{Gussy shop update — 3 updated product lines}

Yeow! — it’s finally time to share with you what we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for the Gussy shop! We have three updated product lines to share with you this week. Are you ready? ;)

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NEW! Headbands: Green Floral, Lite Blue Tulips, Pink Tulips, Moss


It’s nearly insane how comfortable these beauties are. The headband is super lightweight — and our customers share with us often how they don’t get headaches from our headbands, which makes us super happy! Each headband comes with a double ruffle adorned to the side of the band, so cute. Click here to view all of our headbands. Which headband print is your favorite?


NEW! Camera Strap Slipcovers: Black + Gray Dot and Zebra Stripe


A couple of years ago my dear friend Ruthanne of Eclectic Whatnot passed along her camera strap slipcover shop onto me — talk about feeling honored! It’s been fun to introduce our style into what Ruthanne so beautifully started. Our line of “Eclectic Whatnot by Gussy Sews” camera straps make it easy to wear your SLR or dSLR camera around your neck or shoulder comfortably. Click here to see the full collection of camera strap slipcovers.


NEW! WRISTLETS: Trellis + Confetti and Mint + Pink Tulips



Ahhhh, I’m seriously loving how colorful these two wristlets are! They are a lovely mix of contrast + complimentary — absolutely beautiful with just a dash of sass, too ;) Our wristlets have a flat bottom, called a “gusset”, which means they can stand solo once filled with a few items. Use it as a light purse or a diaper/wipe wristlet when on the go. Click here to see the full collection of wristlets. Tell me, which print is your favorite?


Check out all of our new items here, or click here to view the fabric bundles I’ve put together {yep, they’re for sale!}.

Wishing you a happy Tuesday!


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