The beat of life.

maxwell sleeping maggie whitley

Maxwell will be 15 months old on the 12th and that is literally fascinating to me. For one, where does the time disappear to?! I’m so grateful for all our memories we have created together since his birth. To be home with our babes is such hard work, it takes consistency and patience, and trying to get enough rest is pretty much a requirement. But these years at home with our babes are years of investment. They are my favorite years. As soon as we started a bedtime routine with Max he started going to bed so gosh darn easy for us. We keep a couple stuffed animals in his crib with him but it’s clear his favorite is Scout, a gift from my brother the Christmas I was pregnant. Once he’s in bed we’ll hear Scout “talking” to Maxwell, and Zack and I just look at each other and smile big cheesy grins. We are so head-over-heels in love with Maxwell. He is such a blessing to our entire family.

The 14 long (to us) months we prayed for our first baby were hard months. When we finally relaxed into the beat of life we found it much easier to be patient, and shortly later we had an announcement to share. And oddly, we find the same mentality to be true once the child is born: relax into the beat of life and your rhythm will come, naturally.

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    My babe will be 15 months on the 19th and I was just thinking how fast the time went as well. She has a little baby that giggles and coos in her crib and she’ll play with it for a few min before dozing off, so cute. It’s amazing how a solid bed time routine changes things. It took away a lot of stress for me.

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      YES! Especially when hubby works late and you’re solo parenting. I know getting Max to bed will be super easy, and once he’s in bed I can relax and do a few things for myself. It’s wonderful! :)

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    And what a great investment they are! Some days are so difficult, I have to remind myself just how blessed I am to watch my babies grow each day! It’s hard to believe my oldest is 3 1/2, seriously, where did the time go? I treasure each cuddle, each hug, knowing that she’s quickly growing older and older. Have you ever read Karen Kingsbury’s book “Let Me Hold You A Little Longer” ? It’s a children’s book that is so, so precious.

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      I think it’s really healthy for us mamas to be able to recognize the hard days, because when they happen they *are* hard! Our day-to-day life seems so easy now, with all Maxwell can do on his own. I was interesting to reflect on that recently and how we’ll be back to square one with a newborn so soon! It’s easy to take the easy days for granted I think :) Love your comment, and that book suggestion sounds like a heart tugger ;)

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