Six years.

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Saturday was a day to record in the books. Zack and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary, and the day was pretty much perfect. I like to think we’ve gotten really good at two things: going with the flow and cherishing “the now” of life. I feels a bit unrealistic to create a plan and expect life follow along perfectly, so Zack and I keep our focus on other areas. And, we have found there’s so much more beauty when we do.

Our babysitter had to cancel Saturday night, so instead of it being just the two of us (plus the baby bump), Maxwell joined us for a dinner date. And you know what? It was absolute perfection. We headed home after dinner so Max could be put down for the night, and then we watched a movie with big bowls of ice cream and strawberries. And I didn’t fall asleep during the movie! Not even once ;)

It was wonderful celebrating our anniversary together as a family, and being seen with such handsome men was a highlight for sure! Zack and I have had some pretty adventurous years together, there’s no doubt about that. It’s hard to imagine what the rest will look like, but I’m pretty lucky to have Zack by my side. He’s an incredible friend and husband, and I feel so blessed to be his wifey.

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    Cindy Whitley says

    I for one, thank Jesus for each of you every day. We are a blessed family. Here’s to 60 more years of bliss. xoxo Mom W.

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    Going with the flow has great rewards! I once heard that you should never call trips with kids vacations because they are often far from relaxing. Instead, call them adventures and that way if you do get a moment to relax it is an added bonus.

    We celebrated our 6th anniversary with kids in tow at a dumpy restaurant/bar because that is all there was in our small town. Over Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets we could laugh about how much our lives had changed – all for the better!

    Happy anniversary!

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