Snapshots of life these days…


^ morning sleepy snuggles with my favorite baby


^ art in our home, warm colors & relaxing messages [typeography piece c/o Barn Owl ]


^ yummy treats from last weeks coffee/friend time


^ it was surprisingly chilly last week so we bundled on the layers for our walk


^ devotional reading and journaling; I like to do this at the kitchen table


^ there’s nothing quite like the warmth of your baby, chest to chest. Ahhh…

I’ve gotten back into reading my Jesus Calling devo and journaling my thoughts/prayers, and it feels so good. Someone asked on Instagram how I journal. It’s simple: I just write out my thoughts. Whatever praises or worries or thoughts I have, I write them down. I try to include a verse with each day I journal, usually something from the days devotional. But the main thing to know is there isn’t a right or wrong way to journal. And honestly, I don’t do it every day, although I do try… But life has been hard a bit chaotic. Zack is working a lot and Maxwell is more active during the day, which means I’m not getting a whole lot of work done. We’re a one car family, and Max hasn’t been napping as awesome as he once was, so we are definitely off schedule a bit more than usual :) I was just telling Z that I am in need some of serious creative time. Hopefully this weekend I can dive in. What else is on my mind… I loved Elise’s post on balancing work & mamahood… especially her section on “asleep tasks” and “awake tasks. I was nodding in agreement the entire time :) Well, I better sign off… Enjoy your day! xoxo

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    So many sweet pictures :) I loved Elise’s post too! Here’s to hoping for some creative time soon for you and longer baby naps for Maxwell!

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    I cannot tell you how much I admire (and maybe how envious I am of you) that you can work and keep Max at home. I know every baby is different and every mom is different but my goal was to keep Jett at home with me AND work and that just did not work out for our family. It was one of the hardest things I had to admit – that I could NOT work and do it all as a mom and survive, much less thrive. I hated letting that goal slip away but my sanity was suffering! I loved the post you shared from Elise – it had some really good realistic ideas for when Jett is at home and I loved it. Love your sweet Max!

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      @Skye, You do a fabulous job with all of the companies you are assisting! You’re doing a great great job!!! One thing I’ve learned is to know what works for our family and move forward in confidence. Praying the same for you! Remember you can always revisit a decision you made, if later on it isn’t working for your family any more :) XO

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    Jenny says

    Be wary of that devotional. From what I hear the theology is not very sound. There’s a helpful review on the Gospel Coalition’s website.

    Also, because I have been actively searching for books, written by and directed for women, that are gospel-centered, biblical, and doctrinally sound, I thought I’d share some suggestions.
    Anything by Wendy Alsup (the Gospel Centered Woman), also Extravagant Grace by Barbara Duguid. I think it’s so important to exercise discernment when reading books that are categorized as Christian.

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