{Life these days…}

Oh for goodness, would you look at that sweet baby bum + squishy lips? Sorry Maxwell. Actually, sorry I’m not sorry! ;) Maxwell is such a dream baby. Even our friends tell me that, even our neighbor friends that come over at random and sit for tea for just a quick minute. It’s true: he is such a gift, such a dream baby. We’re slowly working on napping in the crib instead of the swing. [Maxwell is working on that, not me.]


But overall, everything is moving along just beautifully. Bauer has really calmed down a lot. He’s still very curious about Max although most of the time he just ignores him. The other day I caught Bauer laying on Max’s activity mat, chewing his bone ;)

I’m slowly realizing I have a problem with stripes. It’s a s l o w realization. Who can argue with stripes? They’re fun, they’re colorful, they are the most common print inside my closet. And I see I’ve passed this down to my son… oops! The other day I was chatting with Max while sewing up a sample and the next time I peeked over he was taking a little snooze. SO CUTE! As you can see Maxwell and Mr. Bunny are still the best of pals :)


My mom has been requesting more photos of Bauer, so I better deliver! Her last visit here, which was actually just a week ago, she said she wasn’t sure if we still had Bauer since I never talk about him. That made me so sad! Bauer has been so so good with Max. His very favorite thing to do is observe what’s going on. He likes to give Max’s toes a few good licks, he’s always quick to run to the kitchen when I make a “darn, I dropped something on the floor” sound. Clearly Bauer’s memory is great; mine is still terrible. He remembers plain as day that while I was pregnant that he became my substitute vacuum anytime I dropped a treat on the floor.

Please note the dramatic paw poses…


[Bauer, we love you so much!!!!! Remember when we brought you home?]

Life around the Whitley home has been super steady. Lots of play time with Max, walks with the boys, flower gazing in our neighborhood. We have the best neighbors and we have the loveliest chats with them. Earlier this week I took my first nap since our families left after helping out for 5 weeks. Oh my goodness, it was basically the best nap of my life. The weather has been simply gorgeous and there have been these exotic sounding birds singing all day + night, they are the best white noise when you’re trying to fall asleep. Max has been helping me package up some Gussy goodies to friends and pick out fabric for Gussy Club shipments.

Here I am wearing stripes again…


Ohhhhh, and I almost forgot. I’m working on a special project and just to tease you here’s a photo of what I’m working on:


;D more details coming soon!

So, that’s my recap of life these days. How about you? What’s going on? What are your weekend plans? Anything in the works for the Forth of July? And tell me, when is the last time you took a nap? Please say it was recently, naps really should be mandatory. xo


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    Looks like life is sweet (but busy!) for you right now :) max is such a doll! We have a lot of baby feet licking going on around here too :) our dog is still unsure about our 8 week old, but he sure loves to give him kisses!

  2. 2


    I have a 7month old and 2.5 year old, so I nap OFTEN! Well, as often as I can since I work out of the home during the week it doesn’t really lend itself to naps.

  3. 3


    School is out. Summer is here. So the boys and I have parked ourselves in our backyard by the new pool. Friends are always over and lemonade is always on tap.

    I have 100 cheer bows to make for the cheerleaders in my village. I am finishing up a wholesale order and will shop this week. I sew early in the morning before the house awakes and in the afternoon when the kids need to rest from too much fun in the sun.

    *i work in the school district so I get summers off too*
    Ps it’s been all sunny days this week in Michigan.

    Have a beautiful day.

  4. 4


    My daughter is 7 weeks old and we love to nap when I get home from work. Naps are so underrated.

    I always get sad when I forget about my dog too. I had TONS of pictures of my dog and the second my daughter was born I only take baby pictures.

  5. 6

    Jamie says

    My youngest son is almost 10 and our Maltese Lily still licks his feet. :) I enjoy following you on FB and reading your blog. I love to sew and get inspired by Gussy Sews. Our family moved to Georgia 3 months ago leaving Washington State after 36 years and we are very far away from family, so for the fourth weekend, we are packing up the kids, dog and camper and heading to the Gulf in Destin, FL. The sand is sugar white and soft, the water is turquoise, it’s amazing! A memory-making adventure awaits us!

  6. 7


    Weekend plans are taking my kiddies to see monsters university and then dinner with some friends. My three year old was born on July 4th so we will be celebrating 4 on the 4th. I absolutely love Max’s bunny. So cute!

  7. 8


    Max is just so adorable! And the stripes “problem”? Now that is a good problem! :D

    And Bauer is just the cutest puppy ever!!! Pictures of him make me want one. :)

    Happy Thursday!

  8. 9


    I can’t remember the last time I took a nap, lol. But that’s not to say I don’t have opportunity. Hannah naps consistently and I could always nap when she does, but instead I use her nap time as my down time to do something I can’t do when she’s awake, like read or watch a show or catch up on chores. Right now she’s playing quietly with her own toys so I’m taking that opportunity to stop by and say hi :P

    It sounds to me like you have a very lovely baby on your hands. Does he ever cry much? Just out of curiosity, how much does he weigh now? :) Hannah’s first birthday is in 10 days and she’s just hitting the 20 lbs mark.

  9. 10


    STRIPE LOVE! :) I look at my instagram feed and all of a sudden see that my son is ALWAYS in stripes as well. Totally by accident. But I love it anyways! :) Max and Bauer are both the cutest boys!!!!!
    xoxox Holly

  10. 12


    He is SO precious!! It looks like life is going great for y’all & motherhood looks fabulous on you! Our weekend is hopefully going to be a fun + nice + relaxing one since we were all sick last weekend! Have a great weekend!

  11. 14


    My daughter slept in her swing for three months. She slept through the night though so I don’t regret it at all! I hope his transition to crib goes smoothly.

    I agree wholeheartedly, nap time should be mandatory! I LOVE to nap but rarely let myself lest I fall into a habit of it. I think the last time I napped was when I broke my ankle last year. I took a lot of naps then. It was awesome.

  12. 16


    I love the stripes and the Bauer update. Glad to hear he is still enjoying scraps from the kitchen floor. As I write this, my little pup is sleeping on my toes — she loves to be near me in any way possible!

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