Ten things I love // vol. 3

ten things i love maggie whitley

In a personal exercise to start noticing the small things around me I started a new series titled ten things I love. There are a lot of small things in our home that I enjoy immensely. These things aren’t just “things” to me (although they kinda are just things), they hold a special meaning. Some simply make me happy, others have taught me or mean something valuable, and a couple are of nature around us.

Ten things that remind me of surrounding beauty:

1. lip tint by Rimmel London in Perpetual Plum (as seen on me here). I wish the tint lasted longer, however it wears off evenly which is a huge perk!

2. a floral DIY envelope-style pillow cover (source: floral fabric)

3. this book. Buy it, read it, and be changed from it

4. finding handwritten notes from my hubby. This one reads, Thank you for the perfect morning –Z

5. coral polish!

6. “the best chocolate chip cookie” recipe. Definitely one you must try!!!

7. the gift of a pretty candle from Anthropologie (scent: grapefruit cilantro)

8. a new coffee mug from Anthropologie (color: coral)

9. visiting Santa Monica beach with my girls every Wednesday (related: how to take your kids to the beach)

10. palm trees growing in our neighborhood — yessssss


What are three things (that you absolutely adore) that surround you every day? Don’t think too long on this, whatever comes to mind — would you share that list with me in the comments? Even if you live in a small space, there’s beauty around you :)

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  1. 1


    Oh the pressure! But this such a great exercise to appreciate what you have, and take pleasure in the little things. My three just from the top of my head…our new personalized pillow cover that features our state, family name & city…book: the nesting place-recently finished this, and it’s inspired me to take little steps with decorating our home…& rain: this Seattlite is so thankful for the rain & cooler temperatures we’ve had for the past few days after a long bout of crazy hot weather (we don’t have AC here!).
    Thanks, Maggie!

    • 2


      We don’t have a/c here either! I guess we’re too close to the ocean? ;)

      Rain. That’s definitely something I miss about the midwest. It rarely rains here in Los Angeles, but when it does it’s kinda a joke, haha. And Nesting Place, that was such a fantastic book!!!!! xxoo

  2. 3


    Lovely 10 things! The pillow, polish and mug are very cute.
    Now I also want to try that cookie recipe, looks yummy :)

  3. 5


    Clean and cool sheets at the end of a long day.
    A floor that doesn’t need sweeping.
    My outside shower.
    My view.
    The sunset.
    Coffee made.

  4. 6


    In the summer, I especially love keeping fresh cut blooms from my garden around the house. And currently, I’m really loving the new baby smell- and soaking it up because my little guy is already 1 month old and growing so fast!

  5. 8

    Karen says

    1) children’s artwork
    2) my vitamix-it reminds me of how it has helped so much with my sons eating issues
    3)necklace that can be filled with beads for when I accomplish what I wanted to that day-long story, but my sweet hubby gave it to me with a cute bowl full of beads and a story he made up to go with them complete with goggly eyes that are watching me (lol) It will help with my new adventure starting tomorrow.

  6. 10


    # 3 – yes! great book – I attended her barn event last November it was wonderful! #7 – yes! I found one of these recently and love it. Three things I adore- my husband is currently home everyday, books, colored glass window from the church my grandfather used to pastor – it’s in my workroom and I see it everyday. Love lists!

  7. 11


    I have a mango and jasmine anthropologie candle sitting right here that smells so good so that’s definitely one of mine. Also DIY artwork created by me or my kids, and tiny pigtails on my little girls head!! Great idea to list out things you love!

  8. 13

    Kara says

    Can I ask about your yellow polish in these pictures? I’ve been looking for one that doesn’t look fluorescent and this one is great. Thanks :)

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