{Crying at Starbucks, a belated birthday + tossing unrealistic expectations to the sea.}

Friday was a hard day.

Zack + I had plans to go to Starbucks for a morning coffee date. I was really looking forward to staring at his handsome face and sippin’ on some hazelnut froth, but of course the night before I stayed up extra, EXTRA late finishing up some Gussy work. Friday morning came and I definitely felt rushed, which isn’t how I want my Fridays to be. I love a slow Friday, especially after a long week, don’t you?

After our coffee date I was going to meet my girlfriends for an afternoon at the beach, but because of our rushed morning I didn’t remember to grab everything before leaving the house…


And by “grab everything” I mean my lunch and a giant mason jar of water.


We were almost to Starbucks when I remembered I forgot these things, but — we were too far gone to turn back. Before I knew it we were in line ordering… And those feelings of being rushed came flooding back. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to order; hot or cold? Caramel or Hazelnut? Maybe a mocha? I told the barista I wasn’t ready but she didn’t hear me. Zack knew I was feeling really overwhelmed and gave me a little, “it’s OK babe” glance before telling her what I’d like to drink. If there’s anything being “Mack and Zaggie” has taught him these last 10 years it’s what kind of coffee I like…

…and that’s when I started to cry.

This life, this precious life we are all living, can be really challenging — right? We are needed by so many, and while it’s natural for us to juggle all our people and tasks and work roles, it can feel extra overwhelming at the snap of a memory. One tiny memory and we feel ourselves unraveling at the unrealistic expectations we set.



I’m so incredibly grateful for my girlfriends. After Zack went to work I drove over and met up with the girls. We packed the Jeep full with beach bags, towels, an extra car seat. Once we could smell that salty beach air I think we all breathed a little bit slower. We knew the beach would calm our spirits, and oh my — it sure did.


^ sunhat + Rad Like Dad bodysuit from Target, of course ;)

That picnic lunch I forgot to pack? It totally wasn’t a big deal. The girls planned a belated birthday party for me right there, 20 feet in front of the Pacific. Together we devoured pizza, sipped mini cups of to-go beverages and soaked in hours of sunshine. We held sleepy babes and brushed endless grains of sand off our legs. The wind breezed around us and the surfers doin’ their thang in front of us. All afternoon, airplanes flew over the ocean.


^ would you believe Maxwell is 4-months already?


The beach.

A truly glorious way to calm wavering spirits.


Such a gift when they scoop in, at just the right time, to share life with you.


^ thank you Joanna for the beautiful, so perfectly me, birthday gifts


Many of you have written, wanting to know how I manage Gussy life with Maggie life. The honest truth is I don’t do it all myself. I have a fabulous team and together we keep Gussy Sews running. But even so, sometimes I feel like I’m not getting it all done. There are always new ideas, more ideas, extra items to add to the to-do list. Tasks that were forgotten about, special requests, bumps in the road.

Friday reminded me that no matter how behind I feel, taking the afternoon to sit on the beach can be an amazing remedy.


And from what I have gathered, unrealistic expectations need to be tossed to the sea more often, anyway…

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  1. 3


    I’ve been a mom for a decade now and I still have those moments of complete overwhelm. I’m rushed more days than not and I constantly kick myself for staying up too late because my mornings are so very rushed. I rarely get done all I’ve set out to do on my giant to-do list and I fight constantly that awful habit of comparing myself to others. The longer I parent, the more I’m learning to offer myself grace. Some moms manage their homes really well while also juggling successful careers. Some women need less sleep than I do and can get away with writing until the wee hours of the morning.

    I have finally figured out that I am not as good at multitasking as I once thought, and that’s okay. I cherish the moments I do have to work and try to utilize them fully, but if I don’t have time, then hallelujah because that means I got to have a whole lot of fun with my kids that day (or it means that day was particularly stressful with the kids and hallelujah I survived! :) )

    Keep tossing unrealistic expectations out to the sea, friend. And keep soaking up the rays and the time with that adorable baby. Life is short and precious and the days will never be long enough for us Mamas, so it’s best to just hold on for the ride. :) Big hugs!

    • 4


      @Kelli, Now that I’m a mommy, the last thing I want is to regret all the things I did instead of soaking up life as a mommy… exactly where I’m at right now, whatever and however that looks. Loved reading your comment :) Love you friend!

  2. 5


    Sounds like the perfect ending to a rough day! I would kill to spend a lazy day at the beach right now. Bread & Wine is a great book – I’m in the middle of it right now :)

  3. 7

    Tera says

    You are soo right! I admire you for doing what you love and being a great wife and mom at the same time! Although some days I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it all works out perfectly, according to plan, on that Friday- a forgotten lunch was a part of His plan! You go girl!

  4. 8


    I love the fact that your husband stepped in and ordered something for you too. What a blessing it is to be married to a thoughtful man. My man? He is encouraging me to go to the local knit night just to have a tiny bit of time out of the house doing something fun and coming home loving and re-invigorated to see him and my 4 littles.

  5. 9

    Shannon says

    That beach looks gorgeous! What town is that in? I must vacation there. Is it cool? It is so miserable hot here in Texas.

  6. 11

    Elizabeth says

    This is a truly great post at a time when I needed it most, Maggie. Thank you. I am a new handmade business owner, getting ready to launch my online shop, while trying to learn the it’s and out’s of blogging, and also juggling being a wife and mommy, working in between part time and full time. And call me crazy, but I’m also in school during the school year.

    Sometimes we do just need to slow down. So thank you for reminding me of this.

    • 12


      @Elizabeth, We had another slow day today, Max and I. It was so good. When the buss of life isn’t filling my ears it’s easier for me to think about what needs to become a priority and what can be set aside for a little bit longer. And of course I end the day feeling refreshingly tired, instead of feeling exhausted with a side of panic. xo

  7. 13


    beautiful post, Maggie. I’m so glad you have found such a great group of friends out there… I know how important good gal friends are.

  8. 16


    I’m a huge believer in fresh air, girlfriends and time away! Sounds like God gave you what you needed to get through a difficult morning. Cheers to your Hubs too for knowing you and filling in the gap.
    Blessings girl!

  9. 17


    I have that rushing feeling every.single.day. I know exactly what you mean and have to fight back the tears more often then I’d like. Hopefully I can find a better balance soon! And I love that you and hubby went for coffee in the morning before he went to work! What a great idea, I’m going to have to steal that one ;) xoxo – Michelle

  10. 18


    Hi Maggie!

    Thank you for sharing this! I feel the same too often – rushed and flustered and then my patience are short – I have a 15 and almost 14 year old and lets just say they have been on the receiving end too much of my frustration. THis is a good reminder for me as well – no matter stage of life!

    And I am SO with you – the beach is the BEST place to just let go and be – its my favorite place to be – even in January. I too live in LA :))

    I love reading your blog! Have a great day!

  11. 19


    That sounds like such a lovely afternoon! What great friends :) I totally get you about those moments of feeling unraveled and overwhelmed. I’ve had a few occasions where all it took was one person to say something to me and I totally fell apart…and even without truly knowing why. Sometimes life just grabs us by the shoulders and gives us a good shove when we least expect it.

    P.S. I can’t believe Max is 4 months old already either!

  12. 20


    I love that your Zack knows you so well. Also, happy belated birthday. Sounds like fabulous day to celebrate, once you were able to unwind!


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