{Blissdom 2011 recap}

Yeow! ~ I’m back from Blissdom and it was a blast! I also went last year, and before Blissdom ’10 was over I was excited for Blissdom ’11 {it’s just that great of a blogging conference.} A lot of bloggers I follow/am friends with attend, so it was a great mix of hanging out + learning, all rolled into one.

Wednesday morning, Anna and I skipped *wink* throughout the airport and onto the plane. We flew Southwest and were able to sit next to each other on both connecting flights. Before we boarded we each bought a few magazines. For someone that gets sweaty hands when she fly’s, and ummm, feels a little whoo-hooooo, I say it was a necessary expense {ahem, sorry about the $13 Zack}.

I met Angie Smith at Relevant {October ’10}, which was a real treat because I’ve been reading her blog for 3 years now. She invited me to stay at her house Wednesday night, so she picked me up from the airport and we had ice-cream, dinner with Jess & Emily, and then talked & laughed in front of a fire. It was, like, the best date ever. Angie is a true blessing :]

Thursday morning, Angie and I headed to Opryland and the whirling of happiness began its flight around me. Thursday & Friday were both AMAZING ~ lots of welcomed hugs, laughs, dessert {thanks Ruthanne!}, brainstorming and giving thanks. So much has happened in the past 2 years, and even more has happened in the last year.

Doesn’t the Opryland have great carpet? I need this in fabric.
[photo credit]

I {heart} my Ruthanne of Eclectic Whatnot. And her snorts.
[photo credit]

Bloggy friends ~ new & old: April, Jess, Ruthanne.
[photo credit]

You know I love a good chat — and don’t you love our [unintentional] color-coordinated outfits?!
L to R, top to bottom: Melissa, Allison, me, Nester, Lorie, Miss Mustard Seed, Lindsey + Laurie
[photo credit]

You have to watch Ruthanne in these photos — she’s the one holding a coffee cup.
Look at my face, I’m all, “Nooooo… No!! Really?!”
This is 79% why I come to blog conferences… for the late-night laughs. I love my girl time!

[photo credit]

So much Gussy love ♥
Angie — me & Lindsay {thank you Linds for being my *friend*} — Nester & Jess

Know what else I love? Meeting new friends: Neely and me | Lisa Leonard, Marcy and me

The Opryland hotel — Guess how many square feet it is? 27,000. Mmmm hmm.

Look at how fun lunch was // do you SEE that whip cream in my coffee? Yum!

The (in)courage team always puts on a fun party with YUMMMY snacks.
And I just love Stephanie. We met at Blissdom ’10 after she asked me to sew bags for all the (in)courage writers.

Two great women that mentor me — Jess and Nester

There you have it — Blissdom ’11 is over and I was {too} soon on a plane back to Minneapolis. My heart is just so full of love & friendship; my brain is full of ideas & affirmation.
This is a fabulous way to start out the year.

Saturday night snuggles — Sunday morning coffee ~

See you next year, at Blissdom!


PS. I have some tips to share from the different sessions/tracks, but I’ll save those for another post!
PPS. Remember to scroll down for the Allora Handmade feature + giveaway.

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{capturing Blissdom ’11 ~ a vlog}

hi everyone! i promise you i’m working on my Blissdom ’11 blog post — even though i said i would post it yesterday. {don’t throw empty spools at me just yet; it will be up today!} my wonderful, fun, talented friend Lisa Leonard posted this video on her blog and since it brought back so many great memories of Blissdom I wanted to share it too :]

PS. scroll down — there’s an Allora Handmade giveaway below ♥

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{5 more sleeps until…}

BLISSDOM! It’s almost time to go!!! I got my hair did, I picked out my nail polish color, and I think I know what I’m wearing. I’m READY to meet you, to spend time with friends, to hug & chat & laugh & stay up late. And drink lots of coffee in the morning *wink*. Hooray for roommates such as this gal and this gal and this gal, and our honorary roomie — this lady. And… her.

OK, 5 quick things for me to remember:
1. bring business cards
2. smile — don’t look exhausted {getting out of the house *is* rare, but no one needs to know that…}
3. bring a photo of Bauer & Zack so I can kiss them goodnight
4. say hellooo to the people I want to meet {don’t just gawk}
5. five more sleeps — yeow!

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{my Gussy baby}

To me, sewing is my baby. I love it more than any other girl loves their Gussy.
I made Gussy, therefore I love Gussy the most.

And I’m about to burst from all this/your love, excitement, inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you for sharing this ride of sewing love with me.
Now hop on, we’re going places.

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