Max & Nat on the swings!

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The kids and I have been stopping at the park to play a few times each week, and I feel like it’s at the playground their growth is noticed the most. Once we get there Max has to check on Natalie first, which makes her SO HAPPY!

The other day I realized I’ve hit gold with the swing set. It’s an activity they both love and it’s a good container for a little blondie I know. When on the swings, Max can’t be pushed high enough and Nat can’t stop watching her big brother. And yes, I know she’s taking notes on life ;) They are forming their friendship, and I’m all heart eyes over it.

Maxwell & Natalie on the swings! from gussy sews on Vimeo.

Having them so close in age is so much fun. But, I’m super relieved it’s gotten easier for me, because for a long while it was HARD. Going about our daily tasks, like getting the kids downstairs and into the stroller with Bauer in tow, are a cinch now. When do I take a shower? Who do I feed first? When do I give Max 1-on-1 time? Should I take a nap today?, these were all serious questions I was asking myself for months.

But you should see me now! Playing, meal time, diapers, creative projects, play dates, exercising, bedtime routines solo, showering — I’m definitely impressed with my progress ;) And on Sunday we began bathing both of them in the tub, and I could hardly handle the cuteness. This mamahood gig is a real treat, that’s for sure.

Los Angeles’ infamous “June gloom” is almost over, the blue sky appears flawless, my creativity is flowing, and I owe it all to running each morning with the kids. Running has been a real game changer for me, more on that soon. (But in the meantime, here’s a post I write on how to run with your kids.)

See you back here at 1pm PST for my homemade pizza dough recipe ;)

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A beach video, plus thoughts on purpose.

A day at the beach. from gussy sews on Vimeo.

* * *

I have little conversations with myself kinda regularly now that revolve around “purpose” and what I have to share/say. It’s gotten a lot harder lately to define these two things, and sometimes it feels really confusing. Do you ever feel like that?

There’s endless joy in knowing whatever I accomplish in a day will be awesome. There are no real rules right now; I’m just focusing on Maggie. And really, what focusing on Maggie means is focusing on our family, reading a few books, going to the beach, cultivating community within Los Angeles and sharing what’s on my heart — all in between naps of course. It’s a little bit crazy but a whole lot of fun. Daily. And so it’s been an interesting transition, slowing down as a maker to more of a mama; one kiddo to two. It’s filled with challenges and rewards. And little tiny toddler kisses in between :)

 Maxwell and I were at the beach last week (surprise, surprise) and I took some video of us down by the water. This is such a fun age, and I have loved all the stages of his 15 months of precious life.

I’ve watched and re-watched (and then re-watched again) this video and I feel very confident in knowing whatever my purpose is, whatever I have to share or say, it’s all from God. I’ll always have a purpose — you’ll always have one, too — it’s just about having the patience to see it the way it really is.

Pure perfection.

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{Anniversary celebrations, baby rattles + thrifting.}

Yesterday morning Zack captured the sweetest video of Maxwell playing with his rattle. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been a little more intentional about giving Max a toy to play with by placing it in his hands or arms. His bunny — his beloved bunny, has been known to swift Max off to dreamland, it’s so sweet! I’d like to think it has something to do with becoming a familiar comfort to him, but we’ll see ;) So yesterday, Zack put a rattle in Max’s hand.

Here’s what he captured [note the many *winks* Max gave us]:

This past weekend was one of my favorites. Our anniversary is this Friday but we celebrated a bit early ;) The weather was perfect and of course this year we have Mr. Maxwell, the cutest party crasher I ever did see, joining us. So we did we do this weekend? We enjoyed a late brunch, thrifted the most amazing vintage chair for our living room [I can’t wait to show you!], re-arranged the furniture in our living room, slept in a bit on Sunday + went to the late church service, thrifted a few more pieces Melrose Trading Post, made some serious progress on another Gussy shop update *coming soon*, and then we wrapped up yesterday evening with a delicious dinner at Benihana. Goodness, I can’t stop thinking about that dinner.

^ capturing our family of three at brunch Saturday

^ coffee with girlfriends + BIG sunglasses [my weakness]


^ discovering old sewing machines + baby eyelashes [!!!]


^ discovering even more old sewing machines + the cutest 3-man band at Melrose


It was the perfect weekend, a beautiful mix of what Zack + I both uniquely love to do… but can I just say I am soooooo tired right now??! Oh my word. Thank goodness for coffee and a sweet spirited son who is letting me soak up extra snuggles today.

I have a lot written down in my agenda this week, so I better pick up the pace…


PS. we have the most amazing sidebar sponsors, I know they would feel so blessed if you took a minute to check out their shops?


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{Maxwell and his forest friends.}

A couple weeks ago my friend Joanna brought over a play activity mat for Maxwell to use. I swear, this friend is a true gift from God. She’s so thoughtful and fun to be around, plus she’s a mama — just like me :) — which makes our friendship even sweeter. Soon after Joanna dropped off the play mat we realized Maxwell was ready to start using it. What were our signs? His leg kicking, arm batting and baby cooing while on the couch with me, of course! It took Max a couple of tries to figure it out, at first he cried [awwww], but now he’s a pro! And he does such a good job at giving his forest friends a high-five. It’s so amazing to see him interact in this new way. Usually after Max plays under the activity mat he needs a little nap. And I don’t mind :) I love to sneak in any extra firstborn snuggles that I can.

Each day as Maxwell’s mama is a fresh, new day. We have the tiniest of adventures together — post office visits, long walks with Bauer around the neighborhood, coffee dates with friends, trips to Target, picnic lunches at the park, morning chats with the neighbors in our gorgeous flower-filled courtyard. Each day brings it’s own challenges but a calm spirit has made this new phase of life even more beautiful.

May you enjoy this day to it’s fullest… xo

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