Camping photos + Stitch Fix.



Over the weekend we went to a birthday party for the cutest 4-year-old we know, Mr. Brayden! The theme was backyard camping and it was ridiculously cute. We ate tacos and yummy s’more cupcakes, there was a camping photobooth (above) and so we jumped on that opportunity for a family photo. Once the sun set there was even a backyard movie! Maxwell loved that ;) Speaking of our sweet son, I can’t believe how big he is getting. He’s so stinkin’ close to crawling, and he and Bauer are becoming pals more & more each day. Although, based on this photo I’m surprised he’s even able to crawl ;) snort

My first Stitch Fix box arrived and inside was this black/white sweater (above). And, I love it. Like LOVE IT. It’s fitted in the waist but is drape-y in the front. It’s perfect as I’m still nursing. And, it makes my arms look great… bonus. I signed up for Stitch Fix through a friend’s referral link, so here is my link if you’d like to sign up. My review on the box of clothes they sent? They included a cute pair of skinny jeans but I feel like I have a lot of bottoms, I’m looking for more tops right now. So I sent those back. They also sent 2 cross-over tops that were fun, but they weren’t totally my style. There was also a bird necklace, which was cute — but not so great with an infant around. My next box is scheduled for December 11 and you better believe I’ll be waiting for the mailman to bring it over ;) I’m hoping for some colorful, printed tops and maybe a fun accessory.

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback on my post yesterday. This community is the best!

Oh, and we’ll be emailing the winners of our community survey soon — four of you are winning a $50 gift card to my shop! Thanks again for all who entered, your answers are so helpful :)

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    Love that Stitch Fix sweater!! Your family is adorable & I just wish the land between Chicago & LA could squeeze together & our families could hang out! xoxo

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    you guys are the cutest family ever!!! I love that you’re all wearing some sort of striped shirt!! and I think Maxwell is saying “fill my little mug with coffee, mommy!” ;o)


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