{Anniversary celebrations, baby rattles + thrifting.}

Yesterday morning Zack captured the sweetest video of Maxwell playing with his rattle. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been a little more intentional about giving Max a toy to play with by placing it in his hands or arms. His bunny — his beloved bunny, has been known to swift Max off to dreamland, it’s so sweet! I’d like to think it has something to do with becoming a familiar comfort to him, but we’ll see ;) So yesterday, Zack put a rattle in Max’s hand.

Here’s what he captured [note the many *winks* Max gave us]:

This past weekend was one of my favorites. Our anniversary is this Friday but we celebrated a bit early ;) The weather was perfect and of course this year we have Mr. Maxwell, the cutest party crasher I ever did see, joining us. So we did we do this weekend? We enjoyed a late brunch, thrifted the most amazing vintage chair for our living room [I can’t wait to show you!], re-arranged the furniture in our living room, slept in a bit on Sunday + went to the late church service, thrifted a few more pieces Melrose Trading Post, made some serious progress on another Gussy shop update *coming soon*, and then we wrapped up yesterday evening with a delicious dinner at Benihana. Goodness, I can’t stop thinking about that dinner.

^ capturing our family of three at brunch Saturday

^ coffee with girlfriends + BIG sunglasses [my weakness]


^ discovering old sewing machines + baby eyelashes [!!!]


^ discovering even more old sewing machines + the cutest 3-man band at Melrose


It was the perfect weekend, a beautiful mix of what Zack + I both uniquely love to do… but can I just say I am soooooo tired right now??! Oh my word. Thank goodness for coffee and a sweet spirited son who is letting me soak up extra snuggles today.

I have a lot written down in my agenda this week, so I better pick up the pace…


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    Karen Anderson says

    Thank you for sharing your fun videos….meal and day !!!! …looks like you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing what you bought :-)

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