The Gussy Sews shop has been restocked!

gussy sews maggie whitley

I’m here with exciting news — the Gussy Sews shop has been restocked! Everything listed is ready-to-ship and will mail within a few business days. We have a few medium zips, a few square zips, one wallet, one headband and one crocheted infinity cowl. What you see listed is what’s available. When we sell out, that’s it until the next update. I’m so excited for this update :) Happy Friday, friends!

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Gussy Sews POP-UP sale

gussy sews envelope clutch

^^ oh, hello BRAND NEW Gussy product (the Envelope Clutch)

gussy sews envelope clutch

gussy sews envelope clutch

gussy sews medium zip pouch

There’s no denying it: fabric is totally my thing and every time a new batch arrives in the mail I have to stop everything and cut into it. Fabric makes me feel happy. It reminds me of what we can accomplish when we say yes to trying something new.

Spring is right around the corner. Yeah, I’m talking to you — my Midwest friends :) I promise, it’s coming. Let’s get a jump start on celebrating the fresh, vibrant season with the help of a new Gussy.

We have eight new fabric designs in the shop including a totally BRAND NEW product that’s so, so fun.

See you in the Gussy shop?


PS. Only a few more days left to join the Gussy Club for April & May. Become a member and receive an exclusive product directly to your mailbox, yeow!

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Ruffles make my knees buckle (new products).




It’s true — my knees buckle at the thought of sewing ruffles, and one day last week I found myself pairing fabrics and sewing ruffles on new products for the Gussy shop. We’ve received so many messages (in nearly every single format possible) with the sweetest “pretty please tell me how I can order a Gussy product?” subjects that I decided to open the shop back up until my newest handmade shop launches. Which, by the way, is proving to be a beautiful labor of love! I’ll be sharing more soon, but I just had to share this update with you :) And guess what? The new products inside the Gussy shop are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift (wink wink). Click here to shop Gussy Sews, and thank you so much for your love for the Gussy ruffle. Your support is immeasurable. xoxo

PS. how to order a custom Gussy tote/diaper bag

PPS. love receiving a handmade surprise in the mail at a generous discount?

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Today only, the Gussy shop is on sale (yeow!)

Every year we sell out of some of my favorite items inside my shop before the holiday shopping season is over — I suppose that’s a good thing though, right? ;) So this year I’m trying something new and we’re getting started a bit early with some pre-sales. I must be on an orange kick because look at all the sassy orange items we have available. Here are a few of our newest orange items:





Shown is our Orange Roses wallet, Orange Ivy + Dots wallet and an Orange Roses medium zip pouch. Oh, and have you seen the Chambray medium zip? I know it’s not orange, but it’s sooooo perfect for you! ;)

PS. our Wristlets have been restocked with four new designs!!!

Love shopping online? Save 15% off with code CHILLY15 – but hurry, the sale ends tonight at midnight, and yes, EVERYTHING is on sale!


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