Peachy goodies.


I must be on a peach kick, because on Monday I shared some peachy floral photos from over the weekend, but also that day I also wore an outfit full of peachy shades. Peach makes me happy. It’s the little things in life, right? that can bring total happiness.

Other things that bring total happiness: knowing when it’s the right time to hop offline to practice being instead of watching. And how an afternoon cup of coffee brings unexpected peace to your day. Or knowing you’re mailing off a fun package to your sister-in-law (hi, Tiffany!). Or how your son smiles as the dog walks in the room, or your husband leans back in for a second kiss.

Here are a few more noticed peachy goodies: a ruffle on my diaper bag, a colored glass bottle, the top corner of my Bible, and my flushed cheeks from walking Bauer in our neighborhood :)

What color are you noticing every time you turn around? And what goodies are you noticing these colors on? xo

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Outfit details: orange polka dot cardigan, gray v-neck tee, peach skinnies (only $12!), gray floral flats — Target

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    so fun! Hey, I thought of you this week. We went to Target. I thought of all the cute things you have shared from there. Then I thought I need shopping tips for the store. I only had a few minutes, and all I bought were winter tights (yay polka dots) and princess wands from the dollar bin for my girls with me. Any suggestions for in and out and finding a cute outfit? Do you research online first?

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      @Sarah, My lately go-to outfit has been colored skinny jeans (or even a dark denim) with a neutral tee and a fun/colorful sweater or jacket. The weather is all over the place here in Los Angeles so layers are my best friend :) Pair your outfit with flats or boots (ankle?) and perhaps one of our infinity cowls? ;D

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    love the pants! i have a horrible time finding pants– i am straightwaisted with skinny legs and no butt…lol…so typixally if pants fit in the waist they are huge everywhere else. just wondering how these fit based on your body type…lol. theres no reviews on targets site:/ just thought since you have them, you could give me an idea…i just bought jeans for the first time since baby #1…and i have 3 now! It was a fiasco in old navy. Found some skinnys there that fit though! hope to hear back from ya! <3

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    haley says

    Weird, the same thing has been happening with me and the color yellow. I’ve been obsessed with it for the last 6ish months. Decorated my daughters room in grays and yellow and bought lots of clothes for the two of us in yellow.

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    what fit are these pants? i feel like we’re a similar size/shape but i’m so nervous to buy pants online! but those pants (and others on the site) are so super cute! and you look adorable in them. :) i’m experimenting with bold colors and mixing them. this would be a great jumping off point. :)

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      @shelia, TRY IT! :) :) They’re a fit 3 and I’m a size 8. I seriously love how they fit. I was telling another girl who commented above, I wear a belt with them. But that doesn’t bother me. Try a pair on, and if you don’t like them you can always return them, or try something new! Old Navy has cute skinny jeans too… but I wear a much larger size at Old Navy. I wish there was a universal clothing size, don’t you?? :)

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