An incredibly freeing quote…

"perfection is silly!" via maggie whitley

I saw this quote while scrolling through Instagram last week. It has stuck with me ever since, so I knew I had to write it down. The simplicity of the phrase is beautiful and incredibly freeing, don’t you think? What I’ve been noticing recently is how easy it is to sit and obsess over getting something “just perfect”, when in the end we miss the moment completely. When I think about how obsessing over perfection I think of meals gone cold, family moments missed, conversations where we’re only half-present, projects that steal our timeĀ  — that sort of thing. And so I totally agree with the quote, “perfection is silly!”

Instead of aiming for perfection, offer your best.

Allow yourself to be you.

Love the people around you for who they are on the inside (we all make mistakes).

Buy the ingredients, and then savor the process of making the meal.

Say you’re sorry when needed.

Love yourself, your whole, beautiful, quirky, quiet, sassy self.

And then lastly, don’t try to document everything. Let some things live only in your memory.

Perfection is silly; real life is awesome.

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