Hiking under the Hollywood sign.


Usually on the weekends we have a couple of adventures in mind, even before Saturday morning is upon us. Throughout the week we’ll talk about what we want to do, and then once the weekend is here we don’t waste any precious family time making plans.

This past weekend we drove over to the Hollywood hills and went on a little hike. And I type “hike” loosely because I wore sandals. Even though it was uphill the way there, the path was easy.

We loaded up the Jeep with our stroller, the pup, water and plenty of snacks. And a couple pair of sunglasses! :)

The breeze was cool, the sun was at full peak, and the famous Hollywood sign was HUGE as we stood underneath it. We even saw tiny-looking people scurrying around under the sign as they were being told to get away from the sign (the police via intercom, perhaps?). It made me think of an episode of The Bachelorette/Bachelor and one of the dates where they sat under the letters. Ha! Any way, apparently it’s a huge penalty if you trespass around the Hollywood sign.

It took us about two hours to walk up the mountain to the sign, then come back down. Once we were home, the smell of beef stew in the crockpot greeted us… I’ve never been so happy to have dinner prepared. We were all starving!

We ended the evening with memories of a fun but exhausting day, and the next morning we woke up suuuuper early for an Easter sunrise service on the beach.

Spending a Saturday afternoon outside with family reminds me of my childhood… It was beyond amazing.




Our life has been nothing short of adventurous since we were married, six years ago this coming June. Instead of focusing on how different or hard or flexible we need to be, I embrace it. It makes our day to day life that much sweeter.

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  1. 1

    Hubbs says

    This was such a blast, I loved it. It was definitely a hike. It was up a freakin mountain in the dirt pushing a jogging stroller. You may have wore sandals, but I for one could still feel the climb two days later!

    Those kids running through the letters totally spent the night in jail.

    Great post Magg. Wanna go camping this weekend?

  2. 3

    Emma P. says

    I just love hearing how you embrace your life! Adjusting to being a mom, having family time and work time. I just love following you for the fact that you are REAL about everything and you are not afraid to share your faith.

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