{7 pretty things on Sunday — What’s your unique style?}

My blue eyes have found a couple of fun Gussy posts on there on ye interwebs so I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the bloggers + their ruffley items. I love seeing how other people use their Gussy item. While I may think to use a medium zip pouch for my chapstick/lip gloss collection, another person uses it to store baby ointment + bottle nipples. It’s so fun to see a new, fresh perspective on use. And I love to see how the photos are styled, too! I love how we are all unique, creative, beautiful women and can proudly show off our own styles without any hesitation. So that’s my inspiration for today’s 7 pretty things post.

^ purple plaid medium zip pouch via Rolled Up Pretty

^ candy hearts iPad case via Johnny in a Dress

^ sweet floral wristlet via Take the Side Street

^ sketchy apples tote bag via The Wiegands

^ red + white dots medium zip pouch via The Diary of Dave’s Wife

^ tangerine dot small zip pouch + pretty pears medium zip pouch via Lolly Jane

^ sketchy apples market tote via Hormonal Imbalances

* * *

What is your personal style like? Do you typically find yourself using something in a totally unique way, or do you find it hard to “think outside the box”? Do you love color or neutrals, solids or prints, big + bold or small + subtle? Share with us below! xoxo

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{7 pretty things on Sunday}

This edition of 7 pretty things on Sunday is brought to you by YOU! I’ve gathered some of YOUR beautiful photos, showcasing your Gussy items, and grouped them into this post. It’s so fun! Below are seven unique bloggers + their favorite ruffly items.

PS. Are you on Instagram? If so, take a snapshot of you + your Gussy item and tag the photo #GussyLove. I’ve added an Instagram feed to my blog sidebar which pulls from this feed.

PPS. Sorry — one more thing to add ;) Just recently did I update my newsletter sign-up promo. If you’re not on the Gussy Sews newsletter NOW IS THE TIME! Once a month I’ll be giving away $50 to my shop to someone on the newsletter list. Make sure you sign up!

* * *

^ Chelsea of Paper Mama — featuring our Color Bomb large zip pouch

^ Maggie of Pink Shoes — showing off our Red Dot headband

^ Audrey of Putting Me Together — showing off our Sweet Floral wallet {new item}

^ Mandy of Mandipity — showing off our Tangerine Dot zipped pouch

^ Jenni of Story of My Life — featuring our Khaki + Red camera strap slipcover

^ Melisa from Pie ‘N the Sky — showing off ourPurple Stripes medium zipped pouch

^ Aimee of Simple Bites — featuring our tote/diaper bag + MacBook case

* * *

Wishing you a happy Sunday! xoxo

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{7 pretty things on Sunday}

spring flowers


pretty colors + patterns

workspace inspiration

lemon cake

be happy print

polka dot nails

this weekend has been, simply put, fantastic. zack and i went on a super fun date friday night and we feasted on an italian dinner. yesterday we slept in, cleaned the house {OH how it needed it!} and enjoyed the warm, spring-like weather. and today we have a busy day of church + meeting up with friends for 2 different meals.

spring is totally taking over my heart + soul and i love it, haha! yesterday i sipped a cup of coffee as i put away winter decorations, valentine’s day decorations, cleaned the house, dusted, put away winter hats/boots, and then mopped. and ya know what? it was amazing. it felt so good to get the dust and dirt out of the house. zack spent the afternoon working on the jeep: vacuuming, cleaning, getting an oil change. he and bauer hung out outside in the sunshine :] it was so cute to peek out the kitchen window and see them together in the yard/driveway. i love my boys so much.

it’s like the fresh air of spring has flipped on a happiness switch for me. even though this past winter hardly brought any snow there was still many, many overcast days where the sun never peeked out. i’m ready to put those kind of days behind us. and guess whaaaat?! warmer days mean grilling on the back patio. YES!

so today’s “7 pretty things on Sunday” post is inspired by all things spring + happy. yesterday alyssa and i went to patina and picked out a few things for tiff’s birthday {my SIL and her cuz}. it was so much fun! i’m so inspired from the fabric and accessories we saw and i can’t wait to fabric shop + work in the studio this week.

**i’ll be adding more {new} wristlets, headbands and a few MORE items to the gussy shop this week! click here to see which headbands have made it back into the shop friday.

looking for more springtime inspiration? checkout thursday’s inspiration workshop post!

happy sunday to you!!!

PS. make sure you enter the lisa leonard giveaway! TWO of you will win a $50 gift card. click over to enter if you haven’t yet, i’ll be picking the winners in another day or so! ♥

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{7 pretty things on Sunday}

video game tournaments, nerdy! // an afternoon snooze with bauer

so far this weekend i’ve spent a lot of time relaxing and resting. friday night started out with zack heading over to the university of minnesota to volunteer for the rest of the weekend ~ like 32 hours total, with a starcraft tournament. it’s mega nerdy, for sure, but i am ECSTATIC that zack gets to spend the weekend doing what he loves. non-stop. i stopped by yesterday morning to get a feel for what a video game tournament actually looks like and i… ummm, only saw 1 other girl there ;D and like 59 million computers.

the rest of yesterday was spent snuggling with bauer. we took a few naps. watched a terrible lifetime movie online {hah}, went for a walk. and then i had a fantastic idea that i’m excited to share soon. if you’re in/near minneapolis, THIS MEANS YOU! ♥ i’ve spent quite a bit of time reading + replying to the comments left from thursday’s + friday’s posts. my mind has been all over the place trying to process what i’ve read, learned and am trying to implement for the future.

also, i found some amazing follow-up posts that others have written on the topic of friendships + loneliness that i shared in the comments. here are the links in case you missed them: 4 ways to be a better friend, what you can find while you’re waiting on friends.

i know i’ve said this already but i am truly amazed at the number of women hurting over the loss of a great friends it’s a delicate emotion and it’s reminding me to be even more gentle, with myself + others. probably the main thing i’ve learned is that it’s really easy to sit back and wait for someone else to take action, but what probably needs to happen is for YOU to take action. you need to seek out a friend. be persistent, be a nagging nelly :) try, try, try. i think i’m more interested now in finding a friend because it’ll shift a little of the focus onto something more exciting. basically that’s called PROGRESS.

today’s 7 pretty things on Sunday post is going to be a little different. instead of showing photos i’m going to make a list of different things i’m thankful for + learning during this season:
1. arriving home friday afternoon to a box chocolate-dipped fruit waiting on my front porch ~ from a sweet blog friend! so thoughtful, so delicious {it’s almost gone}… i felt so special :)

2. the idea of a gratitude journal: every day you write down 5 things you’re thankful for. i LOVE the idea of ending my day with things i’m thankful for, reminds me of this friend’s book.

3. wearing a sweatshirt from high school :)

4. sharing some of my hurts has oddly given me more freedom to not spend so much time online…

5. …which reminds me that it’s not OK to feel sorry for myself over friendships that are linked to other cities. those friendships have a unique purpose and they aren’t for the intimate day-to-day moments. i need –and will– to find local friends.

6. this is totally silly, but bangs that are finally growing out. changing things up is exciting, ya know!

7. one of the comments left has sparked an idea that i’m crazy excited about. so like i mentioned above, if you are in/near minneapolis… stay tuned! tee hehe

have you had a few minutes to read some of the comments left? what are your thoughts…?

okie dokie, that’s it for this lovely sunday.

wishing you a happy, joy-filled day! xoxo

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