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maxwell at the park

Where has this month gone? I am just realizing today that it’s March 14th. This really has been such a busy year so far for our family with lots of work commitments (both Zack and I) and social activities with our friends. Last month Caroline-made launched and then just recently I opened the Gussy shop back up. Maxwell turned ONE on Wednesday and I feel like I keep saying this, but I thought I would be so much more sad about that than I actually am. I think I’m realizing that we’re exchanging “what was” for “what’s to come”, and honestly that’s really exciting and comforting for me. He is becoming a little boy more & more each day, and it’s just plain fun :)

We’ve been going to the park a lot to swing. Sometimes the toddler swings are full but that’s OK, I take Max in my lap and we swing together on the big kid swings. He giggles the entire time and closes his eye as we rise and fall in rhythm. It’s so much fun.

Maxwell’s been making us laugh with all the silly things he does. Whenever he drops something or he’s not sure what we’re asking/saying, he looks at us and raises on hand (palm upward) and says, “whaaaa?” SO CUTE!

This weekend is supposed to be wildly gorgeous so we’re hoping to head to the beach one day and then meet up with our friends for dinner at their apartment. I’m really looking forward to both of those things :)

maxwell at the park

Life around here has been full of laughter, a little bit of chaos, exciting (and sometimes stressful) work challenges, bright blue skies and lots of meals around our kitchen table. Life can be hard sometimes, but I’ve been focusing on Psam 119:105, Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

Oh, one more thing: I’ve been planning out our meals more often which has been so great for knowing what’s on the menu each night ;) Do you have a favorite recipe? I’ve made a few from my Pinterest board (this soup is delicious, these BBQ sandwiches are so easy & tasty, I could eat this creamy chicken dish every night and these oven fajitas are killer!) but I’d love for you to share in the comments below a link to some of your favorites.


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    Sweet baby boy pics! Hey, thanks for sharing those recipes. I have a friend who just had a baby, and we are scheduled to prepare a meal for them. I’m liking that creamy chicken recipe a whole lot!!

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    Pinterest is very inspiring for meals. I find that I get hungry when I am pinning food things at night. But I love that I can find simple meals & dishes too.

    My neighbor & I made 22 freezer meals each in 4 hours. It was so much fun. They were simple too. Nothing was cooked ahead of time except the meat in the spaghetti sauce & the mashed potatoes (freeze in cupcake tins) & thaw & bake as many as needed. It has made mindless days easy.

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    Those piggy toes! Oh my goodness look at his cute little toes! My fav go to site for healthy quick easy to make family recipes is My kids love everything I’ve made from that site.

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