Getting ready for Hope.


I’m beginning to prepare my heart for a big upcoming trip to Dallas later this month. It’s been a while (18 months?) since I last traveled to a blog conference, and even though it’s a little scary for me to think about leaving my little boy at home for the weekend, I’m also really looking forward to it. It’s good practice for me for the big picture, right? :) I’m super excited to attend Hope Spoken, and my prayer is that the conference is a blessing to many. I’m so proud of the gals putting on the conference, they are so inspiring and brave and solid God-seeking mamas. And something else I’m excited about? Having a little Maggie time for the weekend and soaking up lots of time with this sweet friend.

Are you going? Leave a comment if you are and say hello! :)


Let’s see… what have we been up to these last few weeks? Aside from getting my newest handmade venture — Caroline-made launched, not a whole lot. Turns out launching a new shop takes a lot of energy and time ;) I’m finishing up a big post sharing my inspiration for Caroline-made, where the name comes from, all of that exciting stuff. Click over and take a peek, if you haven’t yet? I’m so happy with the final designs of everything inside the shop. CM is a fun mix of color and practicality.


It has rained for days, days, days! Which is incredibly unlikely for Los Angeles. With the rain came wind and cloudy skies, something else we’re not used to. And I know, poor us… most of you are experiencing never ending snow — don’t hate me for complaining about the rain ;) It seems to have passed, which is great because Maxwell’s birthday party is going to be outside on Sunday. My parents are flying in for the week. It feels a bit surreal to be celebrating One Year with our son. And oh, those long days of labor before he was placed in our arms — those memories haven’t left me just yet ;)


What has been inspiring you lately? I’m always curious how inspiration appears to us all a little bit differently. Are you inspired by music or a book or a certain color? Maybe a visit somewhere special? I’ve been going to a mom’s group/bible study for the last couple of months and ohhhhhhhhhh my goodness, that weekly meet-up has been the most inspiring of all the things I’ve tried in the past. Who knew sitting down with a small group of other moms (all stages of motherhood) could be so life-giving? I’m definitely hooked :)


The beauty of Hope is that it knows how to meet us just where we are. For me this has been an upcoming trip, planning a birthday party and committing to a weekly birthday party.

How about you? What is Hope for you?

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    I’m feeling inspired by my job. I’m four months into a new job that I LOVE and every day I have new ideas for how to be better at it. Also I’m feeling inspired to make my space at work more homey, professional, organized… I can’t wait to block off an afternoon and tackle it!

    I also am feeling inspired by J.B. MacKinnon’s books, namely The Once And Future World and Plenty. I love the idea of a God-honoring diet and am wondering how I can make it meaningful going forward.

    Also… your colorful posts inspire me. You being a God-honoring Maggie inspires me.

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    Me! Me! Me! I’m attending HopeSpoken and I’m so excited. This will be my first weekend away from my 18 month old, but I think the benefits will definitely be worth it because I think we need to be recharged at times, you know?

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