{Life these days…}

I feel like I say this all the time, but yeow! life has felt extra busy these days. We’re constantly changing up our home, as Maxwell grows or as we see new potential for our home to be serving us in new ways. Max’s baby cradle has been swapped for a big boy crib and the second rocking chair we owned has been sold to a new expectant mommy [thank you Craigslist]. I realized I didn’t need a chair in our bedroom like I did when Max was just a newborn. Now that he’s 3 months old it was time to switch things up :)

We also rearranged our living room — we found this mustard chair from a thrift store in downtown LA and oh my gooooooodness, I’m in LOVE. I want to sit in it all day, it’s so comfortable. We moved my work desk to another wall in the living room, we pulled the white nightstand from our bedroom + added this dark brown rocker and voila — we now have a little sitting area and I’m loving it. It has been perfect with my mom visiting these last few days and will be once again when my friend Tracey comes next weekend.


Now that my memory has been lost I’m noticing my days revolve more + more around a calendar/schedule. And no, it’s not because I can’t remember things anymore ;) Shoot I already wrote that.


We have such gorgeous flowers around our neighborhood…


…they are so lovely. They white flowers are Jasmine I believe?


So fun, colorful, inspiring — the perfect sitting area for cultivating relationships or sitting down at night in utter exhaustion and letting out a deep, long sigh of contentment. Life is so beautiful. It really, really is. Even through the hard moments I have to find the beauty. Always.


Art on the wall above our couch, over top our book page wall [click to see the DIY]. Seeing this wall come together makes me happy. There’s a mix of thrifted finds, a giraffe print from Zack this past Mother’s Day, an elephant piece my grandfather carved, a quilling piece my grandmother made [the tree below in the shadow box] and a piece of subway art I gave Zack for his birthday in February.


Kisses to my sweet son. He’s going to love playing with his new toys from The Land of Nod, I just know it :)



Ankles crossed, heart melted…


New large pouches in the shop with a few more coming soon [wink!]…


And meeting with sweet Dee + her daughter Lily last week. Goodness, it’s good to have Michigan friends here in California :)


See? Life has been extra busy. It’s challenging and good and tiring and inspiring, all wrapped into a beautiful gift.

Enjoy your Wednesday, you know I’m going to be enjoying mine. xoxo


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    That’s a sweet seating area. The pinkish purplish blossoms look like hydrangeas which are a favorite of ours. Maxwell is getting so big! Cutest thing ever!

  2. 2


    So awesome to get a glimpse into your life, sweet girl! That baby boy is absolutely precious. I know you’re tired (and, sorry to tell you, you’re going to be even more tired in days to come!), but I’m so glad you have perspective. Hang in there, mama! You can do this!

  3. 5


    Your apartment looks so bright and welcoming :)

    I’ve been meaning to ask…will you start shipping to Canada soon? I really like the idea of using one of your large pouches in lieu of a diaper bag. Sometimes my diaper bag is just too much.

  4. 9


    Life is beautiful indeed… I completely agree. And those little crossed ankles… talk about beautiful! I love it when my little ones do this. :) Gracious, he is adorable isn’t he?

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