I’m teaching a video course on business! Join me?

Remember when I said 2014 was my year to be brave? I’ve been stretching myself in crazy huge ways and just yesterday I launched my second handmade shop, Caroline-made. I kinda feel like I just had a baby, it was so much work (months and months of preparation and late nights) but this launch has inspired me to unbelievable depths. Caroline is my middle name and the 16 products inside our Spring 2014 collection are pure gold.


It’s incredibly exciting to have the courage to say “yes” to opportunities that reach deep into our souls. Wow. And to think I could have ignored my Caroline-made daydreams. I would have missed out on something so great.

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on something so great because you’re afraid to say yes? Dear friend, it’s time to be brave.


In just a few days I’ll be co-teaching an online video course on turning your hobby into a business. This is another way I’ve been brave this year. On Tuesday the 25th of February, Cassie and I will chat for an hour and I’m so excited! :) And you get to watch!

You can sign-up for the video course here, and to make this opportunity even sweeter you can save $50 on registration when you use discount code LAUNCHIT at checkout.

Being brave is super hard, and I will not skirt around that. But whenever I think about the things that scare me (challenge, motivate, inspire me) I instantly think about how I’d feel if I didn’t follow through — and that is even scarier!

One day it all clicked for me: instead of watching & wishing (sitting idle) we should be focusing on acting & accomplishing (tackle those goals!). Another reason why I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone.


When I started my first handmade business, Gussy Sews, in 2008 I was so brave. Very little distracted me from chasing after my daydreams. I was (and felt) courageous and I had a great support system. I think one big factor to my braveness was how unaware I was… I didn’t fully realize how much energy, late nights working, creativity, and persistence was needed to run a successful handmade business. Of course it gets a little easier the longer you do it — you eventually figure out what works best, but in the beginning I had nothing to compare it to. So the only thing I knew to do was be brave. It was amazing, and I often remind myself of this innocence when I am feeling discouraged.

Now that I’m nearing my sixth year of handmade it takes more energy but it’s still just as rewarding. It’s like any relationship, for it to thrive you must give it attention and love. So how about you? How is your handmade business coming along? Are you stuck in a rut? Do you have unanswered questions or are you feeling discouraged? I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned on Tuesday the 25th, simply sign up here.

– The story of how I went from sewing for fun to turning it into a business
– Creating my very first product
– Finding my first customers
– How I decided on a price point
– Marketing tactics and what I learned along the way
– The process of expanding from one product to a full line
– When I realized it was growing into a full-blown business and how I managed my goals to keep it a business that works with my life
– What other things you are building now, and how you are managing the transition and growth
…and more!


Don’t hold back from experiencing what you were created to do. Your talents and passions are invaluable! Take the leap towards braveness and let’s chat about business on Tuesday, February 25th. See you there? xo

PS. Remember to use code LAUNCHIT at checkout to save $50!

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    jodi says

    Yay!! How exciting for you! I signed up for the course…. I am excited. I have been “on the fence” about my etsy store and have some new ideas and purchased new equipment. Maybe this course will get me in gear and moving and not be so scared!

    Have a great day!

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