{How I make mamahood work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 // a giveaway}

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Erin Fraser – please check your email :) Thanks to everyone who participated and to Staples for supplying this giveaway.

My work schedule has changed drastically since giving birth almost five months ago. Of course the daytime hours I have available to work have come to a near-dead halt [snort]. Before March I didn’t quite understand how limited a new mother’s workday was; now I totally understand. It’s taken some practice but I’m finally feeling a bit more like my sassy, spunky working self ;)


I think deep down I was just wasn’t as prepared as the gal next door with how little I’d truly be able to work on my business during the daytime. Maybe it’s the fact I’m still recovering from our life-changing move to California? I can’t totally put my finger on it.

But, there’s one more thing I wasn’t prepared for…

And that’s how my mind would change after giving birth. I shared a little bit about how I juggle Indie Biz and mamahood here. If you haven’t read it yet it’s a simple yet enlightening read about my day-to-day.

But, back to my mind.


Those ideas I have? Most days they slip out like vapors — disappearing before I even have time to store them in my pocket. These last few months I’ve been reminding myself daily this is OK; this is normal. However my mind and body responds to having had a baby is perfect and beautiful and absolutely alright.

It’s OK that things are different for me. It’s OK, because each day is spent with our dream baby.

And so I’ve been slowly learning how to work around those vaporing ideas. It hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I feel like chasing my dreams is a s l o w chase. The slowest chase ever. But I’m getting there :)

One tip I’ve learned to keeping things moving forward with Gussy Sews is to have my phone near me so I can type myself a quick note. Another tip is having a tablet to work on during the quite hours. It’s been very encouraging to have these two pieces of technology to help me to stay on-track with work.


^ the home screen, which has a “slide to unlock” feature — hey, cutie!

And guess what? Staples is sponsoring a giveaway today where one lucky U.S. reader from the Gussy Sews community will win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 — just like mine shown above, yeow!



* It’s lightweight and comes with a stylus pen [did you know you can write with it and the tablet will translate your notes to text?]

* There are hundreds of downloadable apps — think Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Amazon, Google+ Hangouts, Kayak, Gmail, Instagram — that make working during the day happen quickly and easily

* With a simple swipe [top to bottom, across the screen] you can access any updates with your apps — like email and Instagram — similar to how the iPhone offers you quick access to your updates

* I can easily read my favorite blogs, including discovering new blogs

* Replying to blog post comments is a breeze!

* The screen is large and everything looks so crisp


^ I can easily update the Gussy Sews shop


 ^ and replying to comments left on my blog is so easy!

Last week, while in Colorado for a wedding, I brought my Samsung tablet. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to work and I was curious how easy it really would be to work while in another state with just a tablet. My findings? It was so easy! I loved how handy it was to have around.

Want to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0? Follow the rafflecopter prompts below to enter. This giveaway is open to US residents only.

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Staples provided me with this tablet, however all words + opinions are my very own. I received it in June and have spent the last few weeks testing it out as different work/life situations come my way. I truly love using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and am totally excited for the upcoming winner! xo

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  1. 711

    Jody says

    This tablet would be fun to take on any adventures with the kids. We love to head up to Northern Michigan every summer and there is so much history up there.

  2. 713


    I have been looking at the Samsung tablet lately. It looks like it’s awesome and the screen looks so crisp and clear even in photographs of it!

  3. 715


    I would love this! I like to take C to the park and let him play while I try to work on my shop/blog, but hauling my huge laptop around is so annoying!

  4. 716

    Windy Phillips says

    With a toddler and two big kids, this would be fabulous for when we are a family on the move! I would love to have something like this for myself, but also to keep the kiddos occupied and happy so drive times aren’t such a bummer. It would make me feel like we could all pile in the car and go instead of worrying that I’m going to have them trapped in the car for too long. We could go to the beach, the coffee house, who knows maybe even out to dinner, lol.

  5. 718

    Deanna says

    An adventure… Hmmm. Life’s an adventure, and it could be a much more connected adventure with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. :)

  6. 719


    When I take the boys to the park or over to their cousins house to play. If I need to respond to emails from clients I would easily be able to. I also think going grocery shopping with this would be amazing! Having the grocery list right there and just glancing at it as I go!

  7. 723

    Yasmina says

    You are amazing Gussy! I suffer from Diabetes mellitus type 1 since I was 9. This would help me keep all my glucose numbers and insulin intake in one place to show my doctor on appointment visits. I think it would make life so much easier. Thank you for all you do. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  8. 727

    Kristen U. says

    I’d bring it with me on the adventure called life! There’s so many places I would love to go and see, but who knows. I’ll be celebrating my sixteenth birthday exactly two months from today and I’d love to do something extra special. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but that’s the great thing about adventures; it’s not necessary to plan ahead. I feel that the best adventures are spent deciding as you go and finding hidden treasures along the way. This tablet would help me to document all those adventures, especially my favorite parts and special discoveries. Thank you & Staples so much for this wonderful opportunity!

  9. 728


    Aaaah! I could totally use one of these! I’m a web designer and I really could incorporate a tablet into my work. What fun it would be to have a new digital device to play (and work) on! THANKS!!!!!

  10. 732

    Lindsey says

    This blog convinced me to get a Note of my own (after I didn’t win, of course!) Thanks for the insight! Question – do you have any pouches that fit the Note 8.0? I bought one of the leather cases for it, but was thinking I’d like something to slip it inside & zip it into… Thanks! Hope you’re enjoying Michigan :)


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