{The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day giveaway — win a $1,500 VISA gift card. Yeow, so lovely!}

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to comment # 2515, Brittany C.!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you gorgeous gal you! Today is a seriously special day, not just because it’s Valentine’s Day — but because Gussy Sews has partnered with a handful of super fabulous bloggers to treat one person from our blog communities with a $1,500 VISA gift card. Oh yes, fifteen hundred dollars. That’s a whole lotta Gussy product, dontcha think? Ha! Or a big chunk of bill payments checked off your list! Or that special trip you’ve been wanting to take? Done. However you use the gift card, should you win, is totally up to you. We are simply so excited to be able to offer this amazing prize to one of our readers!!!

Heather put together this adorable graphic that features each blogger that helped fund the $1,500 VISA gift card. Scroll down to see everyone that’s participating, and then take a minute at the end to enter this special Valentine’s Day giveaway — I promise, it’s super easy! And guess what? It’s open to all countries! :)

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GIVEAWAY RULES: No purchase necessary. To enter, participants must use the Rafflecopter form above. This giveaway is in no way affiliated, administered or endorsed by Facebook. The giveaway closes on February 20, 2013. The winner will be notified by email on February 21, 2013 and will need to respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Winner must be 18 years of age or older in order to win. Prize is valued at $1,500. This giveaway is open Worldwide. Good luck!
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  1. 310


    If i had an extra 1500, I would probably save up to get a car. I wrecked mine last year + I really want the independence of having my own car again.

  2. 316


    Wow times TEN! I cannot believe y’all are giving this away, but what a WONDERFUL idea! SO very hopeful but I know the hundreds entering are, too.

    But I can’t win if I don’t try…so I’ve gotta at least try! Thanks, Maggie et all!!


  3. 319

    Krista says

    I would use the $1,500 towards all the extra expenses that have been going on the back burner lately. And I’d probably put some aside for me to buy some handmade love :)

  4. 326

    Becky N says

    I would put $1000 of it toward our car payment and the rest I would get some kitchen items/odds & ends.

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  5. 328

    Kim K says

    I have some bills that need to be paid – but I think I’d save a little for something for ME! :)

  6. 329

    Rachel H says

    If I were to win the gift card I would buy myself some awesome crafting supplies, and then maybe do something responsible with the rest. Or maybe just buy more supplies :)

  7. 333


    We just found out we’re moving into a new house, and I would love to be able to buy some new curtains and we will need a new dining table, our current one is too big. We need lots of stuff for this new place and the gift card would definitely be a blessing!

  8. 334

    Jolie N. says

    We just had a new baby so I would buy a few needed things for baby and then for a project my hubby is doing to improve our home.

  9. 335

    April says

    Would love to pay off some bills, and take the kids to visit their dad who currently works on the East Coast!

  10. 339


    What would I do with $1500!?!?!? It would be hard to choose between being responsible or being fun!! Maybe a lil of both!!! Pay a few bills, buys some new clothes, go on a shopping spree at Gussy Sews!! ;)

  11. 341

    Nikki S. says

    I’d use the money towards my husband’s pilot lessons, so that he can finish up sooner and get his license to fly!

  12. 345

    Karen Cook says

    If IT won the the $1500 gift card I would take my daughter on a shopping spree and put most of the money towards her college tuition for next year!

  13. 347

    Jenny B says

    after some shopping for myself, I would use it on medical bills! I had 4 procedures last year and even with insurance the bills keep piling up!

  14. 350

    Lisa Leigh says

    I would buy a new couch. Mine is 20 years old and could win “The Ugliest Couch Contest”

  15. 351

    Ruth Wright says

    What an amazing surprise that would be to win! I’d help my kids out with their bills and buy a little more fabric, surprise a friend and go see my Mom. :) Thanks for the chance. :)

  16. 360

    Jennifer C. says

    I would use it for a down payment on a new car. The car we have no longer fits our whole family, so we are constantly making two trips to get the whole family there. Won’t work out for much longer, especially with gas prices.

  17. 365


    Wow, this is amazing!! This money would really help pay for my brother’s immigration fees. He was adopted and somehow because of an unfortunate event, he is not a United States citizen. I will be praying for God’s will and maybe winning this money is part of it. Who knows. Either way, God is in control and I know He will work it out! Thanks for doing this!

  18. 369

    Kristen says

    I’m making all of my own wedding decorations for my wedding in may. $1500 would help so much!

  19. 371

    Nicole G says

    I would buy lots of healthy food from local sources! And maybe some fun clothes……. Thx for this awesome giveaway!

  20. 372

    JessicaLynn says

    I would use this to buy some new things for our baby we’re expecting in May and maybe the new couch I’ve been eyeing

  21. 374

    Ale says

    Would love to win!, will save part of the money and use the other part to go on a nice trip with my husband.

  22. 379

    Staci Z says

    I would have to spread the $1500 around my family. A present for the hubby and kids and then I’d probably get a bunch of fabric and crafting stuff with whatever is left.