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The Gussy shop was updated late last night, have you seen? We have 4 new large zip pouch designs within the Fancy Dot collection. They are so fun! A little bit of color + whimsy paired with a soft gray dot… love. Our large zip pouches are the most versatile pouch. You can easily transfer all of your necessities from bag to bag, just by moving your Gussy pouch. I love that. It definitely makes my memory loss post baby a bit easier to manage ;)

Some of my favorite ways to use our pouches? To store cords when traveling, as a makeup bag and as a catch all for Maxwell’s toys/necessities.

Whenever I see one of my pouches around our home, and trust me — there’s basically one in every room — I think back to how I learned how to sew just about 5 years ago now. How we were unemployed in Detroit because of the auto industry falling apart. How I spent those job-less months learning the trade of sewing and practicing my ruffle over and over and over again. When I see a Gussy pouch I think back to the beginning of my story and I feel very proud to be apart of this community that supports adventure. You guys are full of encouragement, and I feel so grateful.

PS. I think it’s safe to say we’re offering free domestic shipping long term. How exciting is that?! Click here to shop Gussy Sews and bring a piece of my handmade heart into your home.


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    I just bought the fox one! I’m so excited but I have no clue what I’m going to use it for. I’ll figure it out once it arrives. I’m thinking fun baby items for my 10 month old.

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