almost every day, but since we flew home to Michigan in late-September I haven’t been napping… which makes me fall asleep pretty easily at night. But yeowwww!, I’d sure love a nap now and then ;)

We built the cradle + changing table last weekend and it’s official: our bedroom has turned into part nursery.

And then with clothes, I am getting more + more limited with what I can wear that’s not maternity. This orange striped shirt… oh it’s my favorite!, but I’m going to have to swap it out for a longer shirt soon, ha!

Tonight I’m headed to a Madewell + Pollinate Media event in Costa Mesa. I can’t wait for girl time + shopping! If you’re in the area you should stop by! xoxo

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{Baby Bump — 16 week update}

blue skinny capris: Old Navy | orange striped shirt: c/o Francesca’s | red wedges: Target

Time is passing so quickly, I really can’t believe it. I have a routine ultrasound scheduled two weeks from yesterday and they’ll be measuring the baby’s organs + limbs, looking at all the organs, reviewing the 8 week ultrasound to the 18 week to estimate final due date + size, and my guess is our baby will be sucking his/her thumb for us, just like last time. They’ll be taking lots of notes and I’ll be smiling the entire time, trying not to giggle over the cuteness {because it makes the baby shake}. Zack will be there too, blue eyes wide + in love with our wee babe, just like I am. And hopefully we’ll secure a due date so our families can be searching for airfare to California for their visit!

I’ve had a great week so far. This past month there have been lots of ups + downs with moving and catching up with our crazy life, so to have it begin to level out is a great feeling. As for food/cravings, I feel like I could go vegetarian, which is so strange! Preparing raw meat instantly makes it unappetizing. If I don’t see it before it’s cooked I can usually eat it, although I’ve been turning to eggs + nuts for more continuous protein. Still the same with fruit, can’t get enough. It’s what I eat first thing in the morning + last thing at night.

This week I am 16 weeks pregnant, only 24 to go — almost halfway ;) This week we learned our baby’s heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood a day. WHAT? Isn’t that so amazing??! And I should be feeling the baby move soon, which will be even more crazy real! Eeeek! Apparently it feels like “little flutters, gas bubbles, or even like popcorn popping.” Someone asked me recently what it feels like to be pregnant, and my best answer is like you just finished a workout. Not only are your muscles sore, think sore abs {the muscles are moving + ligaments are stretching as the baby grows}, but my bones are even tired. Ha! The first few weeks I was worried I’d lose my curvy shape, but now that I’m at the middle of 16 weeks I can assure you that wasn’t something to worry about, snort. But… how long that will last, I have no clue.

Linking up with Linds today for What I Wore Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday dear friends! xoxo


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{What I Wore Wednesday — summer stripes}

Yay, it’s Wednesday! Just like when I was in middle school, Wednesdays signify the middle of the week, which is basically code for “just a couple more days until the weekend” ;D I love the work week, but the weekends are just more appealing, right?!

It’s been soooooo hot here in Minneapolis, but earlier this week the humidity broke. Poor Bauer, we haven’t been able to go on many walks because of it. I was able to sneak outside though one morning and snap some photos of this super comfy outfit. I just realized I’m not wearing shoes, hehe! It cracks me up, everyone is shocked when I say we have humid summer weather. Minnesota actually experiences all four seasons in their most extreme ways, just like Michigan does. I just wish summer + winter weren’t so long. Thank goodness for all the parks, lakes and fun places to visit. They are a great distraction from the crazy temperatures :)

 skirt, Old Navy; tank, Target; necklace, The Pleated Poppy; headband, Gussy Sews

Summer makes me think of wearing stripes, soft green grass, and wearing clothes in unique ways — like having this skirt have more of an empire waist instead of wearing it lower on the hip. What about you? What does summer make you think of?

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