A little window into our new apartment…







A little window into our new apartment. // We are totally unpacked, and the last of the decorating is happening right now. It feels so good to be in a larger space with gorgeous natural light. And an accent wall in the living room… chocolate brown… can I just say I wouldn’t have selected that color but I am SO GLAD it’s painted that exact color? Because I totally am glad. It’s gorgeous and all of our thrifted things look so wonderful with it :) Now that all of the hard work is done with moving I am exhausted. Does that happen to you? You find enough energy to tackle a huge project, but as soon as it’s over you crash? It’s a good week to be crashing… my mom is here so we’re sipping our morning coffee together and talking lots and Maxwell is receiving over a hundred compliments a day :D It’s lovely having her here. (Hi, mom!) I’m so glad it’s Wednesday. I’ve made it halfway through the week, fingers crossed for a smooth sailing through Friday, then it’s the weekend. Hooray! I’m looking forward to exploring the church that’s across the street from us come Sunday morning…

Item details: flapjack print is c/o Lori Danelle, custom (pink bird) Gussy Sews painting is c/o Casey Wiegand, red double decker bus is c/o The Land of Nod.

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    seriously?! all unpacked…I’m still not even halfway unpacked and I’ve been here for a few months now…so sad.

    love how happy everyone looks. and sweet Bauer looks so comfy.

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    It seems like we are always moving at the same time! :) When you were moving out to California I was heading out to Washington and I also just moved within Seattle this past week. I know exactly what you mean about getting a big project done. The day after we moved all of our boxes I unpacked every single one and put the important things away. Now I’m looking for the motivation to do the decorating-which is not one of my strengths. Wish me luck! I’m glad to see you’re all settled in your new place!

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    I’m in Missouri, my parents have lived in Arcadia since 1986. We visited February 2012, part of me misses it. I lived there 86-88. I love exploring the LA area, it’s magical!

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    Gretchen Gonzales says

    Where did you get the You Are My Sunshine print? I must have.

    Your apartment looks so cool. I love everything about it, especially the people living in it :) and Bauer of course.

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    I am so impressed you are all the way unpacked. I still have things in boxes and I hit my year mark yesterday.

    Did you get a separate room for the baby? My daughter is a couple months younger and we’re still sharing a room so I’m curious about other peoples situations.

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      @Haley, wellllll, we didn’t have much to unpack since we don’t have a lot in general. We are in another 1 bedroom, it’s what our budget allows so we make it work :) thankfully Max is sleeping through the night now, so we’re all getting better sleep ♥

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    Sweet! We have an accent wall that’s chocolatey brown, too! It’s very dramatic and we love it. Hope you’re enjoying time with your mama! Cheers to a restful week :) xo Joy

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    Your new space is charming and classic, with a hint of fun! I love it!! And that baby is precious!! I am loving my new Gussy Sews zipper pouch and cant wait for the Oct one!! Susan

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    Your new place looks bright :-) I prefer bright natural light as well. I always have the blinds open. Must be nice to be completely unpacked. Boy, I know the feeling!
    I totally know what you mean about a wall color that just so happens to be perfect . We used to live in a place that had these green walls that were painted by our previous roommates. At a glance the swatch makes it look a little too much on the yellow side of green, but the entire living and dining rooms and kitchen we painted in this green and I absolutely LOVED it. In fact, I miss it and I wish we could paint our current place in the exact same color.
    paint our current place in the same green.
    Enjoy your new home :-)


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