{Home Ec :: projects 2, 3, and 5}

{Quietly steps out of the corner…}

Hello. Ummm, I’m here to show you some projects from Home Ec — remember that class? It’s an online 5.5 week class just bursting {literally} with projects. And I’m a little behind. Oh, you weren’t keeping track? Whewwwwwww.

I finally photographed some projects I’ve made, so here they are. If you blogged with your Home Ec projects, link up below!


Project 2 — gift pouch

This project is by far one of my favorites. It has so many purposes — I would even use it as a little garment bag for when we’re traveling.

I love the parallel stitch lines {what is the proper name for this?!} — so pretty & simple.


Project 3 — reusable grocery bag

I can definitely see myself using this bag, but not for groceries ;] It’s toooo pretty! I made a little doily on the front, which I’m now wishing I made in a different print so it stood out more OR made it a little fluffier.


Project 5 — supplies roll-up

NOT my favorite project. First, I don’t have supplies to roll-up, secondly I had a hard time with the instructions. I read, re-read, and re-re-read them and still felt confused. Oh well, this is how I roll{-up}…


I’m working on the round bunting project next — CAN.NOT.WAIT to buy me some felt! Yeow!

What project are you working on?


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{Home Ec :: project 1}

*update: every Thursday we’ll have a link-up party so you’ll have some time to finish your projects and write a post. Please come back & link what you have, but next Thursday we’ll link-up & share again! :]

Home Ec has started and it’s SO FUN! I love that I’m working on new projects, things that aren’t my “normal” daily sewing projects.

The first project was to make 2 cloth napkins: one with a simple zig-zag hem, the other with decorative ric-rac. And guess what? I love using ric-rac! It’s so fun and hello! sassy.

Today is already project #3 of Home Ec, but I’m still working on project #2. Remember the point of Home Ec is to learn + have fun.

If you’re a part of Home Ec, please link-up to your project posts below. This is a great way to encourage each other and be excited over sewing :] And then we can all drool over the pretty fabrics and thread and decorative add-ons :]

Here’s my completed project #1:

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PS. did you make the bonus pin cushion? share that with us, too!

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{Home Ec sewing class :: share your projects!}

As some of you may know, Home Ec {sewing class} started yesterday! It’s so fun to start this new project, mainly because I love to learn new things but also because this is my first formal sewing class.

[insert wide-eyed look]

I know, right?

I thought we’d have some link-up parties a few times a week where we can share {ok, and show off :] } our Home Ec projects. Remember, if you’re taking the class, add your photos to the Flickr group! The first link-up party will be RIGHT HERE tomorrow — so if you’re taking the class, please come back and link to your completed project(s).

I’m finishing up project #1: cloth napkins… so please don’t feel overwhelmed if you don’t have any or all done when we link-up each week. You can always link-up a project that’s from a previous week, too. Let’s just have fun & share our sewing skillz.

*Home Ec registration is open until Sunday, August 15, so you still have time to sign up!


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