Working in 20-minute increments.

quilt fabric maggie whitley

I’m a dreamer. An idea-maker. A plan-outliner. A talk-it-out-er. When something new comes to mind I instantly feel like I can conquer all of my ideas with the snap of two fingers. It feels so easy. And then, I get myself all set up and ready to begin, only then to do what I do best: sit on an idea because of fear.

It’s such a small word, but it’s also so debilitating sometimes.

Fear has held me back from starting many things, or starting “on time”, because I’m afraid of what will happen once I begin. And most of the time what happens is fun or exciting or rewarding or a necessity to life, but it’s like I’ve psyched myself up too much and in the process end up talking myself out of it.

Do you ever have that problem with fear?

Sometime write me and tell me I’m not alone.

quilt template maggie whitley

I’ve been wanting to make Maxwell something to snuggle with at night since the day he was born.

At first I thought it would be too hard. Oh, hello fear. There you are.

Then I thought it would be too expensive, but that’s not true if you plan ahead ;)

And then I thought making a template and cutting the fabric, simply getting to work, would take way too long — hours, even. And I don’t have hours to give right now! No way! (Laughs aloud.)

More realistically, I have 20-minute increments, just like every other woman who has her hands full with blessings.

But what I’m realizing is all of the good things in life take hours.

And once you add up all the 20-minute increments, do you know what you are left with? You are left with a heaping pile of hours that overflow from your hands. You have so much goodness and love and memories invested from the time put into “all the good things”, that your life truly overflows.

Good things take hours made possible through minute increments.

And you know what? I want that. I want an overflowing life. No — re-write: I have an overflowing life. And so do you. So just get to work. Don’t think about the what-ifs and the fears and the challenges that starting something new will bring you.

Just give it 20 minutes, and wait for the goodness to overflow. I’ll see you there.

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The Gussy Sews shop has been restocked!

gussy sews maggie whitley

I’m here with exciting news — the Gussy Sews shop has been restocked! Everything listed is ready-to-ship and will mail within a few business days. We have a few medium zips, a few square zips, one wallet, one headband and one crocheted infinity cowl. What you see listed is what’s available. When we sell out, that’s it until the next update. I’m so excited for this update :) Happy Friday, friends!

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The process of sewing a handbag. [video]

Le “Be Dior” sous toutes les coutures by VOGUEPARIS

I’m super drawn to any how-to sewing video, probably because it’s how I learned to sew (along with many, many library books). I love watching other people work, especially when I learn a new technique along the way. It makes my brain go into creative overdrive, which is amazing. This quick video on the process of making the Be Dior handbag is fascinating to me. What do you think of it? Oh, and did you see that petite foot on the sewing machine? I have hearts in my eyes! :)

Want to watch a couple more sewing videos? See the process of sewing a dress and the process of upholstery.

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Sunshine, soul-comforting food, sewing & my DIY story.

Our weekend wasn’t anything extraordinary but it sure was a good one. I think those are my favorite :)

Natalie maggie whitley

Zack and I had a mini-date at home during naptime (sushi & thai tea, anyone?), we went on a long walk one afternoon, and I cooked soul-comforting meals. We napped, baked homemade chocolate chip cookies and visited my favorite thrift store in downtown Los Angeles. Maxwell (finally) kicked his cold to the curb and Natalie turned 12 weeks old. Life is blessing me, big time.

LA park maggie whitley

And then the crazy thing? Zack and I got tiny sunburns Sunday afternoon while at the park. It’s been over two years since we moved here and we’re still getting used to California in January.

LA park maggie whitley

Zack had to work a little on Saturday and while he was away I actually sewed something. (I know!) And it was amazing. Maxwell sat next to me at the kitchen table while I made a new zip pouch that serves as my wallet. And you know what else happened? He kicked me the entire time I was sewing. Ha.

Caroline-made zip pouch maggie whitley

I wanted a larger wallet than I had been carrying so my envelopes would fit inside (we’re back on the Dave Ramsey cash-flow plan), and this new zip is perfect! Being able to whip up something like this is a  perk, for sure :) I had been wanting to sew for weeks and had made so many excuses. I finally broke this project into manageable tasks (plan out design, cut & iron, sew) and suddenly it felt super achievable.

As I tucked my babies into bed last night I felt a wave of gratefulness wash over me. The fog is lifting… I’m feeling creative again. I feel more confident raising two young children. I’m thankful for the relationship Zack and I have. Monday, we’re ready for you!

Oh, and before I forget… today is the LAST DAY to purchase The Ultimate DIY Bundle which includes 76 eBooks & eCourses. The price is fantastic — only $34.95 (with over $1,200 of content). It’s been seven years since I learned how to sew and this kind of library is exactly what encouraged me to learn the trade.

76 eBooks for only $34.95 -- hurry, this bundle ends January 26, 2015! (a $1,200+ value) | Maggie Whitley Designs

I know it’s so easy to talk ourselves out of making something because something similar already exists. But really, the truth is we need your perspective and spin and creative process.

There’s room for all of us. There’s room for my technique and there’s room for your technique. There’s room for me to sell my product and there’s room for you to sell your product. Run with your excitement and MAKE what you’ve been wishing to make :)

Remember how I learned how to sew at our kitchen table in Detroit from a pile of library books and many YouTube channels? My DIY story begins with making mistakes and ruining irons (#oops), but I always “tried and tried again”. It’s been a joy-filled journey and I’m so thankful for DIY libraries like this.

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