{Need a few gift ideas? Visit our Holiday Gift Guide.}

Our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide launched on September 15th and features nearly 30 handmade shops — have you taken some time to check out each shop? There are so many fun items to be found, be sure you click over + check it out! Now through January 15th you’ll be able to peruse our guide to find handmade items like quirky aprons, personalized jewelry, items for babies + kids, quilts and printables.

We’re so excited to be offering you a holiday gift guide for 3 years now. The Gussy Sews community is one of inspiration + pretty-things sharing, and we are so thankful for you because this allows us to have a successful guide year after year.

be sure to visit our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide now through January 15th

Below you’ll find a photo of my favorite item from each participating HGG shop. And, many of the shops are offering a unique discount code to the Gussy Sews community {yeow!} — so awesome!

Just in time for you to finish your holiday shopping ~ let’s check out some of my favorite items from inside the Holiday Gift Guide guide together…

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{Introducing our Holiday Gift Guide sponsors, PLUS discount codes good all season long!}

Our annual Holiday gift guide is one of my favorite blog events. Learning about other handmade shops, promoting them, bringing the heartfelt trade full-circle… Building a solid community around life’s passions makes my world go round.

For three years now I’ve hosted a seasonal guide, showcasing handmade pretties during the holiday season — and this year we are extending the guide through January 14, to keep the spirit of buying handmade lit a little longer. We have nearly 30 participating shops, ranging from jewelry to quilts to printables to handbags, even items for babies + mamas {awww!}.

click here to view the 2012 Gussy Sews Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide launched just a couple days ago, on Saturday the 15th, and will be available through Jaunary 14th. This introduction post not only welcomes each participating HGG shop to the Gussy Sews community but also includes a discount code unique to this community of readers + share-ers. I can write “share-ers”, right? :)

Make sure you bookmark this post now for use throughout the holiday shopping season. Also, be sure to read through each participating shops shipping policy — some shops may offer last-minute shipping, others may have a strict end date.


{something special} Date Night in a Bag – Such a clever idea – a bag full of date night ideas! {above photo}

{aprons+accessories} Lil’ Alice – These Keyring Coin Purses are so handy! Free key ring wristlet with purchase of $25 or more until January 14th.

{jewelry} Horsefeathers Gifts – I just adore the Tree of Life Pendant. Use code GUSSY SEWS at checkout to receive 15% off your order until November 30th.

{printables+art} A New History – I need some of these adorable Our New Address Postcards. Use code GUSSYSEWS for 10% off until January 14th.

{charm+bead jewelry} Katie’s Charms – Loving all the items available to support the Fisher House Foundation! Use code GSEWS2012 for 10% off until December 31st.

{photograph art} Bevilled Edge Photography – The In Other Words collection is amazing! Use code GUSSY12 for 12% through the 2012 holiday season.

{aprons+holiday accessories} Love Elaine – Oh my, the Ruffled Girl Apron holds a key to my heart! Use code GUSSYHOLIDAY15 for 15% off {excludes custom orders} until January 14th.

{typewriter jewelry} Joy Sparks Designs – This Vintage Typewriter Shift Key Ring is so fun. Use code THANKS for 10% off  or OOPSY for free shipping until January 14th. {above photo}

{jewelry} Love Little Whimsy – The Asymmetrical Hammered Heart Adoption Necklace is so delicate and beautiful. Use code GUSSY for 10% off until October 31st.

{quilts+more} Sally’s Angelworks – How cute is the One Little Word Mini Quilt? Use code GUSSYHOLIDAY12 for 10% off until January 12th.

{jewelry} Amy Cornwell – Loving these colorful Abstract Illustration Necklaces! Use code GUSSY for 10% off until December 10th.

{jewelry+accessories} Chirp Handmade – The I Heart Sewing Coffee Cuff is perfect for my cup-o-jo! Use code GUSSY for 15% off your order until January 14th (includes custom orders).

{accessories for pets+people} MissBeat – The Upcycled Bird and Button Jean Jacket would be adorable on Bauer!Use code SPONSOR for 12% off until January 14th.

{quilted items} Silly Mama Quilts – How fun and girly is the Bold Taza Table Runner? Use code GUSSYSEWS for 10% off until June 1st.

{jewelry} Oh So Antsy – I think I need this California State Necklace! Mention GUSSY SEWS in notes to seller for free upgrade to priority shipping during November and December. {above photo}

{accessories for the home+garden} Mosaic Madness – How festive is this Autumn Pumpkin wall art piece? Mention GUSSYSEWS in message box at check out and receive a free, preselected mosaic necklace until December 15th and while supplies last.

{toys+accessories+jewelry} Good Natured by Dani – This Santa Claus Ornament makes me excited to decorate our Christmas tree! Use code GUSSY15 for 15% off until October 8th.

{handbags+pouches} XS Baggage & Co – Loving the leaf dot pattern of the Emma Handbag. Use code GUSSYSALE15 for 15% off until January 14th.

{invitations+more} I Do Invitations by Michelle – I have a feeling I’m going to need the She’s Ready to Pop Baby Shower Inviation! Use code GUSSY for 15% off until December 20th.

{headbands} Urban Halo – The Water Spots Headband is adorable! Use code GUSSY25 for 25% off until January 31st.

{baby+kid accessories} Sew Curly – The Chevron Baby Bib makes my heart even more excited for my little one. Use code GUSSY for 10% off until January 14th.

{hair accessories+more} Knotieties – The colors of the Ballerina Knotieties is beautiful! Mention Gussy Guide 2012 in notes to seller for five free original Knotieties in popular colors until January 14th. {above photo}

{maternity hospital gowns} Mommy Moxie – I hear those hospital gowns you get in the hospital are awful – these look amazing. Loving the Claire Gown. Use code GUSSYSEWS for 15% off until December 12th.

{jewelry+accessories} Allora Handmade – I don’t think I can ever go wrong with an Original Pearl Rosette Statement Necklace!

{home accessories+more} Creations by Sasha – I love the African collection, especially the Farmers Hand Painted Canvas. Use code GUSSY12 for 15% off until November 30th.

{hair accessories} Little Doe-Eyed Girl – The Bella in Pretty in Pink is absolutely beautiful (so is the tiny model). Use code GUSSY for 15% off until January 14th.

{art+accessories} Joyeful Art – The Arty Lace Shabby Chic Scarf is beautiful. Use code GUSSYLOVE for 10% off until October 1st.

{everyday accessories} Lucky Ducky Designs – I suspect a set of burp cloths, like these sweet Chocolate Bloom Burp Cloths, will be a necessity in my house soon. Use code GHHG20 for 20% off orders over $10 until December 31, 2013.

visit the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide by clicking here

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{The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide… coming soon!}

We are building the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide and are so excited over the current list of participating shops! We wanted to send a quick call to anyone considering this years HGG — we’re extending the deadline through tonight, Tuesday, September 11th.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in participating in our third annual guide.

Click here to see the details on how to sign up BY TONIGHT and have your shop promoted to hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the 120-day period {the guide runs Sept. 15 – Jan. 14}.

See y’all Saturday for this years holiday shopping guide!

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{Everything you need to know, plus even more, about the upcoming 2012 Gussy Sews Holiday Gift Guide}


[whispers] It feels a little weird to be talking about December holidays knowing it’s still August, but have you been inside JoAnns or seen the cooler-weather inspirations floating around Pinterest? My goodness, one thing is for certain: the holidays will be here quickly, and the world knows it. So to get ready for the cozy season we’re getting ready to put together the 3rd annual Gussy Sews Holiday Gift Guide. Want to see a preview of this year’s guide? Read on below!

If you’re a shopper, this post will be a giant teaser for you in terms of what you’ll find inside the upcoming 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. If you’re a shop owner, read on for more details on how to have your beautiful shop included in our seasonal guide — the HGG is a great opportunity for Indie Biz owners as they prepare for the holiday shopping season.

So get ready, cuz in about four weeks we’ll launch the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide — yeow!

I always look forward this annual blog event. When I started my blog four years ago, learning about and promoting other handmade businesses was a driving force to my blog’s purpose. Now that a couple of years have passed I’ve been able to refine my purpose a bit more to bring my own style + uniqueness to my blog… And so the the Holiday Gift Guide was created.

The Gussy Sews 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is this years go-to list for the best holiday/seasonal gifts, selected specifically for the Gussy Sews community. Antsy for more information? Read on, I’ve got lots more to share with you!

The Holiday Gift Guide is an incredible way to connect Indie Biz owners with loyal customers who are passionate about the handmade community.

Not only does sponsorship with the Gussy Sews 2012 HGG include a link to your shop, but the HGG will be hosted on a unique page on my blog and will be linked to from two separate places on my blog {in the navigation menu + the right sidebar}. Here’s a small preview of how the HGG will look:

Every shop participating in the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide will receive a large, square ad {200×200 pixels} linking to their handmade shop. Everyone knows pretty, large images receive clicks and we’re excited to offer this through a large ad size for the 2012 guide. And, shops will be organized alphabetically for ease. {Let us know if we can help with ad design, for free!}

We’re looking for a variety of handmade categories for the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. Here are a few categories that come to mind right away:
— jewelry + accessories
— creative art {paintings, illustrations, prints [wall + cards]}
— clothing [women, men, children, newborn]
— handbags/camera bags
— home decor & accessories [indoor + outdoor, home + cottage]
— vintage pretties

If your shop fits into one of the above categories, click here to fill out this form! If you’re not sure, definitely still fill out the form. We’d love to learn about your wares and see if there’s a way to work together.

Just like every year, we will be accepting a limited number of shops to feature in the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. I wish we could accept everyone, but that’s just not possible. Please apply early so we can include your shop!

Even more important details about the Holiday Gift Guide —

Come on over, starting September 15th, to see the Holiday Gift Guide. Shopping the HGG will be easy; each shop will be organized in the guide alphabetically. The HGG will run through January 14th, allowing handmade wares to be purchased after the holidays.

Your shop will be listed in the guide {hosted on a separate page on my blog} alphabetically and will receive a solo Facebook post one time during the duration of the guide. I’ll have a special introductory post on Monday, September 17th, highlighting every participating shop. And, the extended duration allows shoppers to purchase handmade wares with money received over the holiday months.

–Duration: the guide will run September 15th – January 14th {120 days}
— Size: 200×200 pixels {a large, square ad}
— Price: our PRE-BOOK rate is $185 USD, paid via PayPal. After September 1st the cost is $200 USD
— Feature: Each participating shop will be spotlighted in a solo Facebook post {one time during the duration of the guide} + an introductory post on Monday, September 17th

Facebook: 12,510+ fans (1 solo post per shop) | Twitter: 8,830+ followers (HGG main page links) | Blog: 100,100+ monthly page views (HGG page link-to)

♥ A note about our pricing: this seasonal sponsorship breaks down to a super affordable rate. We’ve priced our ads to only $46.25/month {at the pre-book rate}. Ad rates are typically higher during the holiday months, across most blogs, due to the increase in traffic. However, we will not be raising our prices. We believe we can achieve quality post content + “the best of the best” Holiday Gift Guide ads without raising our prices.

♥ If you sign up for both a sidebar ad and a Holiday Gift Guide ad, you’ll receive a 15% discount off any sidebar ad booked during the HGG term {the deadline to sign up for the HGG is Friday, September 7th}. Please email cambria at gussysews dot com for sidebar sponsorship rates.

Remember: the deadline for the pre-book rate of $185 is Saturday, September 1st and the final deadline is Friday, September 7th. Click here to sign up for the Gussy Sews 2012 Holiday Gift Guide and be included among the “best of the best” handmade shops.

Holiday Gift Guide ad designed by Gussy Sews // image source found here.

Gussy Sews Holiday Gift Guide

* * *


+ Start Early! There’s nothing quite like the “rush” of the holidays to trigger unnecessary stress, not only with your advertising/marketing campaigns but with the making of your handmade wares, even including packaging details + special discounts. If you are prepared for the holidays your customers will be super happy, your product quality will be superb, and you’ll be on the right track to having THE BEST holiday season!

+ Plan Out Your Advertising/Marketing Campaigns. Will you do anything different this year to bring in new, long-term customers? Where will you market your handmade shop? How will you market it? What kind of seasonal promotions will you offer? {What can you afford to offer?} Don’t forget about your newsletter group, they are a valuable resource to your handmade community so be sure to offer them something unique.

+ Think Outside the Box. What can you do to make your shop stand out? This includes fun packaging ideas for the holidays, extra incentives to buy early, limited-edition seasonal items, and the like. Now is the time to start preparing for new ways you’ll maintain your “I’m a leader to the handmade community” status :)

+ Remember Repetition is Key. I’m talking seasonal advertising campaigns –wink! I have a homework assignment for you: Map out three similar ways you can promote your shop, but to three different markets. When a shopper is looking for a specific type of handmade ware, what can you do to encourage your shop coming to mind? That is what you’re working towards achieving. Hint: Promoting your shop across similar markets will make this happen even quicker.

Ready to sign-up for the 2012 Gussy Sews Holiday Gift Guide? Click here to get started!

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