{Our first week as a family with Maxwell.}


^ my last baby bump photo before Maxwell was born


^ waiting {and waiting, waiting, waiting} for our precious baby to be born


^ our very first photo of Maxwell // Zack was able to visit him in the NICU right away, but I had to wait until morning because of my emergency c-section






Over a week ago we checked into the hospital — as ready as we ever would be — to meet our baby. I was 41 weeks, 4 days when Maxwell joined our family and made us complete :)

Monday morning, March 11th, started out slow. Looking back, it has set the pace for how our family would forever be transformed. Labor was slow and long, over 30 hours. I wanted so badly to move Baby Whitley from inside my womb to my arms, but the progress was too slow. It was nearing Midnight on Tuesday and Baby was still inside my belly.

The contractions were intense. In between them my body managed to fall asleep + find some rest, for just a moment, before the nurse coached me on another round of three. For four hours my body worked hard and eventually we realized an emergency c-section would be the healthiest solution.

Zack held my hand as they pulled Maxwell out of me. What I remember the most? Two things: Zack crying and the doctor saying, “What a big baby boy!” It was a long, anticipated moment for us. After 8 months of wondering “pink” or “blue” we finally knew.

In that moment our hearts were processing so much. All I could think about was a fast-forwarded version of the last five years with Zack: getting married in 2008, chasing adventure after adventure, traveling to Tanzania, showing him my positive pregnancy test, and now — our sweet miracle baby.

We spent five nights in the hospital before heading home Saturday afternoon. Max spent four nights in the NICU, there were some minor complications during labor/delivery {he was having trouble breathing and I had a fever during labor} so they ran a couple precautionary tests on our sweet boy.


Maxwell Zackary Whitley // born March 12th at 11:47pm, 9 lbs, 7.5 oz and 21″

It’s been one week since I met my son and an indescribable love was born. Time has slowed down to a lovely pace. I’ve been able to heal, find rest throughout the day and snuggle Max. My parents are here and they’ve been a mountain of help.

And you all — thank you so, so much for every prayer, happy wish, message and gift sent our way. They have been such a blessing to our family :)

We are praising God for our healthy son.

Every day with Max is sweet like honey.

Every diaper change, burp, facial expression and moment saying “our son” is being treasured.

Becoming a mommy has been a natural transition, a wonderfully treasured gift…


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  1. 1


    A huge congratulations to you all. Your labor and delivery experience sound absolutely identical to mine. Induction, lots of waiting, emergency c-section, fever, NICU, 5 nights in the hospital. So rough, but so so worth it :)

    Rest up and enjoy :)

  2. 2


    There is no ‘love’ button for this post. So very, very happy for you and Zach. Literally crying in happiness for you both right now. {hugs}

  3. 4


    The picture of you three as a family makes my heart so happy Maggie!!!!!!!!!!! Knowing how long sweet Max has been prayed for makes looking at his sweet little face that much sweeter. He is seriously such a beautiful baby. Love you and so happy for you friend :) :) :)

  4. 5


    Maggie – you gave birth to a one month old! Maxwell IS a big boy and oh, so so so cute!! Congrats to you and Zach. Nap often and enjoy!

  5. 7

    Sabrina says

    Congrats on the birth of your sweet baby. And I love the mirror pic with the both of you. Max has the cutest smile and wave.

  6. 8

    jamie says

    CONGRATs to you Ms. Gussy! So glad to be able to hear all about it, and see your sweet boy! He looks so healthy! Way to go momma. jamielynn

  7. 9


    Congratulations! What a sweet story. So happy for your little family!

    I love the picture of you two and he is looking in the mirror. He looks like he is ready to be the son of a blogger, hehe. “This is my instagram face.” So cute! Congratulations again!

  8. 10

    Sarah says

    So adorable! Congrats! My first son was born with meconium aspiration after being born at 41 weeks and a very long stressful labor, we were in the nicu for five days as well. Im happy your little man is home and healthy! Congrats!

  9. 15


    Love this post!!! Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for sharing this experience with all of us. God’s richest blessings on your family!!!

  10. 17

    Mego says

    as a mom of a little boy, I can relate to how you are feeling! Congratulations!! Remember to take care of yourself, too!! you just had major emergency surgery! my son spent 7 days in the NICU for similar reasons (hypoglycemia & apnea issues), but has been a peach ever since!! Praise the Lord!

  11. 18


    Oh it’s been so wonderful to follow along with you on this journey- and love seeing picture updates on Instagram:) So glad you are home resting and healing( and snuggling your little boy of course!) congratulations again:)

  12. 20

    laura~eye candy event details says

    Many congrats on becoming a mom! It is a LOVE like none other & only can be imagined once you have a child – it can NOT be explained. I am so thankful you are ok as I have been following along. Praise God you both are fine & welcome to the momma club! =) It’s the greatest club you will ever belong to! ;)

  13. 23


    What a sweet post! Have been waiting for your story and read it with joy for the 3 of you. Having a big baby and a c-section is a lot of work…I know…I had the same thing with Kristy who as 9 lb. 6 oz. c-section and 3 weeks late. Not a whole lot of those little items fit but save them for your next little one. Blessings to you all and joy. Will love following your adventures.

  14. 25


    I am so happy to hear that you and your sweet little boy are okay! Congratulations on having a little boy, there is nothing like they way a boy loves his momma! I have two little boys and they are truly a blessing. I love seeing you so happy and enjoying motherhood! xoxo

  15. 29

    Cilla says

    Your experience was similar to mine 22 years ago! No matter what we go through, the end result is the same, there is nothing like holding that miracle in your arms. He is a beauty, congratulations and good luck to all of you. Enjoy this most precious of times!

  16. 37


    He’s perfect Mag! Just perfect!!!!!!!! I am so thankful that you and Zack have this precious gift! Enjoy every moment! They go way too fast! Easton just turned 3 Monday! :( So proud of you!!!!!! xoxoxo

  17. 42


    Beautiful pictures. I wish you all the best as a new mother. There is nothing quite like it. Treasure these moments. My oldest is 16 years old and it seems like she was born just yesterday.

  18. 43


    I have been silently following your journey this whole time (I’m really bad at remembering to leave comments), and am so full of joy for you. You are already an amazing Mama, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your family. Beautiful pictures too!

  19. 44


    Congratulations Maggie!!! I’ve followed your entire story and I’m so happy to see you holding your sweet baby boy finally. I have 2 boys myself and know the joy of snuggling a precious son. These early days are so very special. Wishing you the best with your new little guy!!! :)

  20. 45


    Thank you for taking the time to update us on how you are doing. I’m so glad to see and hear how well you all are doing. You and your sweet family will continue to be in my prayers. God Bless.

  21. 48


    So happy for you sweet mamma! The days & nights seem long but the years are so short! Take your time recovering, there is nowhere that important that you need to be. God bless that sweet baby!

  22. 50


    Hi Maggie,

    My name is Tiffany — I have read your blog off an on for quite a while – I have seen you all over the blogland and first learned about you from Lisa Leonard!

    Anyway my reason for emailing you is to say Welcome to LA! And contragulations on your baby boy!

    I also live in LA – work in Century City actually!

    I blog here: justbeingtiffany.blogspot.com

    I realize you have been in LA for a little bit now but if I can help in anyway with places to go/visit/eat, etc. Please shoot me an email! I hope you are enjoying LA!


  23. 53


    Congratulations on a healthy baby boy!!! I’m a big fan of the “almost 10 pounders”….my son was 9lbs 13.5oz 21.5 inches. Gotta love those chubby babies!! So happy that he arrived safely! God bless you & your sweet family!

  24. 55


    He is sooo cute and you two look like you are over the moon with happiness! Enjoy this time, it’s so special. I know you already are.

  25. 60


    I cannot beleive how in sync our births were, except the c-section!! I was 41 weeks 3 days. My boy was born on March 11th, assisted. He was 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long. So neat. Congrats to you momma. I love my fella so much I feel like I could cry. It’s an amazing thing.

  26. 61


    Oh Karen,I’m HUGGING you right now in prayer as I pray for your heart. I don’t know what it is but our Abba Father knows and He loves you so very much. I know you know that. I pray you feel HIS warm, livnog, strong, caring, restoring arms around you right now in only the way that He can hold us.I love you! Buzz me if you need me ok?!

  27. 62


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