A brand new Gussy product and a sale on our bags!

There are a few fun Gussy shop updates I’m excited to share with you today!

First up is a product we don’t keep in the shop regularly — the wallet. These ruffled goodies have a large inside pocket that will fit a checkbook/register, along with a smaller inside pocket for credit/debit cards. There are four wallet designs, you can view them here. And, through tomorrow night they’re on sale for just $25 with code WALLET25 :)





* * *

The second is a sale we’re having on our tote/diaper bags and market totes. These bags are some of our signature products, something we’ve carried for quite some time now. We continue to sell these bags because they’re functional and so fun. They’re priced well, considering they’re 100% handmade and sewn exclusively for the Gussy community. You can also wash them, bonus! :)

SALE: Our tote/diaper bags are now $68 with code TOTEBAG10 (while supplies last)


SALE: Our market totes are now $52 with code MARKETSALE (while supplies last)


Did you know we hand ruffle (with a sewing machine, of course) all of our ruffles? Each one is unique, which I seriously love. Handmade products take on a whole new level of beauty, in my eyes. Want to view everything inside the Gussy shop? Simply click here. xo


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