Black paint and a Friday afternoon.


Last week I spent some time working on a few projects for myself. Even though I really wanted to take an afternoon nap. Even though I knew it would be a bit of work to get everything out and set up. Even though I knew at some point during my project Max would wake up and craft time would be over. I sort of had to force myself to start on this project, but to be totally honest it was super rewarding. And dare I say this: I felt almost as refreshed as I do when I take a nap. I’m super close to having the nursery finally decorated (when we moved our bed to the living room and made the bedroom the nursery/play room there was suddenly a lot of empty wall space), and it’s so exciting. What I’m learning is small changes can have big impact! It’s great.

And, the giant world map I’ve been searching for has arrived, so that’s another hooray! shouted from moi. I ordered this world map from National Geographic (they are on sale right now for 40%-off) and I love how big it is.

PS. Any guesses what I was painting?

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    Maggie! You have taken all the words out of my mouth. There are so many projects that I haven’t started because I felt too tired or kept making the ‘Ollie will be up soon’ excuse. But today I finally started painting a dresser that I’m refinishing for our TV. I felt so good and kept saying to my husband “I feel so happy, this is so fun!” Maybe I will be super tired tonight but I’m not against a 930 bedtime ;) I appreciate your motivation and good example of a mama working hard for her dreams. Have fun crafting this week! xoxo Joy

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    I feel like that’s so true about not wanting to start projects during nap time! Or my big problem is that I get sucked into picking up and cleaning during that time, so I never end up getting to the projects that I’m dying to do. As a Momma, you really do need time to do something for yourself to feel refreshed and be able to focus more on your little one, but it’s definitely easier said than done sometimes ;) Can’t wait to see what your project is!

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