It’s a Gussy Sews and Lisa Leonard giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to comment #35, Lesley. Check your email Lesley :)



Let’s welcome the weekend with a giveaway. What kind of plans do the next two days hold for you? Maybe you have a totally empty schedule? Sounds like a great reason to start reading that book, project, or go on a day trip with your favorite person? Maybe you have dinner meals to prepare for the upcoming week? Maybe you’re lucky and have a party to attend, or not so lucky and have a paper to write? ;) Or maybe your favorite napping spot is calling your name? Something I’ve learned since moving to Los Angeles is we have the ability to have a great day or a hard day, it’s all about our perspective and whether we choose to seek out joy.

Lisa does a really beautiful job at recognizing life’s joy and she shares that with us on her blog. I just love that about her, along with her transparency when joy can be hard to recognize. It inspires me.

Whatever you have planned this weekend — work or play or rest — my hope is this giveaway blesses you. The giveaway bundle includes an Orange Roses wristlet from¬†my Gussy shop plus a gorgeous Fine Feather necklace from Lisa Leonard’s shop.

To enter: leave a comment sharing something joyful you’ve¬†recently learned or experienced. For an additional entry use one of the social media icons below to share this giveaway with your communities. This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on Monday, January 13th. Good luck and seek joy :)

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  1. 104

    Grace B says

    I’m joyful because I have 4 days off of work in a row. I am using them by driving up to see my family, and we are having a great long weekend!

  2. 108

    Quincy says

    I have finally started to release from years of pain and struggling. I have found joy in the trust I have put in God. I have found joy in the hope I feel for my future, that whatever it holds I will always have my saviors love. Even if no one on this earth believes in me, he will.

  3. 109


    something joyful i’ve been learning the hard way is to keep h.o.p.i.n.g. in the Lord with everything i’ve got, even when life hurts and i can’t see any good coming out of painful situations. because no matter what is happening, God is still good.

  4. 110

    Cheryl Armstrong says

    My youngest is so joyful. He is full of love + laughter and has such a pure and tender heart. It is a blessing to be his mom.

  5. 113

    Ashley says

    First, thank you so much for the giveaway! I love your items as well as Lisa Leonard’s, so its the perfect giveaway for me! I was recently diagnosed with cancer and I have found joy in the love, support, and prayers of my family, friends, and coworkers.

  6. 114

    Nicole says

    Joy is having people help you with your broken down car when you don’t have the money to take it to a shop. Very unexpected.

  7. 116


    I just spent the last 15 minutes baking cookies with Jett and dancing around the kitchen, singing into a spatula like an idiot because it was making him giggle. If that isn’t a moment of joy I don’t know what is :)

  8. 120

    Leigh-Anne Fitzgerald says

    I’m reading Unglued, by Lysa TerKeurst and I have found joy in learning that I’m not just a person made of feelings and that I have control over them. It’s a new years resolution to work on my anger and this book has definitely brought me a lot of joy with practical guidance and scripture!

  9. 122

    ashley k says

    My joyful experience has been watching the best husband ever become a most wonderful father to our baby girl!

  10. 125

    Jenn Spohn says

    Something I’m learning? It’s hard growing up!! My parents are getting older and we are getting their affairs in order–something that is not so fun. Necessary, but not fun. Can’t we all stay young forever. ;)

  11. 126


    I joyful because I just found out I have three more days off before going back to work after maternity leave! Woot woot!

  12. 128


    Something joyful is that on the 1st of the year i moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend and on the 9th we celebrated our 12th year of being together. We are 25 now and started dating in the 8th grade!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  13. 130

    Emily says

    I spent today with my 18-month-old nephew. Listening to his ever expanding vocabulary, putting his new shoes on his outstretched feet and pushing his trains around and around while he “Choo-Choo”s, is my joy for the week!

  14. 132


    I’m learning more everyday that it isn’t all about me. I mean I knew that and I know that, but my four children and husband and everyone else that lives this life with me are showing me that not having everything I think I should when I want it can be a very good thing. Sometimes I’m way too selfish and I could be much happier if I make it (whatever it is) about someone else. :)

  15. 134

    Cynthia G says

    I am joyful for a friend who has been trying to have a baby and is now 17 weeks prego :)

    cindygaarder at

  16. 135

    Trish says

    Something joyful that I’ve “learned” is that everyday we get another chance. Another chance to be who we are or learn more about who we are. So awesome!!

  17. 139


    I’ve recently learned the joy of waiting on God. While I wished for years that my dreams would happen “now,” God has revealed in the past two weeks why He asked me to wait..and it is beautiful :)

  18. 143

    Michelle Underwood says

    I got to go away with my husband and children for the weekend. I love getting away from the phone and time commitments, and just being able to concentrate on them! It is JOYFUL :)

  19. 152

    Lindsay Hutchins says

    something joyful: my parents are moving closer to me and my family! excited for them to get to see their grandson’s more often.

  20. 154

    Maribeth Kooiman says

    Helping an older lady push her cart through the snow packed parking lot to her car.

  21. 155

    callie b. says

    feeling the sweet kicks of my baby boy inside of me! how i can’t wait to be his momma!

  22. 158


    Something joyful that I’ve experienced lately is getting a sweet compliment from a coworker. I had been working on a huge project and recently completed it and my coworker gave me a super sweet, super thoughtful compliment about how good of a job I had done. It meant a lot to me.

  23. 159


    I always find joy in my son. He’s brilliant at four years old, and I hope he continues to experience the world quizzically. His questions make me laugh so hard sometimes and I love it, especially when he produces a cute little “oh yeah, okay!”

    I also really like his logic. So hilarious, but great <3

  24. 160


    Something joyful I experienced just today was being able to read God’s word at Church for the congregation! I love sharing the Good News!!

  25. 164

    The Clines says

    I’ve learned that I need to take the time to do things that I really enjoy in order to be a happier person!

  26. 168

    Lyndsey says

    I find joy in watching my little guy {3 months} discover and explore everything around him.

  27. 169


    both my kiddos are in two different stages right now, one is a preschooler learning all kinds of new things and the other just celebrated their first birthday! love watching them discover this world!

  28. 170


    I find joy in all the little things … watching my daughter laugh or watching my son play soccer. I find joy in cooking dinner for my family and sitting around the table to enjoy it!

  29. 171

    Shanna Uptergrove says

    I got to take a long weekend trip to our vacation cabin with my mom and the kids. I love spending time there!! Shanna.u at gmail dot com

  30. 173


    Learning that joy comes from walking with and depending on Jesus in every circumstance, continuously. (Writing this as my two littles and I are completely under the weather with a stomach bug – so much yuck. Leaning in to Jesus for joy right now especially.)

  31. 174

    Tiffany B. says

    Yesterday’s workout and coffee with a friend gave me joy. It’s the little things… :-)

  32. 180


    Joy is taking a social media break over the weekend!! and spending some of that time creating new cards for my etsy shop!!!
    Joy is also finding this giveaway before it was too late!!!

    Joy is also listening to my Kindergartener and my First Grader as they tackle reading and get better every day!!!

  33. 181


    The joy of my sweet baby girl (16months) actually sitting and snuggling with me to watch a movie today :) she is normally too busy for that now.

  34. 184

    Rachel Salinas says

    I am a substitute teacher in the public school system, and I was thinking today, what a joyful opportunity it is that I have to show God’s love and joy to the people around me in all of the schools that I sub in. I am excited to see how the Lord uses me!

  35. 185

    Debbie K says

    My four year old shouting “mine! Mine! Mine!” A la the seagulls from finding nemo :)

  36. 186

    Amity says

    i’m joyful just being a mama. feeling grateful for that gift. each day being with my kids is a blessing and i don’t ever want to take it for granted!