{The greatest pal to Baby…}


This little mister, he’s traveled many faraway places with us, but the farthest he’s traveled with us is to California. When we adopted Bauer about 2.5 years ago {he was just 12 weeks old, awwww} I couldn’t have imagined him being as perfect as he is. Of course every cute pup has a little bit of mischievous inside of him. Don’t let his sweet little face fool you ;) But Bauer is perfect — he really truly has been my pal, most especially since we moved to California at 14 weeks pregnant.

Since our move we’ve walked nearly daily together {sometimes twice!}, we’ve met new pup friends together, we’ve met new people friends together, dipped our toes in the ocean together and we’ve rest together — ya know, the usual. But I think my favorite pal time with Bauer is when he comes up and lays beside me + my baby bump. He knows there’s a little person growing inside me. It’s so cute.

And he’s going to be the greatest pal to Baby, too. I just know it :)


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    Puppies are the best {I pretty much only ever instagram & tweet about my pup} one of my book clubs reads was “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein…if you love dog & people relationships you should read this book!

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    He’s so dang cute. I remember being newly pregnant and with our pup at his puppy training class…and he suddenly became very aggressive towards another dog there, which was really unusual for him. Then he ran over to me and put his front paws up in my lap. The trainer said that he was doing a protection move typical for German dogs (he was a Weimaraner) and that he probably knew I was pregnant before I did. Something about your scent and them picking up changes in pheromones? I will never forget that. And he stayed really protective and sweet through the entire pregnancy and with our newborn. It’s amazing how God made those sweet animals. :)

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    Dogs are amazing, and it’s so great that your baby will have a dog to grow up with. They will create a special bond and your baby will be forever thankful for it. :) And Bauer will be too! :)


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    Peggy says

    Your baby will be one lucky little person to have a best friend like Bauer. Every child should have a dog to love and who loves him/her back – a match made in heaven!

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