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Need a last-minute gift for your friend or wife or sister? We have recently transitioned the shop to the Gussy Club, our monthly subscription service. We’re currently booking Round 3, which will ship in the new year.

Here’s how it works: purchase a 2-month subscription for $50 (includes free shipping) and in February and March 2014 the recipient will receive a unique Gussy in the mail. It’s the funnest way to own a Gussy, we’re sure of it :)

Here’s what some of our subscription members have to say about the Gussy Club:

“I like receiving exclusive products. I liked the opportunity to try a variety of products and the surprise of the package each month.”

“Fun to get a surprise – I knew I would either keep or gift whatever I got, as I love all your prints, Maggie.”

“Loved the very first pouch! The shape of the third pouch was also great!”

“…getting a present in the mail every month! It made my day!”

“I LOOOOVED the products in round two. Is there a round three? I want to sign up right now!! :) :) :)”

“I liked the variety! I loved both pouches and keep them in my purse and while the headband wasn’t my style, my daughter LOVES it!”

“Great quality and beautiful products.”



Gorgeous pine tree watercolor is from here.

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