Red lipstick and a Valentine’s date.


You know what’s amazing? When you have the grand idea to book a babysitter on the eve of a hallmark holiday so you can go out with your hubby for a fun Valentine’s Date, and then you also make plans to celebrate the actual hallmark holiday with a fancy dinner served on your well-loved kitchen table at home. Bonus!

Last night I met Zack at his work and hopped into the other seat, and away we went on our evening dinner date. We drove over to Santa Monica and did some window shopping on The Promenade, where I just so happened to buy my first tube of red lipstick. I was wearing a different color but I felt like it was screaming, “MOM!” And then I thought, “I am out on a date with my man, I do not need to be wearing mom lipstick.” And then oh look, Sephora is right across from us, let’s pop in and see if someone can help me find the perfect shade of red. We rarely go out on dates, especially without our babe, so last night was super special to me :) I ended up buying this shade of red and you guys, it changed my life. I wore a smile so big it made Zack’s famous smile look small. It’s the little things, right? And by the way, this tube of lipstick? Only $12.50 — totally affordable and the perfect addition to our date. (I’m terrible at picking out the right lipstick color so having a pro at Sephora help me was one of my best ideas ever.)

It was a lovely evening out with Zack, really truly. And just as I finished typing this I receive this text, “Thanks for being willing to be seen with me last night. I was honored to date you.”

I am the luckiest.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    Red lipstick scares me, but you are totally rockin’ it! I used to be a chapstick and lipgloss kinda gal until a couple years ago when I decided that I was “old enough” for lipstick. Ha! But I usually stick to the neutrals or some pink if I’m feeling bold. I may need to rethink the red though.

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