{Maxwell and his forest friends.}

A couple weeks ago my friend Joanna brought over a play activity mat for Maxwell to use. I swear, this friend is a true gift from God. She’s so thoughtful and fun to be around, plus she’s a mama — just like me :) — which makes our friendship even sweeter. Soon after Joanna dropped off the play mat we realized Maxwell was ready to start using it. What were our signs? His leg kicking, arm batting and baby cooing while on the couch with me, of course! It took Max a couple of tries to figure it out, at first he cried [awwww], but now he’s a pro! And he does such a good job at giving his forest friends a high-five. It’s so amazing to see him interact in this new way. Usually after Max plays under the activity mat he needs a little nap. And I don’t mind :) I love to sneak in any extra firstborn snuggles that I can.

Each day as Maxwell’s mama is a fresh, new day. We have the tiniest of adventures together — post office visits, long walks with Bauer around the neighborhood, coffee dates with friends, trips to Target, picnic lunches at the park, morning chats with the neighbors in our gorgeous flower-filled courtyard. Each day brings it’s own challenges but a calm spirit has made this new phase of life even more beautiful.

May you enjoy this day to it’s fullest… xo

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    So sweet! Tell me, Gussy, how do you keep a calm and non-neurotic spirit? That’s what I’m struggling with as I learn how to be mama to my 3 mo. old girly.

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