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Maggie Whitley Designs is composed of a beautiful community connected through faith, handmade, inspiration & adventure seeking. We offer encouragement, dream-catching with a full dose of personality.

Interested in working with us? Please email jenn AT maggiewhitley DOT com for our media kit.
We want to work with businesses that offer a “product” that helps encourage others through inspiration, motivation and/or crafting. This blog offers real, down-to-earth styling and is written in an encouraging voice. The majority of our readers have a blog and/or handmade shop {hooray!}. We offer family-friendly content, limited giveaways/sweepstakes, and we LOVE to feature local/handmade businesses.

The Maggie Whitley Designs community is made up of thousands of daily readers that are interested in the handmade market + excel at encouraging others. They are quick to share links, product information and to purchase supplies/materials. MWD readers are the voice of the handmade marketplace + make each other feel like their long-lost friends.

Accessories, fashion, beauty, craft tools/supplies, craft or inspiration books, stationary, graphic design work {specifically for handmade shop or blog design}, e-courses.


Who makes up the MWD community?
– 82% are married
– 62% are between the ages of 25-34 years
– 71% have children
– 34% own a handmade shop
Stats // Quotes // Feedback
Kelly Cutrone said, “It sounds like you know what you’re doing” and she referred to me as “a magical pioneer.” (May 2011)
– 115,729+ page views a month (3,850+ per day)
– 11,700+ Twitter followers / 26,400+ Facebook likes
– Frequent blog/handmade business how-to and inspiration posts
– This blog has been featured/linked to by the LA Times, Pregnancy & Newborn magazine and OK! magazine. See all of our press here




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* Limited to 2 sponsors/month. Includes an individual giveaway/feature blog post and Facebook & Twitter mentions; $75 giveaway value minimum.

* Include a Facebook mention across both pages, Gussy Sews and Maggie Whitley Designs.

*All materials needed for the feature must be received 72 hours prior to the scheduled feature date in order to publish on time.

* Ads start on the 1st or 15th of each month
* Payment is due at date of booking
* We feature static ads only; no blinking ads
* If your ad has a lot of white space near the edges, please put a 1 pixel border around it
* A fresh ad is encouraged monthly for renewing sponsors


♥ Masha from Delezhen says:
“My relationship with Maggie began randomly when she tweeted a Aquamarine Birthstone Ring of mine in anticipation of her first born child. It’s been so lovely seeing Maggie through her beautiful foray into motherhood. Partnering up in a celebratory giveaway proved to be very successful, with loads of traffic from her site and many of the same rings sold that very day! You can tell that Maggie’s readers love and trust her word, and have had nothing but good vibes come my way from her referral. It was a great pleasure to work together, and I would do so again in a heartbeat!”

♥ Leigh-Ann from Home Ec Online + Freckled Nest says:
“Home Ec Online partnered with Maggie earlier this year and we saw an immediate increase in traffic, brand recognition and sales. MWD readers were very welcoming and the MWD team made our sponsorship month fun, affordable and a real pleasure! Maggie cares about people & creative life and I really felt that in my experience :)”

♥ Katie from The Small Change Project says:
“After my extremely helpful mentorship session with Maggie I decide to advertise on Maggie Whitley Designs. I have seen consistent traffic from her site and working with both her and Cambria has been a joy. I love being a part of her community. It is so apparent that Maggie wants to spread the word and the love to everyone involved.”

♥ Heather from Just Lovely Things says:
“Maggie Whitley Designs has been a huge inspiration not only in helping with the traffic numbers to my own blog (she is my highest traffic driver!) but also in knowing that another indie business owner like myself can follow their dreams and watch them come true! I’m so happy for the day I found Maggie and if I ever forget it I just look at the awesome bag I bought from her!”

♥ Chelsea from HorseFeathers says:
“I love advertising with Maggie Whitley Designs! Maggie does an amazing job of helping spread the word about her sponsor through different social media outlets and I have seen a huge increase in traffic directly from the Maggie Whitley Designs blog. You can tell Maggie genuinely cares about helping others grow their business. If you are considering advertising to grow your blog or business I highly recommend doing so with Maggie!”

♥ Dani from Good Natured by Dani says:
“Sponsoring Maggie Whitley Designs has been great for my shop and blog. Maggie’s readers are fabulous, and I received a consistent stream of traffic from her site. Every time she mentioned my shop on Facebook, I would experience a jump in views and fans. Maggie truly wants her sponsors to succeed and goes out of her way to be helpful. Plus, she is so sweet!”

♥ Dee from Red Letter Words says:
“I don’t think I can put into adequate words how much I love partnering with Maggie Whitley Designs. The MWD community is nothing short of amazing. And Maggie being a blogger as well as a brand really gets it. Her posts are heartfelt and she truly has a passion for helping other small mompreneur businesses thrive. Maggie Whitley Designs is a well thought out and intentional place for any business to advertise!”

♥ Kristi from Barn Owl Primitives says:
“Advertising my shop with Maggie was such a treat! In a short period of time, I increased my shop traffic and made connections with some fabulous people. For my feature, Maggie asked some fabulous questions that really helped me focus on providing a unique glimpse inside my business. It was so fun to have the opportunity to share a little bit about myself and my business with her readers! Not having a blog, I only use Facebook to share bits and pieces, and it’s impossible to ever link back to anything. I’m so excited to have this feature as a link that i can share with my followers and customers in the future!”


It’s no surprise that having a cute, style-inspired button is key to sponsorship success, right? Please help yourself first by presenting the Maggie Whitley Designs community with a button that is fitting to your shop’s style. If there is text, it must be easy to read. Focus on showcasing a single item or theme in your shop/blog {not your entire collection}. If your button has a lot of white space, give it a 1 pixel border {since my blog has a white background you’ll want to “pull” everything back in}. Design your button so that people can’t take another breath until they click on it! Lastly, remember that this is a partnership and my goal to have a successful blog requires that we work together. xo

PLEASE NOTE // Shops selling products similar to the Maggie Whitley Designs brand & style are discouraged from applying. Shops that offer similar products to the Maggie Whitley Designs brand & style during their sponsorship will be removed immediately and denied refund.

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