{On starting a family journal.}

Are you a resolution setter?

I used to be, but every year I managed to lose track of them in a few weeks time, so now I set just a few specific goals for myself and my family. Last year one of my goals was to take photos of our everyday life. It sounds so cliche to say, even though it’s absolutely true, but every year life just seems to move faster.  That’s why I wanted to make a point to capture our everyday, to act as a visual reminder of the fullness of our life. My other goal was to get all those photos printed. I used Instagram (I’m @life_made_lovely) and Postal Pix, which made the process really easy and helped me to stick with it all year long.

When I set my 2012 goals I was mostly thinking that the photos would help my husband and I remember little moments that can so easily be forgotten, but what I hadn’t anticipated was how much of an impact the printed photos would have on my kids. They adored looking through them and would narrate each photo, telling us all about each one. That’s when I realized I needed to record more of our daily life and so I set some new goals for 2013.

start a famliy journal

This year I want to continue taking and printing photos, but I also want to start a family journal as a way to document even more moments that might otherwise be forgotten.  I could have bought a book to record our daily life, but let’s be honest… I’ve tried that before and wasn’t very successful.  I know I need something that will be as easy as taking and printing photos is, so I set out to create a way to journal everyday life with that same ease.  And because I know so many people feel the same way about capturing fleeting moments, I wanted to create a way for others to start a family journal, too.  The result is a printable weekly journal page that can be personalized daily.

Daily Journal Page

Download the Family Journal Page

Just print a page each week, personalize with the dates and your daily moments.  It’s that easy!  To make it even easier, and maybe even a bit more fun, I’ve included a list of simple prompts- hoped, laughed, liked, heard, watched, felt, thought, found, learned, helped, enjoyed -to select from as a way to inspire you as you reflect on which moment to journal.  And because I don’t think you can ever have too much inspiration, I’ve also included encouraging quotes and verses for each day. My hope is that at the end of 2013 we’ll have 52 pages full of simple moments from our everyday lives to look back on.

Happy New Year and happy journaling!

SHARE WITH US BELOW: What are your thoughts on resolutions? Are you a journal-er? Do you have a favorite site for printing photos, especially with so much of our lives having gone digital?

Meet Heather Hamilton, our Inspiration contributor. She’s the wife to one + the momma to three; two that live in her house + one that lives in God’s. You can find her sharing her journey to becoming the girl God created her to be over at her blog, Life Made Lovely, and sharing her love of handmade in her new shop, The Paperie.

She’s the founder of the Joyful Life Library and the curator of The Joyful Shop, which uses 100% of it’s profits to support the library project. And every day, she chooses joy.

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{something new ~ a printable to share with you!}

Hi friends! It’s time for a sappy post *wink*. The last few weeks I’ve caught myself feeling really inspired and encouraged by the community on this blog. I think it’s seriously amazing we can meet here and offer tips and share excitement. When I sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee each morning, a little slide show of how Gussy Sews came to be flashes through my mind ~ I’m so thankful to have a place to share my journey, our journey. Thank you. I created this little printable for you!!! The pic above is just a sneak peek of some encouragement I want to share.

If you want to read more, click here to download the PDF :]

I’ll be back later with the reveal from Sew Indy’s shop design makeover by My Little Buffalo! yay

Wishing you a happy day.

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