Six years.

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Saturday was a day to record in the books. Zack and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary, and the day was pretty much perfect. I like to think we’ve gotten really good at two things: going with the flow and cherishing “the now” of life. I feels a bit unrealistic to create a plan and expect life follow along perfectly, so Zack and I keep our focus on other areas. And, we have found there’s so much more beauty when we do.

Our babysitter had to cancel Saturday night, so instead of it being just the two of us (plus the baby bump), Maxwell joined us for a dinner date. And you know what? It was absolute perfection. We headed home after dinner so Max could be put down for the night, and then we watched a movie with big bowls of ice cream and strawberries. And I didn’t fall asleep during the movie! Not even once ;)

It was wonderful celebrating our anniversary together as a family, and being seen with such handsome men was a highlight for sure! Zack and I have had some pretty adventurous years together, there’s no doubt about that. It’s hard to imagine what the rest will look like, but I’m pretty lucky to have Zack by my side. He’s an incredible friend and husband, and I feel so blessed to be his wifey.

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{three years, married to my love.}

H A P P Y ANNIVERSARY to me and the mister! ♥ Today is our day!

Isn’t it crazy how quickly your mind can flip back to a certain day like it was just moments ago? Since our wedding, we’ve conquered many challenges with our love {tee hehe}, like a 7-month span of unemployment; 4 address changes, including from Michigan to Minnesota in 2009 [yikes!]; completing 1 [successful] year as a handmade business owner; and adopting the cutest puppy ever. I’d say we’re doing great ;]

An overnight trip.
It has been for-evah since Zack and I snuck away from our house for an overnight. Actually, probably an entire year. One of our favorite things is to date each other ~ we have a very playful, open-communication, adventurous relationship. Zack and I started dating when we were freshmen in college, back in 2004, so we have a huge weakness for summertime dates and the butterflies that come along. Over the weekend Zack and I went away for a quick overnight trip ~ we drove over to Stillwater and stayed in a bed & breakfast Saturday night, perched a few blocks from Main Street.

Our room overlooked the front porch roof and it was seriously picture-perfect inside. I’ll spare you the details *wink*, but let me just share that the bed was round & the room included a GIANT tub.

I swam laps. Just kidding.

Laughter. Love. Birds chirping outside.
We woke Sunday to a lovely coffee/muffin tray left outside our door. Then at 9am sharp breakfast was served downstairs. More {delicious} hazelnut coffee, orange juice, orange ice-water, strawberries + fresh cream, blueberry stuffed french toast + sausage links, and a itty-bitty slice of cheesecake with strawberry + chocolate toppings. YUM!

Summer sun casting shadows + sunglasses + ice-cream + laughter + walking around outside, holding hands… The weather was a batch of perfection. I am so thankful for our fierce love for one another :]

There was a quick 5 minute walk from the B&B to downtown Stillwater. And this staircase? Don’t let it fool you… it’s really 3x the size you see here and made me ultra grumpy to climb it! Sorry, Zack… [xo]

Oh, is that homemade chocolate?
It is, it is! And there’s an entire case of truffles {hazelnut & lemon are my favorites} just to the right a bit… Can you see white case over there? Yummy! And you know we stopped to put a few scoops of sour patch gummy fruits into a white paper bag to bring home :]

A compromise.
We both love food, and there were so many cute, local estaurants to choose from, so we decided to celebrate Saturday night with a fancy dinner at an Italian restaurant and then Sunday’s lunch would be more relaxed and fun. Good relationships are all about compromising, right? :] We toasted to the past 3 years, feasted on creamy tomato-y dishes, and finished the evening with a lemon & raspberry dessert. On Sunday we ordered burgers and fries “to go” and sat on the break wall of the St. Croix river while we ate. I talked, Zack nodded. Zack talked, I nodded {and talked}. Perfection ♥

An antique shop + Rose Mille.
Little {or large} collections of other peoples things that are old are incredibly fascinating to look at and touch and comment on. Some of my favorite collections we saw were kitchen gadgets/spices/dishes {the china we saw, oh my!}, an old chest of thread, and a Junior Miss Rhinestone Setter Kit ~ so darling that I contemplated bring it home to pretty up my Gussy items.

One guess on what caught Zack’s eyes.

The guns.

Last fall I saw a little glimpse of what Rose Mille has inside their brick & mortar shop at The Creative Connection’s handmade market, so when we walked past their store front Sunday helloooooo, inside we went! So many pretty things to decorate your home or craft room. The photo below reminds me of Lisa Leonard’s style… Lovely.

Look what I found, hidden in the back…

My favorite part of last weekend is that it was just Zack and I, me and Zack. No work or computers or phones. Just my love and I celebrating life.

See this face?…

This is the face of a happy wife.


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{What I Wore Wednesday – #12}

It has been super chilly in Minneapolis these last few days. No fun! I’ve even worn my red knit slipper boots a few times. Bauer probably laughs at me when I wear them. Haha! {Also, I thought it was mid-April…?!}

I’m linking up with Lindsey today for WIWW :] All my items are from Target ~ no surprise there, right? And for something a little different, I’ve highlighted the jewelry I’m wearing at the end of this post.

Lurve this gray sweater! It’s so lightweight and it looks good with so many different tanks. I will sniffle for 8 seconds as I put it away for the summer…

My jewelry: I only have a few pieces that I wear the most. Some times I wear Pretty Things by Meg, other times Allora Handmade. Below you see a Lisa Leonard necklace [I bought it at a craft market last fall in Minneapolis.] The star is stamped with “create” and it has 2 pretty beads. It’s perfect :]

My staple piece is my wedding ring… of course ♥. Zack and I were engaged July 3rd, 2006 and got married June 7th, 2008. My engagement ring is actually a bee-you-tiful cocktail ring. I love that it’s unique… it’s not a traditional engagement ring, although it’s a pretty popular style nowadays :]. And my two wedding bands are miracle bands! We found them after MONTHS of searching. Since my engagement ring isn’t a traditional engagement ring, a complimentary wedding band wasn’t made for it. All of the wedding bands we found were more “pointy” in the middle [the one we bought is more square-ish], and since I needed two [yes, needed two] we had an even smaller selection to pick from. Finally we found what we were looking for, and ironically I think it looks like it was made just for this style of engagement ring. Tee he he :]

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{how do you date your man?}

Here are 3 more pics from our date last Saturday. Ohhhhh, looking through all the pictures we took for the magazine feature makes me SO HAPPY! {I’ll share the rest of the pics once the feature publishes.} I love dates with Zack. An afternoon spent in Uptown — eating yum-o food & making silly faces at each other — is our kind of date! This summer Zack and I will celebrate 3 years of marriage. So crazy how time zips by & how much fun we have, I love it!

Share with us: how do you date your man? What is your idea of a perfect date?

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