Welcome back to the internet, Maggie!

dining room table maggie whitley

Where have I been the last thirteen days? Oh, not any one place really, but also everywhere. (Yes, that makes total sense.)

+ I hadn’t been running much, so Monday of this week I re-dedicated myself and it feels so good. I’ve been running to a park that has a HUGE hill. Every day I push myself to run up it (with the stroller) just a few more feet than the day prior.

+ My sister-in-law was visiting from Michigan, so we had lots of time for sister chats and girl stuff and kiddo play time, and even a few quick dates with Zack.

+ I’ve also been a little quiet on the inside. Not too much thinking (it’s harder to stop thinking than one would realize), and definitely more “going with the flow”, and also shush-ing any and all nonsense-ness.

+ Yesterday I plowed through a bunch of home projects. Tiffany flew home and suddenly the laundry basket exploded, so I’ve been doing a lot of wash and toy organizing. Our neighbor gave me a set of four retro chairs (they are yellow!), so I’ve been having fun switching out our chairs.

+ We’ve been playing music and making plans for this weekend. Hooray! to an extended long holiday weekend coming soon…

+ I finished reading The Husband’s Secret. I’m absolutely in love with the author’s writing style. Have you read any of her books?

I’ve also been pondering this thought: what if I spent the next 30 days with intentional Kindness? Do kind things, say kind things, feel kind things. As a lady it’s ridiculously too easy to compare myself and compare others, which is so silly! I saw a mama the other day while out on a morning run with the kids. She looked happy, she looked beautifully confident, she had on a great outfit (dark patterned leggings, a blush-colored t-shirt and a faded maroon cargo vest. She was with her little boy near the fountains, and she looked so carefree.

I wanted to bottle up what I saw, how it looked like she felt. There was a sense of peace about her.

And in a sense, I think that’s why I unintentionally took a mini break from publishing a blog post. I’m working through a few projects (they are taking foreverrrr to complete, blergh), and I’m protecting my thoughts so I don’t take a single day at home with my family for granted. I can’t do everything I want to do all at once, perfectly, but I can do the most important things very well.

So that is my focus: do a little bit, but give it my best.

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Life around here…

hair maggie whitley

It’s time for a little “life around here” post, yeah? :)

So I’ve got a new beauty secret for my curly hair. Wanna know what it is? A shower cap. You can stop laughing, I’m for real. On days 2 (and 3) of no shampooing I use a shower cap to preserve my volume. To refresh my curl, I flip my head down and spray my hair with water from a spray bottle. Then I flip it back, tousle it a little, and sometimes finish with a light hairspray. That’s it! It’s the best thing ever :) Literally yesterday Zack looked at me in the morning as I was drinking my Chai tea, and before he could say anything I cut him off and said, “yes, I woke up like this.” Volume. It’s been crazy fun.

bauer maggie whitley

It’s Thursday night as I type this post, the rain has just begun to fall — it’s supposed to rain all night, which is the perfect ending for a cloudy week in Los Angeles. We’ve had a bit of a schedule change-a-roo. Zack’s been working crazy hours and I accidentally took a few days off from running. It’s been interesting to notice how strong I rely on my daily exercise. It’s been a really good thing ;) but I can always tell when it’s time for another run. Bauer has loved running, too. He’s like, FINALLY, LADY!

home maggie whitley

When we moved our apartment around in March we were able to create a little play nook for Maxwell. One of the chairs in our living room hides his toys well, and then this bookshelf stores his work bench, bin of building blocks, his tool box, and doctor kit. We also use a wicker basket for his stuffed animals and smaller toys. I give him a few play prompts (read a book to your stuffed monkey; can you fix Bambi with your doctor kit?; can you build me a tall tower?) and then watch his imagination take off.

I’ve also been making a lot of pizza dough. It’s been fun to bake bread this way, and I love how quick it is to make a pie. My favorite topping to add is sun dried tomatoes (marinated in an herb olive oil). #hearteyesforever

natalie maggie whitley

Now that Natalie is 6 months old she’s not only found her squeaky voice but she’s obsessed with moving her arms and legs! It’s hard to snap a photo without it being totally blurry. She’s also started laughing totally on her own from little things Maxwell does or says. It’s so cute and I melt inside every time I hear her raspy laugh. This is such a fun stage. They all are, actually…

maxwell natalie maggie whitley

Babies, babies, babies!

sewing machine cover maggie whitley

Earlier this week Max and I snuck over to my sewing machine to make a cover. He’s become very interested in trying to touch it, so this new cover is my secret trick to keeping him away from all the knobs and buttons ;) So far it’s working.

running los angeles maggie whitley

Wednesday and yesterday I got back into my running zone. AND IT’S BEEN SO GOOD! I’ve been focusing on 4 miles/day, gone for about 90 minutes total (including stops to talk to the kids, having Max walk alongside me, and a visit to the water fountains). And doing my run in the morning is essential, I’m learning. Once the afternoon hits, if I still haven’t logged a run I feel like suddenly it’s time to prep dinner and get the baths drawn. It’s gets to be cranky town over here. Running in the morning is definitely what we need to be doing, for this season of life. In my dreams I’m running a few times each week without the stroller or dog, if you were curious (ha!). Soon… Soon I hope to be doing that again.

Happy Friday, loves!

PS. double stroller c/o Britax and coral capri leggings c/o Albion Fit

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My top 4 favorite blogs to read…

a cup of jo maggie whitley

I always enjoying learning about new blogs that are based around color, inspiration, home decorating (shop the house, anyone?), motherhood or fabric/crafts. These five categories basically sum up our home and my life, and anytime I have a free moment you can typically find me incorporating one of those themes. I have a small handful of favorite blogs to read, and I’d love to share them with you…

Here are my top 4 favorite blogs to read (and why):

+ A Cup of Jo: Joanna’s blog makes me feel like I’m reading all the best articles from my favorite magazine. I’m always learning something new, clicking away feeling inspired, or am pondering a topic shared.

+ Love Taza: Naomi writes honestly on motherhood, but in a totally uplifting manner. I’m also super drawn to her colorful home & life. Color is… just the best!

+ Nesting Place: Myquillyn writes exactly how she speaks, which I really enjoy. This is the only home decor blog I read, but what keeps me interested is Myq’s fresh perspective on creating an imperfect home, and her sense of humor :)

+ Elise Joy: Elise is powerhouse of ideas, accomplishing goals, and staying focused on her personal and (professional) style. I also go a little ga-ga over her love for plants, coffee, and motherhood, if we’re being honest here.

(Top photo from A Cup of Jo.)

What are your two favorite blogs to read, and why? (I mean, do I even have to ask?) ;)

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Hey Los Angeles mamas, creatives & inspiration-seekers…

Singer Gussy Sews maggie whitley

When we lived in Minneapolis I hosted a few local meetups and I SO ENJOYED them! Now that we’re in Los Angeles I think it’s time I continue my tradition ;D It is so fun meeting new friends and we can talk about books and creating and goals and our favorite new coffee drink and maybe even that new bottle of nail polish? Basically, we can chit chat about anything we want!

If you are a local to Los Angeles mama, creative, or inspiration-seeker, send me an email and I’ll reply with the details of our upcoming coffee date! We’ll meet somewhere near the Culver City/Santa Monica area and it’ll be great. Hope to see you soon :)

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