A new name, design, color palette & URL!

Well, hello there! If you’re reading via a RSS feed I hope you’ll click over so you can see the new updates. We have a new blog name: Maggie Whitley Designs; blog design & color palette (what do you think???); and a new URL: www.maggiewhitley.com. And it feels so, so good to have launched.


In my quest for how to best continue with this community, it made the most sense to go back to my full name for my blog name. This will help my blog to better serve as an umbrella for what’s currently happening and what’s to come. I’m so excited!

The story behind Gussy and Maggie Whitley Designs has been blossoming for over 5 years now and in all honesty, it blesses me immensely. YOU guys are what makes up that story, so when I re-read it it’s like I am re-experiencing some of the adventures we’ve been on together. You know when you’re in the thick of it and all you can see is today and maybe a tiny glimpse of tomorrow? That’s how I’ve felt for a long while. It’s been a good adventure, but my goodness, it’s been a hard one, too. But trough patience, persistence and the good will of God we are still here :) And I’m so glad. I’ve been able to see the aerial view a little more often and it’s encouraged me.

But back to the brand new updates you see here. Here’s what hasn’t changed: this blog (Maggie Whitley Designs) is still my personal blog, my business blog, and where we will continue to meet to share life together :) Are you excited? I totally am.


We also have new email addresses! My direct email is now maggie AT maggiewhitley DOT com. You can also visit our contact page for updated MWD team email addresses, too.

And then lastly, to connect outside of blog land we can meet on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.




Well, that’s it for now :) See you soon! xo, m

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    Love the new look. Can’t wait to see what new things you have coming. It’s been a blessing to watch your journey. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Blessings to all that is to come.

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