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Barefoot and pregnant ♥

This past week, being on maternity leave, has been AMAZING! The first couple of days I really had to make sure I had fun things planned, like coffee dates with friends, but once I mastered the art of scheduling fun things the week flew by ;) It made me really realize how much I had been working before and how little energy I had by the end of the evening, aka: when Zack gets home. It was such a joy to not feel so tired in the evenings last week because I had rested more throughout the day.

Week 39 is behind me and I’m officially 40 weeks 1 day pregnant. Who knows when Baby will make his or her debut — so for now I’m trying to stay busy making friend or hubby dates {on Thursday I went to the beach with Joanna and on Friday I went to the Santa Monica library to checkout a couple of books}. And yesterday Zack + I went to the beach! It was such a gorgeous day that we decided before we even got out of bed we’d stop by the beach. The window was open because it’s been pretty warm outside lately and I could hear the birds singing outside… It was amazing! So we declared yesterday a beach day and headed out.

Everyone keeps asking how I’m feeling — which is GREAT!, but I’m starting to think that means Baby isn’t coming outside anytime soon. I’ve been napping blissfully, doing a little of cleaning/hospital bag re-organizing {haha!} and book reading. I feel very comfortable {minus the rib jabbing}. My only complaint is not being able to feel this comfortable come bedtime. I guess I have my mind on more exciting things than sleep ;)

Here’s a fun video from our trip to the Santa Monica beach yesterday. It was about 85* out, a little cloudy but the sun was definitely there. At about 57 seconds into the video you can see Zack diving into the ocean. That husband of mine, he’s crazy fun!


It’s been so fun to look back at all the baby bump posts and see my bump progress from week 14 to week 39. I love it! :) What a precious memory book to be able to look back on…

Dear Baby, you are such a blessing to our family and we can’t wait to snuzzle you!!!


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  1. 12


    Seriously the cutest video ever. I can not wait to see a video of babies firdt visit to the beach! Also…this video made me pretty excited for my trip to California in 4 weeks!

  2. 14


    that’s my preferred way to enter to ocean! run, jump a wave & dive :) what a beautiful video. everyday you’re a little closer to meetin’ that baby!!! xoxo

  3. 17


    Maggie, you are the most adorable pregnant girl ever. You probably FEEL differently but it looks like you are carrying all baby in your belly. You don’t look pregnant anywhere else.

    Congrats and enjoy the wait. God’s perfect time for baby’s arrival.

    • 18


      @Kristin S, I have bumped my belly into so many things… so many times… because I forget it’s there. Because it’s ALL in the front :) That’s a good thing, right? ;) I wonder how many people have gasped this past week once they saw me from the front, since it’s really sticking out there now? Ha!

  4. 19


    Oh you are so cute. We’re in Orange County, CA and I was kicking myself for not going to be the beach yesterday. This weather is glorious! Come on baby! Can’t wait to see your sweet face!

  5. 20


    Actually, someone once said to me that once you stop feeling insanely tired and start feeling GREAT – that the baby isn’t far behind. :) You look great!

  6. 22


    You have got to be the most adorable pregnant person ever!! :) Loved the little video – I’m about 20 weeks behind you and I think I might start videoing little clips here and there to do this too :) What a great idea! Hurry Baby W we want to meet you! :)

  7. 23


    You look beautiful! My first baby was a full 2 weeks late (and her due date was July 23 and it was 100 plus degrees in Minnesota – ick!!). It was hard to wait but well worth it. I did end up doing an herbal induction at home on the 2 week deadline because otherwise I was going to have to have pitocin, which I didn’t want! Hopefully baby will come naturally and easily in the next week or so! You must be about dying with excitement. Writing in the baby journal was the only thing I could do when I had insomnia from waiting for my baby the end of my pregnancies!!

  8. 24

    sharon says

    I have really enjoyed your weekly updates! I must say I am crazy jealous of your beach and weather. I am about 30 weeks and it’s been cold and rainy here and everyone is sickly because of it. Your posts make me long for spring and warmer sunny weather. I can hardly wait for your posts that the baby has arrived. It won’t be long now.

  9. 25


    I just happened upon your blog today and watched the video of your beach trip. I hadn’t read the “about Gussy” section yet, but I thought “this couple has to know the Lord. They are radiating the kind of joy that only comes from knowing Him.” After reading about you I know that it is true. Just wanted to you to know what a blessing your joy and little family is! Thanks for sharing and I am excited to follow your blog and see the amazing things God does in your neck of the woods!

  10. 26


    What a sweet video of enjoying your last few days as a couple waiting to see just “who” is about to join your family. I live on the East coast of FL and we had quite the chilly weekend. No beach for us!

  11. 27

    Rebecca Park says

    Cute video. I had a scheduled induction at 38 weeks for both my babies (for high risk oregnancies) so I didn’t get that anxious excited is today the day experience. You seem to be enjoying it. Good luck. And maybe today is your day:)

  12. 28

    Lisa McGriff says

    Great little video! Get set and get ready that precious little one will be here before you know it! My dad will be 89 on Thursday so I’m pulling for March 7th! BTW Lumineers – Hey Ho… my favorite song!

  13. 31


    i just had my third (and final) baby, and from experience, I know that you will look back so fondly at that wonderful video. It really makes me wish that I had done something like that too. Just beautiful. :) Good luck!!

  14. 32


    Hello Mama! You look great. Relax, rest, and enjoy these final days before Baby arrives. Loved following your baby story. I think you need a new headband! When I get back to Oregon! Hugs and much love, Diana

  15. 33


    Can’t sleep at night? The baby is coming soon. It’s so ironic- that last week or two of when you COULD be sleeping through the night and you cant. I just want to add, I hope your doctor has scheduled a stress test the next day or two… pregnant with my first, my doctor’s pushed my due date back from July 21 to August 1 based on my 20 week ultra sound. When I went into labor Aug 4, they thought I was just a few.days late. Too many scary hours later, I learned I had almost had a stillbirth because I was actually over two weeks over due and had no amniotic fluid left. A simple stress.test +/or ultrasound to check my fluid levels would have from this near tragedy. I had the tests performed during my future pregnancies and ended.up having the third one induced early and my 4 th and last by c-section. Just know, even.as a first time mother- you are still a MOTHER and your instincts matter.


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