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What’s special to me about writing a blog isn’t just the content that I share that’s hopefully inspiring, it’s learning about others who inspire me. The talent that manifests when people share their dreams with the world is incredible, and the story behind the designer diaper bag company Lily-Jade is living proof of that. Landon & Meggan, the married duo behind the Lily-Jade brand, are one of our sponsors* this month. Below is a fun interview with Meggan featuring their business and product line. And there’s a really fabulous giveaway at the end, just for the Gussy Sews community ;) Happy Friday!


featuring Becki of Whippi Cake

“When I had my first baby, Caroline, I was going through diaper bags like Caroline was going through diapers, quickly.  I just couldn’t find one that was chic and sophisticated but also super functional. After my second baby, Madeline, I started hinting to my husband that I thought it would be so fun to create the perfect diaper bag.  He loved the idea and we began working hand-in-hand developing the designer diaper bag line, Lily-Jade.  Being organized is honey to my heart so I knew my bag MUST include an organizational component that would provide a separate home for each item a mommy carries for her baby.  And, the Lily-Jade “baby bag” was born.  Easily removable and fits into other bags perfectly.

Currently I am carrying the Caroline in Brandy.  One of my favorite features about both of our bags is the straps.  They are the perfect length.  The Madeline can be worn three ways and the Caroline can be worn two.  When I travel I take a Madeline because of the zipper closure but with my baby years over I am now carrying coloring books and tablets in place of diapers.  The bags convert nicely to every stage of life.”


featuring Kacia of Coconut Robot

“It has been has been a dream come true to have my husband of 13 years, Landon, as a business partner.  I call him the “diaper king” (laughing).   We’ve wanted this business to be more than just a traditional business.  Our desire is to elevate the role of motherhood.  It is a huge responsibility and a rewarding one, but not every mom has support in this role because of cultural, economic, or family dynamics.  It has been touching watching a daddy jump in and assist with my vision of honoring the role of mommy around the world.

Creating the perfect diaper bag is very small part of honoring the role of mommy.  Even before I had little ones of my own, Landon and I have always supported young single mommies.   And, to bring that part of our lives into this business, we are excited to roll out Lily-Jade’s give back program in January 2014.  Lily-Jade is partnering with an organization here in our city of San Antonio, Texas that takes in young (as young as 14) mommies and their babies providing SAFETY (most of these girls come from abusive situations), shelter, food, education, and LOVE.   The stories of rescue, recovery, and hope that I hear from the 32 mommies move me to the core.  They are heroic and full of bravery.  Staring in the new year, follow us on Facebook and social media as we celebrate the lives of these mommies, support them, and giveback to them.”


featuring Merrick of Merrick’s Art

 “To every mommy reading this, your role as a mommy is valuable and matters.  Your patience and kindness does not go unnoticed.  May this year be filled with joy and peace on your journey of motherhood.

I tell women who have an idea or who are interested in opening a shop these four things: DREAM, write your dreams/ideas down, talk about your ideas to others (you never know someone who knows someone), and don’t be afraid to fail.  The last one is often times the hardest one, but once overcome can be the most rewarding.”

To enter the giveaway, follow the rafflecopter prompts below. Lily Jade is offering Gussy readers 20% off their order with code GUSSY20 at checkout. Good luck! I hope you win :)

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  1. 213

    Megan says

    The Caroline is my favorite and I’m debating between the black and red!! The red makes such a statement! Im so excited for my little girl arriving in June & I must have a lily jade diaper bag to tote around! :)

  2. 215

    Suzanne says

    These are beautiful bags. I prefer thecaroline for looks but think the zipper closure on the Madeline sounds pretty handy.

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