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Hello Maggie Whitley Designs community, I’m Karla, a stay-at-home mom living in Minneapolis, MN with my husband and two children. Prior to being a stay-at-home mom I worked in the pharmaceutical industry — and I didn’t have any plans to ever leave the workforce, but the company I was with when pregnant with my first child downsized and my sales territory was eliminated. I thought I would go back to work after our daughter was born, but my life was completely changed and I realized that in this season I wanted to be home with her.


Two years later, and the addition of a baby boy, we were getting by but not getting ahead. I was incredibly blessed and thankful to have this time at home with my kids, but I found myself missing the fulfillment of a career, the social interactions, and definitely the full-time paycheck. Last August I was introduced to a new skincare company from the doctors who created Proactiv. My curiosity was peaked because I knew how big of a brand Proactiv was, and after seeing the effects of aging on my own skin in the recent months I was excited to try this new line of clinical skincare.


My medical side was blown away by the clinical studies of each regimen, the pristine ingredient profiles of the products, and the jaw dropping untouched before and after pictures from customers who had used the products. The most rewarding part of this has been being able to help people by giving them solutions to treat their skin conditions and to give them back their self-confidence.


Rodan + Fields has clinical skincare to address the most common skin conditions. The products are based on a philosophy of Multi-Med Therapy: using the right medicines and active cosmetics, in the right formulations, in the right order. Whether you are suffering from dark spots, dullness, hyperpigmentation, acne, post-acne scarring, sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, or loss of firmness, who will find a solution with a Rodan + Fields regimen. All products come with a risk free 60-day empty bottle guarantee.


We have our online Solution Tool to find out which regimen would be recommended for your skin.  The first 25 people who complete the Solution Tool, a brief questionnaire that gives you a personalized recommendation and daily skincare routine, will receive a FREE mini facial sample (includes our Enhancements Microdermabrasion paste, Redefine Night Serum, and Redefine Lip Serum). Make sure to enter your email address at the end of the questionnaire so I can contact you to send out your samples!

Karla is offering 2 additional incentives to all who are interested in having beautiful skin:

* complete the Solution Tool and be entered to win a free Redefine Multifunction Eye Cream (a $60 value)

* sign-up as a Preferred Customer & order a regimen (Soothe, Redefine, Unblemish, or Reverse) and receive a free Redefine Multifunction eye cream with your order.


Today we are giving away one of Karla’s favorite skincare tools that she uses every night, a REDEFINE AMP MD™ System.

This includes the noninvasive AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller and REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum and retails for $200.

If you have 90 seconds to spare I highly encourage you to watch this video to see how the Rodan + Fields products work — I love transformation videos because they inspire us to take action :)

Good luck, I hope you win!
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      Annie, I’m sure your skin is beautiful but it is fun to see the changes these products can make in your skin. I have a wonderful 60 yr old realtor on my team and I’m always amazed when I see her and how quickly her wrinkles are smoothing out. She loves the AMP MD roller system. I hope you win!

      I’ve got more info on my website-

      ~ Karla :)

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    Ashley G says

    I would like to try the Unblemish line! Today’s To Do List included researching a better skin care routine and this popped up in my feed first thing!!

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      Hi Michelle,

      The Soothe is wonderful for very sensitive skin. I use it on my kids sensitive skin and ezcema patches. It actually heals the skin and repairs the lipid barrier. The American Academey of Dermatology has given it rave reviews for the peptide in our Soothe regimen. Good luck with your entry!


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      Hi Windy,

      The reverse is amazing for getting rid of dull skin, dark spots, and sun damage. The Macro Exfoliator will give you the same results you would get from getting a microdermabrasion treatment from a dermatologist. I use mine weekly and love the results I’ve gotten.

      Good luck with your entry!

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      Hi Mariah,

      The Soothe is perfect for picky skin. It restores the lipid barrier and heals the skin so you can gradually introduce other products (after you’ve been on Soothe for 2-6 months typically)you normally wouldn’t be able to use. Good luck with your entry!


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      Hi Heather,

      I bet you would love Reverse! The transformation in the skin after using Reverse for just a few days to weeks can be shocking. The clinical results from the Reverse regimen have been published in a medical journal. Good luck with your entry!


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    Jocelyn says

    I used the solutions tool and found I would be best served by the UNBLEMISH Regimen for Acne and Post-Acne Marks. I’m going to give it a try some day Karla!

  3. 47

    Angie H. says

    I am 48 and still get small pimples. I’d love to smooth my skin and make my pores smaller. I think the REVERSE system might be best for me. I love the website and all the great information on it. I will go back agan and again!

    Thanks for showcasing this great company!

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    I’m already a big R+F fan. I would love to try the microderm kit with the exfoliator tool thing…I just got the eye cream last week. I love the Reverse sun screen. LOVE the REVERSE overnight stuff in the little blue tabs. Makes my skin like silk. What I like best is that you only need a tiny amount – a little goes a long way. Comparatively, when I looked at my usage of other over the counter drug store brands – and the amounts I was using, the cost is almost the same but the results with R+F is dramatically so much better.

  5. 52

    kelly says

    It was not my intention to enter any contest, just trying to log in & share my disappoinent over the loss of another blog turned spammy. All the ads & pyramid promos make it one big commercial. It’s exhausting to be so inundated so I must unsubscribe….Best of luck.

  6. 55

    Andrea says

    I’ve never really used any facial creams or things like that. Just a cleanser and most recently a moisturizer because i noticed my skin was super dry. My skin gets easily irritated by most over the counter products, I’m currently using the last of the mary kay product i have and i would love to find a new line to use since i dont have the mary kay connection any more.

  7. 60


    I THINK REDEFINE. I’m almost 43 with very normal skin. In recent years things have sagged a bit. I don’t want to look 16 again, but I want healthy, bright skin for as long as possible.

  8. 64

    emili says

    I’m only 29 but feel like my wrinkles are appearing all the time these days. I’d love to try something to combat them getting worse!

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