I want to remember…

baby wearing maggie whitley

maxwell maggie whitley

natalie maggie whitley

painting maggie whitley

– how messy (but worth it) painting with Maxwell really is ;)

– how crazy quiet the apartment feels when the white noise is turned off (and everyone’s asleep)

– how much time is wasted thinking about something verses actually doing. #inspiration

– the way Max plays hide & seek behind the living room curtains (while giggling uncontrollably)

– how I feel when Zack wraps his arms around me

– that Bauer looks like a dog baby when he sleeps

– how grateful I am for community, both in real life & online

– some of the podcasts I subscribe to: hope*ology, Dave Ramsey and Elise Gets Crafty

– that baby hair smells delicious

– how wonderful this book is (and beautiful, inspiring, easy-to-read, and life-changing)

– how freaking adorable Max is when he runs across the room (!!!)

– how BIG Natalie’s smiles are :)

– that list-making is the best way to feel accomplished

- how much joy our children bring me. The days are like small marathons but I get better at running them every week.

* * *

These posts help me to cherish and remember the fullness of mamahood. They help me to not hold back because I fear I don’t have time to “take notes”, but instead I can move forward and embrace life where we’re at TODAY through simple sharing. It’s incredibly freeing and makes my heart feel full to write these. See the rest of my “I want to remember” posts here.

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I want to remember…

home maggie whitley

When life is good it ticks by fast, so during this season of “good life” I want to pause to remember…

– the kitchen counter piled high with dishes from a delicious meal

– Maxwell talking to Siri by mostly telling her dada, mama (pronounced “muma”), Nony (Natalie) and no no nooooooo

– babies who nap through the lawn maintenance hour (so odd to hear these sounds in January considering I grew up in Michigan)

– what Max’s favorite things are: running, reading books, the occasional cookie, telling us what things are hot, pointing out who the items in our home belong to (so cute)

– good books within reach (currently loving this design book)

– the awesome relationship I have with my older brother, Matt

– the way Natalie smiles at me when I crouch down to her face and talk to her

– that I’m never too proud to own multiple journals and lip balms

– how we’re teaching Max how to count to 10 and say each letter of the alphabet

– the way Max so generously gives Natalie kisses

– that showering at night is the way to go, and the less hair products I use the better my hair is (this texturizing spray is the good stuff)

– how grateful I am to have Zack as my husband and friend.

*This post is brought to you by baby wearing. Affiliate links used throughout, meaning I will earn a small commission on any items purchased.


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Reflecting on the past & present.

palm trees los angeles maggie whitley

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat down to write a post, or try to journal with a pen (a real pen! and paper!), and nothing productive comes of it. I can honestly say I am putting too much pressure on myself to come up with something profound or witty as to not waste your time (or mine). But I haven’t been able to do it. Then, the other day, I realized this is just the season of life I am in.

Five years ago we were living in Minneapolis, sans kids, and I was heavily devoted to learning how to sew and building a handmade community around my business: Gussy Sews.

Now, we’re living in Los Angeles and I’m a mama of two babies — with the oldest babe being just 21 months old.

My life is full. It is rich with memories. My story is worthy, and it is beautiful. And I am perfect, even though I have struggles and make mistakes.

I absolutely adore this current season of life. And my goal for “right now” is to become more brave with writing when I’m able AND hitting “publish” when finished.

palm trees los angeles maggie whitley

writing reflection maggie whitley

I’m still learning our new routine as a mama of two. I’m still learning how to process the fact that I don’t have time to run two handmade businesses — which is what I was doing exactly five days before I learned I was pregnant with our second baby). I can’t tell you how many times I talked myself out of starting Caroline-made. Well actually, I did so many times that it took me two years to launch it. And even though Caroline-made isn’t active right now, I’m so glad I took the leap and opened it in February of 2014. Like, it makes me so happy.

I’m not sewing much right now but I’m still creating, and I’m thankful for the change in mediums and textiles (play-doh, water colors, crayons, chalk, and embroidery).

The status of my life today as I type this is noisy, messy, exciting, new, full of love, and exhausting.

And, I imagine many of you reading this can relate :)

The year 2015 is going to be a year of reflection, I can already feel it. Zack and I are working on our budget and family goals with such intensity, it’s inspiring.

Here’s to trying new things, embracing change, reflecting on the past and present, and worrying a whole lot less about perfection. Cheers!

PS. below are two songs I’m really loving right now…

A Sky Full Of Stars by Cold Play on Grooveshark
Pompeii (Kat Krazy Remix) by Bastille on Grooveshark

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Gingerbread houses, palm trees, and your interests!

gingerbread house maggie whitley

gingerbread house maggie whitley

Our family is preparing for a quiet Christmas at home and I feel so blessed to have two babies to share our traditions with. Buuuut, the Midwest in me is having a hard time not seeing snow on the ground. Los Angeles gives us way different weather than we’re used to, but the sunsets we get here are pretty rad. I enjoy them :)

Over the weekend we went to a gingerbread-making party and basked in the sunshine as we (read: I) ate candy and decorated the cutest little houses. Max played with his pals on the playground and Natalie slept in our arms for most of it. We also Christmas shopped for our babes and set some family goals for 2015. In the evenings at home we lit candles and listened to Max say, “light! bright!” every time he saw a candle — so cute. My mom always had candles lit and growing up I thought that was so magical.

Our weekend was packed full of family memories, a great way to start of the week!

I’ve also been spending a lot of my quiet time thinking about this blog and the content I share on it. I so enjoy writing, it just takes me a lot longer to gather my thoughts into a readable post :) #momistired. And I’ve thought of posting a reader survey for you to take, but I’m unsure. What do you think? Would a reader survey interest you? Really I’m interested in knowing more about YOU and your general interests. And also, what keeps you reading week after week? xo

max natalie maggie whitley

zack maggie whitley

sunset santa monica maggie whitley

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