Everything you wanted to know about The Gussy Club, and probably a few extra things (wink).


Last week I announced something I’ve never announced before: the Gussy shop will be transitioning to the Gussy Club on December 17. And I’m so very excited :)  It’s fun to try new things, isn’t it? There are a lot of details to share with you but first I thought we’d go over a few of the most important questions you have :)

So let’s jump in.

Q: I heard the Gussy shop is closing, is that true?
A: Firstly, no :) we aren’t closing. Closing is such a finite word, and if the last five years have taught me anything it’s that nothing stays the same for too long (this is a natural progression) and the blessings will pour in if you open your hearts and minds. I believe that’s what I’ve been able to do lately, and so there are a few changes on the horizon. The Gussy shop is not closing, it’s simply transitioning to a new way of purchasing product: the Gussy Club. Back in April I launched the Gussy Club with the true intention of keeping the Shop and Club open in tandem. We had such a great response to Round 1 and Round 2 of the Gussy Club that we felt confident taking it a step further. To clarify, each round of subscriptions is named numerically. Rounds 1 and 2 were both 3-month subscriptions (members pay a flat fee (includes shipping) and receive unique, exclusive product directly to their home each month). Round 3 is now open for membership and is a 2-month subscription. You can join Round 3 by clicking here. But back to your question… the Gussy shop is not closing, and if you’re truly reading the words on this page then you’ll know I plan on hosting pop-up shops where you can purchase a Gussy in traditional format: through a regular e-commerce website ;) We’re simply transitioning to something new for now.

Q: How can I buy a Gussy item?
A: Now through December 16th at midnight you can shop our store as you are currently used to. We are offering free Domestic shipping which is our gift to you :) Starting December 17th you have two options: join the Gussy Club or wait until a pop-up shop occurs.

Q: Tell me more about the Gussy Club, it sounds exclusive…
A: The Gussy Club is simply a play on words. All of our customers have something in common: they own a little piece of my heart through the purchase of our handmade items. They are in a “club”; they have unity through their purchase. Anyone can join the Club and truly — I’d love for that person to you you :) We are currently booking for Round 3. We’ll be closing membership in a little bit, once we reach 75 members, and that will help us keep track of who’s who in the Club.

Q: What does The Gussy Club cost?
A: Round 3 is set to ship in February 2014 and will be a 2-month membership, meaning you’ll receive a Gussy product in February and March, should you join. It’s $50 for two Gussy products, which includes shipping. These items will not appear inside the Gussy shop, ever. They are limited and unique, cheerful surprises delivered directly to your home. The Gussy Club also makes a really fun gift :) I also want to note that there’s a pretty generous discount by joining the Club versus purchasing from our Shop at full-retail price.

Q: So it’s $50 for two products, which includes shipping — but what two products will I be receiving?
A: If we told you all of the details it would ruin the surprise of the Club, but know this: you’ll receive two of the following items (each month will be a different product): a square zip pouch, a medium zip, a large zip, a wristlet or a wallet. Whatever the combination, each Round will add up to a great discount for you as the Club member.


Q: I live outside the United States, is shipping free for me, too?
A: Unfortunately, no. There’s an additional $20 total s&h cost for our International members.

Q: Did I read correctly that you’re launching a brand new handmade shop?
A: You sure did! :D My new handmade shop will be launching after the New Year… I can’t wait! There’ll be a brand new URL, a brand new name, a brand new product line with fresh, fun fabrics, materials and embellishments. If you loved the styling of Gussy then think of my new shop as Gussy’s big sister. Still very fun and colorful, but a step further. (eeek, is it time to launch yet???!)

Q: I guess I’m just sad, I don’t know why you’re transitioning the Gussy brand…
A: Don’t be sad, love. I love the Gussy brand so much — but it didn’t make sense for me to introduce a new product line into the Gussy shop when it really is going to be very different from what Gussy Sews embodies. I’m not parting with Gussy. This is a wonderful community, which is why we’re transitioning to the Club. There are a lot of very exciting things on the horizon, and the best way for me to launch the new shop is to keep the two brands separate.

Q: Last question for you, Gus: your blog URL is changing too, right? So if it’s not going to be called Gussy Sews, what will you call it?
A: Yes, the URL is also changing. With the launch of my new handmade shop in the New Year it makes the most sense to bring my blog URL back to www.maggiewhitley.com with links to the Gussy Shop as well as my new shop. Think of my blog as an umbrella for a rain of handmade. It’s going to be great :) The content and overall style will be the same. I almost feel as though it’s an unveiling of Gussy to Maggie. It’s going to be great :) Have I mentioned that yet?

But wait — Gussy has a lot (little) more to say:
1. I’d truly be honored if you joined a round of Gussy Club (check it out and see what you think?)
2. Thank you so very much for making it all the way through this post

xo. m

(Gussy pouch photo credit)

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  1. 1


    Love you Maggie and super proud of you for continuing to follow God’s plan for you!! I can’t wait for Round 3…just got my last Round 2 and it is super adorable!! :) And I finally got to order one of the damask and yellow totes last week that I so wanted a few years ago so I can’t wait for that to come!! :)

  2. 3


    It’s so exciting to branch out and do new things! Life changes alot with having children and the handmade biz has to along with it as well. Praying for a smooth transition and lots of success for you!

  3. 5

    Heather Burris says

    So excited to see what’s coming in the New Year! You are a continuing inspiration to follow what is right for you and your family. I LOVE that!

  4. 6

    Heidi says

    I’ve been a follower & fan for a long time. I’m excited for you and your new venture. Can’t wait to see what you have in store!! May God bless you richly!

  5. 8


    Honestly, I have to be selfish here. I am a little heartbroken! I just love the whole gussy website and everything it has to offer. BUT, I do know God is leading you in a different direction, and I cannot wait to see what that direction is! You have been such an inspiration to me for a while now and I know you will continue to be!! **Me, just having the unknown makes me a little anxious!!! :):):) Congrats on following your dreams!

    • 9


      @Kari Willis, It’s not going away entirely — there’ll be occasional pop-up shops where items can be purchased in a traditional format, as well as Gussy updates on my blog here & there :) I am so grateful for your comment though, such kind words you wrote. Thank you!!!

  6. 11

    Misty M says

    So excited for you and this “new” venture!!! You are an amazing person, so I know that only amazing things are to come…as always ;) May God continue to bless you and your little family in this journey!!!



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